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 About  Client/Server  Selection

Client/Server selection contains scripts that were selected mainly as code patterns to illustrate some of the capabilities of the Korn shell script language, and to suggest a consistent programming style facilitating code maintenance and modifications.

"Consistent" is a key word here almost any style is as good as any other once the consistency is provided.  It is important to note that the same coding style can be used with quite different programming languages making it easier to switch between them.  If you'll look at other programming examples on this site, you'll see the illustration of the above statement the same coding style throughout, which is only slightly adjusted to accommodate the specifics of the corresponding language.

However, each script is not a mere exercise in a code styling it provides on most part a useful function that is debugged to the best of my ability, and is normally tested by substantial time of intensive usage.  This is not to say that it is in any way guaranteed to be error-free you will be using any code you pick from this site entirely at your own risk and will be completely responsible yourself for any problems, which might arise from this usage.  So when trying code, please exercise the common sense precautions and test code most thoroughly yourself before applying it to anything serious.

This legal mantra been chanted, I want to mention that all bug reports and any comments about my code are most welcome, and I'll try to do my best to fix any known problem as quick as I'll be able to do this.

NoteAll materials presented here are geared mostly towards Solaris brand of UNIX, and towards Korn shell.  Choice of Solaris is purely circumstantial, while Korn shell preference has more deep roots.  The choice of the Korn shell over the Bourne shell is clear Korn shell is a superset of Bourne shell both in terms of functionality and script syntax.  Besides Korn shell has a number of conveniences and shortcuts as compared to Bourne shell.  Since both shells are always available on any UNIX platform and installation, the preference of a more powerful shell is a natural choice.  Preferring Korn shell over other possible shells (such as C, BASh, or PERL) is more of a habit than a calculated and justified choice.  This habit got reinforced by the sheer volume of already developed and useful Korn shell scripts that I happen to get written for various purposes over the time.  In any case, all scripts found here are well structured and commented, so the task of converting them into some other shell script shouldn't be very complicated.

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