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The Spire   "Then, if men have faith, a new thing comes..."
Fahrenheit 451   "Ask yourself, what do we want in this country,.."
The Fall of Edward Barnard   "Do you think it is so little to have enjoyed contentment?.."
Salvatore   "Quality which is the rarest, the most precious..."
On Marriage "One marriage in a hundred is happy, my friend..."

The Father Confessor   "He sends it to us to awaken new life in us..."
The Indian Life "There is no more to be told about Dasa's life,.."
The Grand Inquisitor "We are not working with Thee, but with him..."
A Dreary Story "Her steps have died away.  Farewell, my treasure!"
Judas Iscariot "Traitors, traitors, what have ye done with this earth?"
When King Loses His Head "Do you believe that freedom really came today?"
Never Talk to Strangers "If there is no God, then who, one wonders, rules the life..."
Pontius Pilate "The accused comes from Galilee, does he?"
The Seventh Proof "For the last time the moon flashed before his eyes..."
Haunted Apartment "'Woland, professor of black magic,' said the visitor..."
Koroviev's Tricks "Who is official and who is unofficial these days?"
Black Magic Revealed "Do you find the people of Moscow much changed?"
Execution "Have your eyes been blinded by the smoke of sacrifices?.."
The Master is Released "He is a master, messire, I warn you!"
Procurator Saving Judas "Take all possible steps to protect Judas of Karioth."
The Burial "I could not save Judas of Karioth from being murdered."
Final Adventures "He's hungry...  where could he get any foreign currency?"
Absolution and Refuge "Here is the peace that you never knew in your lifetime."
One Day in the Life... "Just one of the 3,653 days of his sentence,.."
Roadside Picnic "God, where are the words, where are my thoughts?"
The Idler "I wonder, what do I look like to him from there?"

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