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 About  Family  Section

Family section is a password-protected region of Davar web site reserved exclusively for the family members.  This restricted status is ensured by requirement to know the entry point and to have an entry key to this section User Identification and Password.  For the reasons I'll explain shortly this exclusive status is very important for me and I ask everybody to keep your Identification and Password for yourself and not to share it with anybody (except for the family members, of course).  If you want to share information contained in this section with your friends, you always have an option to make a copy once you've entered this section anything can be accessed and copied.

The main reason why I insist on keeping entry to this section restricted is that it was only on this condition that I've got consent of my children to have their photos here :o)  I quite understand them and feel likewise myself certain things make sense and are of an interest within limited groups only and become profoundly senseless (to say the least) when displayed to the general public.  There's another reason I have neither time nor desire to bother myself with copyright considerations, which get increasingly omnipotent in our legalistic society clearly dominated by the lawyers.  I don't want to get into trouble of being pressed to remove material from the site (it was already a lot of trouble, I mean labor, to place it here).  Thus private Family Section on the otherwise public web site is an attempt to find a reasonable compromise, which might be beneficial for all of us.

Well, enough of that.  There is a general description applicable to the structure of the entire site (including Family Section), which might be worth looking at, since present description is complimentary to the general one and doesn't repeat what's explained there. 

Several words about navigation of photo albums.  When you get into, you see thumbnails organized into topical or chronological sections.  Those are graphics-saturated pages and take a while to load for the first time.  In order to avoid repetitions of this lengthy loadings a certain technique was used to show the full picture image in a separate window.  I recommend to follow the procedure explained below in order to avoid a possible confusion due to specifics of running the same application in two windows.

When you get into a thumbnail page and move the mouse cursor over a thumbnail, the short description (on most part date, time and place) is displayed in the Status bar at the bottom of browser window.  When you click a thumbnail (once with the left mouse button as any other link) a new window is opened, where you can see the photo full size.  You can move through the album without leaving this window using four thumbnails on the right side of the main (big) picture.  Your original thumbnail window is still open and you can return there by clicking on the big picture.  This simply closes the individual image window and brings you back to its parent thumbnail window.  Instead of clicking on the big picture in order to close a full size window you can click [x] button at its top-right corner or push [Ctrl]+[W] keys.  Avoid using Task bar to get back to thumbnails in this case you won't be brought automatically to the full size window, but will have to switch to it yourself using the Task bar again.

Watch Status bar at the bottom of a window when you browse photo albums.  It prompts you what you can do depending on where you are (what part of the window your mouse cursor is pointing to).  When moving a mouse around, try to approach a picture from its bottom this way a pop-up comment won't close part of a picture.

In order to save the image click on it with the right mouse button and choose <Save Image As...> from the pop-up menu.  It doesn't make sense to save thumbnails, since every thumbnail has its full-size image counterpart.

You can get your own photo albums here just pass your photos to me and I'll scan them and place here (you'll receive your originals back).  I won't promise to do it quickly and to do a lot of this, but I'll do my best to handle some within a reasonable time span.

All audio materials are in Real Audio since it's the only format available that permits to send a streaming audio from the web site to your computer without running special software on the server (and I can't do that).  Quality of Real Audio is acceptable and size is is within manageable limits.  I have most of the audio files in mp3 as well locally and can upload it for you per your request to the Download directory, so that you will be able to retrieve it from there.

Audio play lists are pretty straightforward and don't require much of an explanation.  Obviously you'll need the free Real player to playback audio.  For details of how to get and install the Real player and how to listen and save audio files, please see the description of using play lists of Russian songs.

The Download directory contains files intended for downloading, not for execution.  Normally you shouldn't double-click on these files (if you do this this by accident, push [Esc] key to interrupt file transfer).  File names are long here and self-explanatory.  If you choose to download a file, hold down the [Shift] key and single-click left mouse button on the file name.  You'll be prompted to specify the download location.  Once the file is downloaded, find it at the location that you have chosen and double-click on it to execute.

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