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 About  HTMLScript  Selection

HTMLScript selection contains several HTMLScript texts which were selected mainly as code patterns to illustrate some of the HTMLScript capabilities.

HTMLScript is interpreted by the server.  This results in a mixture of HTML text and HTMLScipt operators being converted into static HTML which is sent by server to the requesting client.  It is relatively safe (though tedious) to experiment with HTMLScript code since server security won't permit you to do anything real bad (at least in theory).  Once your browser receives this static HTML the worst thing which might happen to you is a browser crash - but then it can be simply started again.

I've been using HTMLScript for some time to program dynamic content for this site.  However, during summer of 1999 I have switched to JavaScript, because my former web hosting provider has dropped out of business, and a new one wouldn't support HTMLScript.

The task of reprogramming of the entire site consumed a lot of effort for several months all new development effectively came to a total freeze.  I don't think that I'll ever return to HTMLScript, so this section is a sort of a dead-end.  However, it is here already and I want to keep it without further development as it is, simply as a memory.

Please note, that all HTMLScript demonstrations are powered now by client side JavaScript.  You'll have to take my word for it, that they are functioning the same way they did when they were coded in HTMLScript (their conversion into JavaScriptit was a straightforward one).

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