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  Batch scripts   PowerBASIC-16 support 4DOS batch command scripts
PowerBASIC Functions | Routines | Procedures
COMPRES$ Compress character string
DAY2GRE$ Convert absolute day number into Gregorian date
DIGITAL% Check character string for digital value (predicate)
FILEREC% Count number of file records
GRE2DAY& Convert Gregorian date into absolute day number
GRE2JUL$ Convert Gregorian date into Julian date format
JUL2GRE$ Convert Julian date into Gregorian date format
LEAP% Check year for leap value (predicate)
PARSE$ Parse character string into substring array
REVERSE$ Reverse character string
TAILSTR$ Get character string tail
TRANS$ Translate character string symbols
VALDGRE% Check date for valid Gregorian value (predicate)
WEEKDAY$ Form day of a week abbreviated name
  PowerBASIC Routines | Functions | Procedures
PRNTCLR Print colored text to screen
PROGRES Display file processing progress indicator
PROGRTM Display file processing progress indicator with elapsed/left time
  PowerBASIC Procedures | Functions | Routines
CONVLNK Convert plain text link list into HTML form
DIR2COP Convert directory into COPY batch script
DSC2REN Convert DESCRIPT.ION into rename *.BAT
RENPHOT Rename digital photo image JPG files

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