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Warning:  Russian song pages are currently in the process of restructuring the purpose of which is to exchange existing RM files for MP3 files.  When MP3 files will replace RM files, separate local RM playlists will no longer be supported, since MP3 picks this functionality.  After completion of these modifications this text will be updated accordingly, and this warning will be removed.  (At the bottom of this page you can find the old RM version of this text.)

 About  Russian  Songs

All songs presented at Davar Web Site are in the MP3 format.

Play time of each song is shown as MM:SS minutes and seconds.  File size is given in Kilobytes.  Most of sound files on the song pages have the following characteristics:

File format: MP3 (MPEG Layer 3)
Compression: 56 Kbits/Sec
Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
Bit depth: 16 Bits
Channels: Mono

Details about sound files available at this web site, and the ways to handle them can be found in the Notes about Sound Files.

At the links listed below you can find batch scripts for renaming sound files saved from paly list pages.  If you want to download a song (or several songs), save the files you want into a separate directory of your choice (or use suggested directory name from the list below).  Save in the same directory a corresponding renaming batch script that changes short 8.3 file names into descriptive Long File Names.  Batch script has TXT extension to avoid saving problems; rename it into *.BAT to make it executable.

Renaming Batch Script Suggested Directory Name
Vladimir Visotsky Vladimir_Visotsky
Evgeny Bachurin Evgeny_Bachurin

Open Windows (not DOS) command prompt, change to the directory into which you have downloaded sound files and renaming batch script, and run it.  It doesn't matter if not all files are downloaded, or that some files might have been renamed already running the entire script will take care of any situation, renaming only what has to be renamed.

New names for sound files are organized in such a way that renamed files become ordered in the directory, i.e., you don't need a play list to play the entire song selection (directory) in the proper order.  With WinAmp use [Shift]+[L] (Play folder...) to play all files in the selected directory.

You might find it useful to open saved batch script with the text editor before running it in order to make necessary adjustments, so that it will suit your naming preferences better.

In case another version of a song gets uploaded, it's desirable to have some indication of that.  This is a relatively rare occasion, so it doesn't make sense to overload the main song list page with additional flags.  Instead below there's a list of song pages, each item of which displays the directory listing of corresponding sound files along with dates when they've been last modified.

Vladimir Visotsky directory listing of sound files
Evgeny Bachurin directory listing of sound files

 About  Russian  Songs  (Old  RM  Version)

All songs (and other audio materials) presented at Davar Web Site are in the Real Audio format.  This format allows practically immediate playback without waiting for the entire audio file to get downloaded.  A free player program is always readily available for download.  A slight loss of quality associated with the Real Audio compression is insignificant for audio files of this site most of them are of quite a moderate audio quality anyway it is their content that is interesting in them.

To enable audio playback download a free Real Player to the root directory of drive C:\ and then install it (run the downloaded file [Start]{Run}C:\file_name.EXE).  Downloaded file can be deleted after that.

Two playback modes are available.  Save & play downloads audio file from a server (it takes some time) and then plays it locally (without interrupts).  Real play plays audio file directly from the server (almost no initial waiting, but playback interrupts are possible if connection is not fast enough).

Songs can be easily saved for later local playback by a Real Player.  There are 3 ways to save a audio file:

1. Hold down [Shift] key and click Save & play in the song list to download song into a specified file without a playback.  System will prompt for a file location and name.

2. Click Save & play in the song list to download audio file and play it locally right away.  Downloaded file will be saved in the WINDOWS\TEMP directory with its original name.

3. If you have a  Real Player Plus, click Real play in the song list and push a Record button on Real Player (enter a file name when prompted).

To play downloaded song locally open a Real Player window and then open a audio file.  More convenient is a local song navigation which is available in the RUSSIAN.EXE download file.  The easiest way to get local navigation is to save this file in the root of drive C:  and to execute it ([Start]{Run}C:\RUSSIAN.EXE).  This will create the necessary directory structure (starting with C:\DAVAR). 

Please note, that song RA files should be downloaded individually as it is described above after the execution of RUSSIAN.EXE which will create the directory necessary for functioning of local playback.  When downloading songs, save each song in the appropriate directory C:\DAVAR\RUSSIAN\SONGS\author.  After songs are downloaded, enter C:\DAVAR\RUSSIAN\SONGS\SONG$.HTM in the Location field of your browser to get to the top local page of local song playback.  It would be a good idea to bookmark this page and place it in the personal toolbar to get a quick access to local song playback.

Another way to play individual downloaded audio files locally is to enter site locally (i.e.  through C:\DAVAR\index.htm not through www.davar.net, and then click corresponding Save & play link.  This won't work, however, with Real Audio song lists which require different formats for local and remote playback.

Some texts may contain Local play links which will be active only if the corresponding audio file is already downloaded and placed in the proper position within DAVAR directory structure (in the same directory where text with the link is located).

If it is preferable to use different location for audio files, corresponding changes should be made in affected HTM and RAM files.

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