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 Notes  about  Sound  Files

All sound files available at this web site are presented in the  MP3  (MPEG Layer 3) audio format that is a de facto standard supported by multiple computer programs and a wide range of payback devices.

There are three basic play modes for the sound files (relative to their original location on the remote web site):

Streaming play
File is played right from the remote web site using data streaming technique when downloading and play are performed simultaneously.  File playback starts after a delay of several seconds, with downloading running in parallel with the playback (a little bit ahead of it).  Playback might go with interruptions, especially for slow connections and/or slow computers.

Delayed play
Sound file is first downloaded into Windows temporary directory, and then is played from there without any interruptions.  Separate file downloading presets quite a noticeable delay, especially for large files.  Unless explicitly located and saved, the downloaded file gets lost upon exit from the playback program.

Local play
Sound file is downloaded into directory of your choice once, and is played from there whenever required.  File downloading takes a noticeable amount of time, especially for large files, but it has to be done only once for each file.  Downloaded sound files can be organized into local sound libraries, and can be copied to CD-R or portable MP3 player for playback away from computer.

Table below outlines the ways to control different play modes listed above.

Play Mode Play Control
Streaming play
Left-click  Play ...  link.
Good for quick connection; slow connection might yield a poor result.
Delayed play
Left-click  Save file and play  link
Good for quick connection; slow connection could cause a noticeable delay.
Local play
Right-click  Save file and play  link, and choose  Save Link As...  from a pop-up
menu to save the sound file in the directory of your choice without playing it.
Choose file location when prompted.  Play file later from it's location.

There are many programs these days that can be either installed on your computer, or added to your web browser as plug-ins.  My preference for playing MP3 sound files is the good-old WinAmp, and all sound functionality of this web site has been tested with it.  WinAmp is included as a plug-in with most versions of Netscape/FireFox.

All sound files at this web site have 8.3 names, which simplifies site maintenance.  Such names, however, are not convenient for handling sound files downloaded for local play.  When you download sound files, save them with their original 8.3 names, and then check About link of the corresponding play list.  You'll find there batch script with commands for renaming downloaded 8.3 named files into descriptive Long File Names.  Normally new LFNs will contain numeric sort code that will order sound files in the order of web page play list.

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