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      Two members of missing Burundi robotics team spotted crossing into Canada, police say  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Homeless, 84-year-old war veteran twins say 'it's hell' after home foreclosed  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Albuquerque Tea Party granted tax-exempt status after 8 years  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      CNN gave 3 times more coverage to Trump-Putin talk than Obama hot mic gaffe, study says  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Conway: GOP senators 'will be held accountable' for health care votes  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Mark Fuhrman: Will OJ Simpson get parole?  Of course  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Mitch McConnell, master lawmaker, taking the hit for health bill failure  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Michigan woman convicted of husband's murder; pet parrot apparently witnessed slaying  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      McCain brain tumor: What is glioblastoma?  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      'Silent Coup': Limbaugh Says DC Establishment Is 'Trying to Take Out' Trump  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Mueller tests Trump: Probe reportedly eyes business transactions, despite warning  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Trump tells Republican senators to send him ObamaCare repeal bill before August recess  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      'I've been through worse': War-hero McCain tells Senate pal he'll be back  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Canadian man builds park stairs for $550 even though city said project would cost $65G  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      OJ Simpson could be out on parole this year: Here's what to know about his case  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Saudi king orders arrest of prince for video showing abuse  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Turkey's leak of US military data puts troops' lives at risk, Pentagon says  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Sessions says he'll stay on the job as long as 'appropriate,' after Trump slam  (Fox 07/20/2017)
      Trump: 'Sessions should have never recused himself' from Russia investigation  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Saudi heir reportedly pressured for hours to give up claim to throne  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      North Korea firing squad carries out public executions in school yards, report says  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Can North Korea launch a ballistic missile attack in U.S.?  'Be concerned', Gorka says  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Mob of 10 mugs passenger on San Francisco streetcar  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Justices allow strict enforcement of Trump refugee ban  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      French armed forces leader resigns over budget cuts  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Jay Sekulow: Was it a campaign vote or a real vote?  Time for the Senate to act on ObamaCare  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      'The Story' Exclusive: Rosenstein mum on re-opening Clinton email investigation  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      NYC men square off in bloody brawl involving machete, garbage cans  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      'How Dare They Eat & Talk?': Cavuto Blasts Double Standard on Trump-Putin Dinner Mtg  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Trump warns states withholding voter info: 'Full truth' will be 'exposed'  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      John Stossel: Loving endangered animals to death  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Watchdog: Postal Service broke law by letting employees do Clinton campaign work  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      O.J.  Simpson murder trial: Where are the key players now?  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Trump voter fraud commission: Here's what to know  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      In North Korea, hatred is as close as an envelope  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Media the Real Ones With an Obsession With Vladimir Putin  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Trump's agenda is being held hostage [but don't blame Democrats]  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Dershowitz: Murder Acquittal Is the '900-lb Gorilla' in OJ's Parole Hearing  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort called to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Top US general: North Korea might have the range, but lacks in accuracy  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      USPS takes hearing heat for 'favoring' pro-Clinton union's campaign work  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Stuart Varney: The three major themes of the ObamaCare debacle  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Eric Bolling: Let's 'Trump-start' the economy [and don't be shy, Mr.  President]  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      Pennsylvania parents who 'gifted' teen daughter to 52-year-old-man sentenced  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      'The Story' Exclusive: Rosenstein says 'yes, I do' stand by call to fire Comey  (Fox 07/19/2017)
      State GOP urges 'civil disobedience' over new Seattle tax, says residents should not pay  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Cal Thomas: What Ronald Reagan could teach today's Republicans  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Sessions signals more police property seizures coming  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      What happens when the emergency exit door opens mid-flight?  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      GOP governor in deep-blue Maryland becomes top Dem target  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Obama official Samantha Power agrees to testify before House intel panel  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Assata Shakur birthday honored by Women's March organizers  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      'Sick:' Trump slams report of 'second meeting' with Putin at G-20  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Trump to Republicans: Let's repeal ObamaCare  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Trump travel ban: Timeline of a legal journey  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Dear Congress: Repeal ObamaCare, or find new jobs  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      12 freshman House members: It's time for the Senate to act on health care  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Least surprising failure ever  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Australian woman shot after Minnesota cops heard loud sound, officials say  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Trump's promise to fix our trade deficit is still falling woefully short  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speech  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      House Republicans unveil budget proposal: What to know  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Pence demands Congress 'do their job' after health bill collapse  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Trump says time to 'let ObamaCare fail' after health bill stalls  (Fox 07/18/2017)
      Pro-Trump singer gets death threats  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      US soldiers welcome Afghan translator who saved their life: See the tearful reunion  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Alien ships near Saturn?  Ex-NASA scientist claims of their existence  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      White House threatens Venezuela with 'strong' economic actions if socialist government rewrites...  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Mexican folk religion involving human sacrifice gaining status among criminals  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Health bill stalls as more GOP senators announce opposition  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Secret Service contradicts Trump lawyer on Russia meeting  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      'They've Had It': GOP Rep.  Says Many Constituents See Media as 'Agenda-Driven'  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      MS-13 New York gang massacre: Indictment charges 3 men  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      More Obama officials scrutinized in 'unmasking' probe  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Obama made it less desirable for companies to do business in America: Andy Puzder  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Omar Khadr: Canada pays ex-Gitmo detainee who killed US soldier millions, but soldier's widow...  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      O.J.  Simpson, up for parole, should never be set free  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Susan Rice set to face Capitol Hill questions on alleged Trump team unmasking  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Made in America: Promoting the All-American outdoor experience  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      A 'too-big' Amazon could be broken up by Federal government: Judge Napolitano  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      ObamaCare déjà vu?  Moderates extracting 'payoffs' for vote on health bill  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      The looming student loan subprime catastrophe  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Rob Goldstone, publicist behind Trump Jr.  meeting, reportedly in fear and hiding in plain sight  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      London acid attacks: Victim describes 'excruciating' assault, supports tougher sentencing  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Dreaming of a counter-terror alliance with Russia?  That's a nightmare [and a very bad idea]  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Two years after University of Missouri protests, college can't shake negative image  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Eric Trump mocks Jim Acosta: 'Suddenly @CNN has a moral compass?'  (Fox 07/17/2017)
      Planned Parenthood video trial  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      China vs.  USA in the Trump era  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      The public shaming of Marc Kasowitz  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      Self-fueling boat sets off from Paris on 6-year world trip  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      Walmart fire in California set by customer, police say  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      Trump defends son, attacks fake news media for 'distorting democracy'  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      Will the sun put the brakes on global warming?  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      McConnell delays action on health care after McCain surgery  (Fox 07/16/2017)
      Faith or fellatio?  British religious school forced to submit to secular indoctrination  (Fox 07/15/2017)
      Major insurance groups call part of health bill 'unworkable'  (Fox 07/15/2017)
      New Yorkers forgot how the city became great  (NYP 07/15/2017)
      Arab gunmen kill 2 Israeli policemen at Jerusalem shrine  (Fox 07/14/2017)
      Outrage as Dallas officials threaten to tear down wall honoring fallen police officers...  (Fox 07/14/2017)
      House rejects controversial proposal to study Islam  (Fox 07/14/2017)
      FBI probe of Bernie Sanders' wife closely tracks Hillary's secret campaign plan  (Fox 07/14/2017)
      FBI probe of Bernie Sanders' wife closely tracks Hillary's secret campaign plan  (Fox 07/14/2017)
      Obama, Clinton return to political fray but can they help Dems?  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      The American Left's Downward Spiral  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      The state is not G0D  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Charlie Gard's parents storm out of new court hearing  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      West can neither live with nor take out North Korean nukes  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      France and US must unite in standing up to Iran  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Trump intervenes to let Afghan teens attend robot competition in US  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Could North Korea turn America's lights out?  We're living in the dark about our electric grid  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Immigration agents continue enforcement even in cities hostile to them  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      A Women's March on the NRA  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Hippo massacre of 'dramatic proportions' rocks tourist haven  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Troubled times for 10 Senate Democrats  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      US charging 412 in health fraud schemes worth $1.3 billion  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      ABC, NBC under fire after smearing Christian organization as a "hate group"  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Conservative carping: Why many on the right aren't defending Don Jr.  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Trying to scare us isn't working anymore  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Obama administration let Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr.  into US after visa block  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Nevada's pot problem  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Cancel August recess  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Secret Service investigating Maine Democrat's comments about Trump  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      The Magnitsky Act  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Charlie Gard case  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Texas police department commends teen nearly fired for offering cop free cookie  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Chinese trade with North Korea jumped more than 10 percent in first half of year, official says  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Lawmakers to Trump: Iran must return American hostage Bob Levinson  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      JetBlue leaves grandmother with Alzheimer's at wrong gate at Boston airport  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      The Trump-Macron visit  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Mosul killing video: Footage purportedly showing Iraqis getting revenge on ISIS militants...  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      What Rick Perry really said about supply and demand  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Why alligator attacks are spiking in Florida  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      'Everybody would do that': Trump downplays son's meeting with Russian lawyer  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Trump seeks consensus with France despite differences  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Conway: 'What's the conclusion?  Collusion?  No, we don't have that yet'  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      The media's mass hysteria over 'collusion' is out of control  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails committed suicide  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Gore claims climate battle just like fight against slavery, apartheid  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Obama-appointed 'ethics' officer resigns  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Michelle Malkin: Putin Would Have Benefited More From Clinton Presidency  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Verizon Wireless customer information exposed in data breach  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Trump slams media for coverage of mysterious Russian lawyer, lays blame on Lynch  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      China's not even close to replacing America as the world's leader  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Trump Defends Don Jr.-Russian Lawyer Meeting: 'Most People' Would Have Attended  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Senate health care bill changes revealed: What to know  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Revised Senate health care bill already facing resistance  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      French court throws out Google's $1.3 billion tax bill  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Trump should cancel Congress' 38-day vacation  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      What's not being asked in the case of Charlie Gard  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Rand Paul Not Sure Senate Health Care Bill Is Better Than ObamaCare  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Cosmo DiNardo confesses to murders of 4 missing Pennsylvania men, will be spared death penalty...  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Charlie Gard  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      FoxNews.com  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Texas man stuck in ATM slides 'help me' note in receipt slot to bystanders  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      No Impact: Trump Jr.  Nonsense 'Scandal' Has No Impact on Polls  (JWR 07/13/2017)
      Iranian researcher denied US entry has ties to militia  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Good Samaritans save family trapped in overturned minivan  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Multiple remains found on Pennsylvania farm in search for missing men, 1 man ID'd  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      4 suspects testify in Greek court over US tourist death  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Acting ICE Director: Trump Told Border Patrol, ICE 'You Can Do Your Job Now'  (Fox 07/13/2017)
      Stupid Hostile Media  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Media frenzy targets Trump, ignores Dem scandals  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      The Don Jr.  emails: Playing defense after purported offer from Russian 'government'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Trump unloads on Hillary over double standard, amid reports Dems also got foreign help  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      UN: Terrorism from Palestinians against Israelis will be rewarded  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Liz Peek: Dirt on Hillary?  Who could resist?  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Don't tread on me, you Trump-hating traitors  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Retired judge: Why'd Army allow soldier who allegedly showed ISIS support to stay active?  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      GOP Senate Candidate Vows to Filibuster Any Spending Bill That Doesn't Fund the Border Wall  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Why replace ObamaCare?  Republicans should just get rid of it  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Bloomberg, Gov.  Brown launch bid to honor Paris climate pact after Trump withdrawal  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      The Dems aren't being honest about health care  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      IRS boss Koskinen backs tax reform, calls system 'a mess'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr.  committed a grave political sin  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      There's a long way to go  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Long live President Trumpopov!  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Sessions says when cities protect illegal immigrants, 'criminals take notice'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      The North Korea puzzle and its missing piece will Kim Jong Un see the light?  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Hyperloop One conducts its first ever full-scale test run  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Fed prepares to cut $4.5 trillion portfolio: What it means  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Chinese carrier sails into defense zone, Taiwan says  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      For Trump critics, to follow is to lead  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica, scientists say  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Remember Bill Clinton's Asiagate Scandal?  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Donald Trump and the other president, Donald Trump  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Illegal immigrant who sneaked into US 7 times was drunk during deadly crash, prosecutor says  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Minimum Wage Cruelty  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Democrat [and ex-CIA]: Trump is right, Democrats did spread the 'British dossier'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      White House goes on offense, slams DNC, Clintons for 'collusion'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Scalise released from ICU; remains in 'serious condition'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Travel ban: Who does Trump's executive order block from entering the US?  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Shadowy company tied to Russia meeting linked to Trump Jr.  troubles  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      North Korea has one big advantage over its adversaries  (JWR 07/12/2017)
      Ex-Brazil leader Silva found guilty of corruption, sentenced to 9.5 years  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Trump urges Senate to pass health care bill, says he has 'pen in hand'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Rush Limbaugh on Russia Coverage: 'I'm Watching People Lose Their Minds'  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Heads will roll after Trump Jr.  leaks, Corey Lewandowski says  (Fox 07/12/2017)
      Net neutrality and the Left  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Another dead horse, another beating  (JWR 07/11/2017)
      Comey's FBI and a culture of leaks  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      McConnell delays start of Senate's August recess  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      White House Accuses Democrats of Obstructing Trump's Nominations  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      'The Atlantic' Publishes All You Need to Know About the Left  (JWR 07/11/2017)
      Marine aircraft disaster: FBI seeks answers in Mississippi crash that killed at least 16  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      US successfully tests THAAD missile system amid North Korean tensions  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Trump defends son as 'high-quality person,' as Russia meeting emails fuel criticism  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      All eyes are on Rex Tillerson  (JWR 07/11/2017)
      Trump's Warsaw triumph  (JWR 07/11/2017)
      A 355-ship Navy should be a national priority  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Why the latest Russia story is just another Trump witch hunt  (NYP 07/11/2017)
      FBI: Explosive device set off at Oklahoma recruiting center  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      We are all Charlie Gard  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      MS-13 gang member filmed, narrated teen's killing, FBI agent tells judge  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Conservative Millennial: We've seen an avalanche of snowflakes in 2017  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Chris Christie has eventful audition in WFAN chair  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr.  denies Kremlin connection  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe as new director nominee faces Senate  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      NYPD Officers Again Turn Backs to De Blasio at Slain Cop's Funeral  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr.  releases 'entire email chain' regarding Russian meeting  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Dershowitz: Did Donald Trump Jr.  commit a crime or merely political sin?  It depends  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      North Korea threat: US preparing sanctions, targeting banks linked to regime  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Donald Trump, Jr.  tweets reveal one thing: The American people deserve answers  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      How ISIS uses human shields in fighting coalition forces  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Philando Castile shooting: Acquitted officer takes buyout, leaves force  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      President Trump's vision  (JWR 07/11/2017)
      Trump voter fraud commission faces several legal challenges  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Did fired FBI Director James Comey break the law?  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Smugglers abandon Mexican woman found dangling from border fence  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Businesses warn of price hikes, staff cuts as minimum wage increases kick in  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Man dies from bullet wound nearly 6 decades after being shot  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Kim Jong Un attends pop concert celebrating North Korea missile launch  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      'Carpool cheater' caught driving with a mannequin  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Cruz: Congress shouldn't recess until ObamaCare repealed, replaced  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Greg Gutfeld: Thug, not protester  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Has smoke led to fire?  Donald Trump Jr.  wanted oppo on Hillary  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Seattle approves income tax on wealthy, mayor cites Trump agenda  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Jr.  Will Speak to Hannity About Meeting With Russian Lawyer  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reported dead, though Pentagon can't confirm  (Fox 07/11/2017)
      Charlie Gard: UK judge gives parents two days to prove son should be kept alive  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      The Will of the West  (JWR 07/10/2017)
      Trump nominates ambassadors to Italy, the Czech Republic  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Dispelling the White House pay gap myth  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Thousands flee raging wildfires in western US, Canada  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      'Understanding Trump': A Review of Newt Gingrich's New Book  (JWR 07/10/2017)
      Trump-Putin: Once hype fades, media lose interest in normal diplomacy  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Varney: Trump Won't 'European-ize' America and the Media Is 'Apoplectic'  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Jane Sanders land deal: Federal probe reportedly seeking grand jury testimony  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: If Comey's in legal jeopardy, will Mueller ride to his rescue?  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Charlie Gard: Why his struggle may soon be ours  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Dershowitz: Comey should be rebuked, not prosecuted  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Shark bites both legs of swimmer off Florida beach  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Minneapolis Airport TSA reportedly failed 95 percent of security tests  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Trump lassos spirit of America  (JWR 07/10/2017)
      Conway: 'Ironic' That Comey May Have Mishandled Classified Info Like Hillary Did  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Comey memos reportedly had classified info; Trump says 'That is so illegal'  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Mosul reclaimed: ISIS routed from Iraqi city, US-led coalition says  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      North Korea threat: Alaska mayor says he's 'worried about moose, not missiles'  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      US veteran blinded in Omar Khadr ambush says payment is treasonous  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Trump defends Ivanka role at G-20, suggests Chelsea Clinton held to different standard  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Hannity: 'Destroy-Trump' Media 'Foaming at the Mouth' Over Trump Jr.  Report  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Atheists: God and guns don't mix  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Senate GOP's health-care bill is a liberal's caricature of conservatism  (JWR 07/10/2017)
      Making no apologies, President Trump replaces Obama Doctrine with American Exceptionalism  (JWR 07/10/2017)
      Colorado tries to fight homeless problem that may have been triggered by pot law  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      BLAZING: 'Hyper Chariot' pods can travel 4,000 miles per hour  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Countries that refuse to take back illegal immigrants cut in half, 'big' win for Trump  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Honolulu lawmaker proposes bill to have armed park rangers to deter homeless  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Creeps and criminals, beware!  Hand-held 'Defender 24/7' device takes pepper spray to the next  (Fox el/0/2017)
      NY judge sparks outrage after freeing alleged cop attacker  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Reps push to give Charlie Gard family US residency, as judge allows new hearing  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      US soldier accused of trying to give ISIS classified documents, drone  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Targeting voter fraud  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Two Republican senators declare bid to repeal health care law 'dead'  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      What Trump has said about Comey from having 'guts' to being a 'nut job'  (Fox 07/10/2017)
      Priebus pushes back on Russia meeting story, suggests Democrats, opposition research involved  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Syria cease-fire goes into effect in southern part of country  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Underestimating the Trumps.  America underestimated the Reagans, too  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Gutfeld: CNN Is a 'Sad Spinster Who Can't Take a Joke'  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Meet Tabby's star, the weirdest sun in the galaxy  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      North Korea accuses US of 'reckless military provocations' after practice bombing run  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Private Donations Reach $55,000 to Replace Destroyed Ten Commandments Monument  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Hundreds gather to help restore vandalized Colorado Freedom Memorial  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Lawlessness and the war on law enforcement  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Washington Post article linking Scalise shooter to conservative radio host sparks online outrage  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Golf ball diver recovering after alligator attack in Florida  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Trump, son push back on NY Times story suggesting Russian collusion  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Trump appears to back off joint 'Cyber Security unit' with Russia after criticism  (Fox 07/09/2017)
      Trump to China President Xi: N Korea nuclear threat will end 'one way or another'  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Anti-G20 activists in extremely violent riot overnight in Hamburg  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      G-20 summit: Trump blocked out on Paris climate accord as 19 members reaffirm  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      2 US Air Force B-1 bombers fly near North Korean border in show of force  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr.  and Jared Kushner respond to meeting with Russian lawyer  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Bare shoulders, debate on dress code for female Hill reporters heats up  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Do you need to be in Silicon Valley to make millions in tech?  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Putin jokes about punishing WH for being mum on his meeting with Trump  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Al-Shabab beheads 9 civilians in attack on Kenya village  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Bone-sniffing dogs locate spot on Pacific island where Amelia Earhart may have died  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      2 more Americans gored in Pamplona's second bull run of 2017  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Thanks CNN!  Worst media moments of the week  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Trump, China's Xi set for meeting that will focus on North Korea, trade: officials  (Fox 07/08/2017)
      Special ops: How to find a terrorist  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Nebraska man accused of threatening Iowa US Sen.  Joni Ernst  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      North Korea: The Rubicon is crossed  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Piracy continues to decrease while focus shifts to maritime kidnapping  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Holding North Korea at bay What Trump needs to do  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      North Korea tensions: South's president seeks meeting with Kim Jong Un  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      The Ongoing Frustration of Trump's Conservative Critics  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Is Russia part of the West?  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Lib Jews get rude awakening from allies  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Melania Trump blocked by G-20 protesters from leaving German guest house  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      U.S.  seeks funds tied to North Korea from eight big banks  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Polish president calls 'FAKE NEWS' on reports his wife snubbed Trump  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      'He's a violent coward': Anti-Trump protester gets jail for Inauguration Day riots  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      'A Horrible Little Man-Child': NYC Mayor Blasted for Going to G-20 Protest  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump must up the ante against China on North Korea  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump says 'everyone' in Germany talking about Podesta, DNC server  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump defends Western civilization and media call it racist  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Gingrich: Tax cuts now  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      The dangers of arrogant ignorance  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Exactly what to do if you get a tick bite  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump presses Putin on Syria, US election meddling in first meeting  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Illegal immigrant mom accused in stabbing deaths of children, husband smiles in court  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      ObamaCare problems deepen, as Senate bill sidelined  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      France's Macron Las Vegas trip investigated for irregularities  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      The <I>Real</I> Disgrace of Bowe  (JWR hl/0/2017)
      Homeland Security concerned about commercial drones being used for 'nefarious purposes'  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Hacked DNC servers: Will government ever be given access?  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump administration taps former NATO envoy for Ukraine role  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Man with bulletproof vest, knives busted trying to get into Trump Tower  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump is winning the immigration debate  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Trump, Putin set for first face-to-face meeting during G-20 summit  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Rep urges Senate to pass crackdown on cop-killers after NYC officer murdered  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      De Blasio blasted by police over Germany protest junket  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      The Trump Doctrine is easy to understand Just look at his background  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Louisiana cop sues Black Lives Matter after being wounded in deadly ambush  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Sheriff exposes liberal columnist's traffic stop tale for the lie that it is  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Hold Senate Republicans to their ObamaCare repeal promises  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Pair of US bombers fly over South China Sea in latest challenge to Beijing  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      At last, someone is wide awake at the White House  (JWR 07/07/2017)
      Eric Bolling: NYC Mayor a 'Despicable Self-Dealing Clown' for Disrespecting Assassinated Cop  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Undiplomatic attacks?  Trump rips CNN, NBC from Poland  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      WATCH: Trump 'Absolutely' Still Wants Mexico to Pay for Border Wall  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump, Putin meet for the first time: Here's what they discussed  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Drone dropped wire cutters that South Carolina inmate used to escape  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Lavrov gives Moscow's version of Trump-Putin talks  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Hackers target U.S.  nuclear facilities  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Flight attendant on Delta flight broke wine bottle over man's head, FBI agent says  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Charlie Gard: New York hospital agrees to admit stricken infant  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      42% of Americans want Trump to forgive their student loan debt  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      De Blasio jets to Germany to join G-20 protesters, skips police ceremony  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Plane returns to Seattle after assault on flight attendant  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      US to conduct flight test of ballistic missile defense system  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Texas cookie store employee who bought cop's order temporarily suspended  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      At long last: President Trump to meet Putin  (Fox 07/07/2017)
      Trump rips CNN for response to GIF, says 'they've hurt themselves'  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      The brilliant wrestling match tweet  (JWR 07/06/2017)
      Trump must make Western strength and unity unequivocally clear to Putin in Friday meeting  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Fracking industry deserves our gratitude  (JWR 07/06/2017)
      Trump chides Russia ahead of Putin meeting, though not enough for Dem critics  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Trump's 'Divisive' Tweets - More Left-Wing Hypocrisy  (JWR 07/06/2017)
      Pit bull mauls Texas boy, attack caught on video  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Colombia works to salvage Spanish treasure ship loaded with estimated $1 billion in gold, jewels  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Gorsuch already making conservative mark on Supreme Court, amid Kennedy rumors  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Maine governor suggests he makes up stories to mislead media  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Negotiations won't stop North Korea from getting a nuke  (JWR 07/06/2017)
      Iran illegally seeking weapons tech from German firms, according to report  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Rand Paul's reform proposal could revolutionize U.S.  health care  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Trump speech in Poland Reagan is nodding  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Rep.  Steve Scalise re-admitted to intensive care unit  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Georgia stabbings: 4 children, man found dead in home  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Trump in Poland: President calls on 'all nations' to confront North Korean threat  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Request Timeout  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Professional runner outruns 2 bears while training in woods in Maine  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Happy Birthday, Nancy Reagan  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      ISIS defeated, but not destroyed, as terror group still holds strategic swaths of Iraq  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      G-20 protesters clash with police in Germany  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Police arrest man for allegedly threatening Sen.  Flake's staff  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Trump at the G-20 Perils and prospects  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Woman, 25, convicted for making up fake rape claims against 15 innocent men  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Students say 'Millionaire' mascot is divisive  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      NJ millionaires-on-welfare sting: 12 additional individuals charged  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      FBI probe of Bernie Sanders' wife based on 'facts and figures,' Vermont GOP official says  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Rare footage reportedly shows Korean 'comfort women'  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Senate report: 'Avalanche' of media leaks hurting national security  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      De Blasio races to Germany to protest G20 summit  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      All Americans should care about this First Amendment case  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      How to make China pay for North Korea  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Virginia set to execute man under more secretive protocol  (Fox 07/06/2017)
      Ukrainian police seize software company's servers  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Did CNN commit a crime?  Cruz suggests warning to Reddit user poses legal problem  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      After North Korea missile test, Trump tweets: 'So much for China working with us'  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Krauthammer: The US Has 2 Choices in Stopping North Korea's Nukes  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      The Declaration of Independence wasn't about rules to follow, it was about people ruling...  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Does newly discovered photo reveal that Amelia Earhart survived crash to become...  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Govt supporters storm Venezuela congress, injuring lawmakers  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Louisiana congressman criticized by Auschwitz Memorial officials for filming video in gas chamber...  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Law Enforcement leaders: How smart was Obama's 'Smart on Crime' initiative?  Not very  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      More families fleeing Central America resettling in Mexico  (Fox 07/05/2017)
CNNBlackmail: Outrage after network appears to threaten Reddit user www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/07/05/cnnblackmail-outrage-after-network-appears-to-threaten-reddit-user.html
      North Korea ICBM test: Alaska, Hawaii pols demand better missile defense  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Police officer deaths on duty have jumped nearly 25 percent in 2017  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      North Korea promises US another 'gift package' following missile launch  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      When mostly 'Made in America' is not good enough  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      North Korea raises the stakes  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Trump's tweets  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Evergreen State College threats: NJ man arrested  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Trump seizes moral high ground in Charlie Gard case  (JWR 07/05/2017)
      New York City cop fatally shot while sitting in patrol car  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Rights: Health even for the dying?  Or immortality, perhaps?  (JWR 07/05/2017)
      Colleges: Islands of Intolerance  (JWR 07/05/2017)
      20-Year-Old Woman Gets Hateful Tweets for Cleaning Trump's Hollywood Star  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Trump and the 25th Amendment  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Border Patrol agents say they are ill-equipped to detect drug tunnels  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Bronx shooting: San Antonio police chief says attacks against cops 'all too common'  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Terror-related acts committed by refugees widespread, according to new report  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Bronx gunman in NYPD shooting had railed against police and prison on Facebook  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      New Poll Shows More Americans Trust the White House Than the Media  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Supreme Court ruling emboldens school-choice advocates  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      US watched North Korea prepare for ICBM launch  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      UN Ambassador Nikki Haley warns North Korea America has 'considerable military options'  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      REACTION: CNN Accused of 'Blackmailing' Man Who Created Trump Wrestling GIF  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Ambushed: Dallas police massacre, one year later  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      Monsoon floods kill 20 in India, leave thousands homeless  (Fox 07/05/2017)
      WARNING: Combative, but not cruel, Mr.  President  (JWR 07/05/2017)
      Trump faces delicate diplomatic dance with Putin meeting, on G-20 sidelines  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      July 4 warning: Decade-old law bans waving American flag at Arlington cemetery  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      North Korean missile flies higher, farther than any previous test  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Gingrich: On the importance of leadership, this 4th of July  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      What is the 25th Amendment?  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      US vows it will 'never accept a nuclear North Korea' after new missile test  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      USAF: The fight to eradicate ISIS is one that our nation, and our military forces, should be proud of...  day  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      EPA-funded lab faked research results on respiratory illnesses, whistleblower lawsuit claims  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Insulter in chief  (JWR 07/04/2017)
      Independence Day: A walk through Arlington these stones expect something of us, to understand...  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Why America is  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Orthodox Jewish grade school in UK fails inspection for refusal to teach about sexual orientation  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Sanctuary cities promise to make 1 million new US citizens in year  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      The 4th of July speech Obama didn't make  (JWR 07/04/2017)
      Portugal suspects terrorism behind national armory thefts  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Trump travel ban: White House defends interpretation of ruling  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      North Korea claims it tested first intercontinental missile  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      North Korea and the Godfather Doctrine  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      WH Voter Fraud Panel Slams VA Gov's 'Idiotic' Refusal to Turn Over Documents  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Ohio trooper fatally shoots knife-wielding man 'covered in blood'  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Trump deportation push could get jammed in bureaucratic mess  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Yale library displays early copy of Declaration of Independence  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Independence Day: On this patriotic day, a few reasons why we are different...  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Illinois Senate overrides governor's tax hike veto  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      North Korea  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Independence  (JWR 07/04/2017)
      Black Lives Matter trying to stop bill that teaches schoolchildren how to deal with police  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Clash looms as Puerto Rico prepares to send reps to Washington, after statehood vote  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      Silencing the silencers: Hate accusers are getting some serious pushback  (JWR 07/04/2017)
      North Korea successfully test-launched ICBM, US officials confirm  (Fox 07/04/2017)
      The Declaration, the Constitution, the Bible  (JWR 07/04/2017)
      Trump keeping door open for repeal-only health bill, White House aide says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Microsoft prepares to trim sales jobs  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Trump enters Charlie Gard debate: 'We would be delighted' to help  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Drive to remove Confederate symbols spurs backlash  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Campos-Duffy: Media's Strategy With Trump Is 'Attack, Ridicule, Destroy'  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Germany bus crash: 18 people believed to be dead in fiery wreck, police say  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Trump vs Warren: The low road is about to get lower  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      ISIS gunned down pregnant women, babies, former Navy SEAL recalls  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Opioid crisis: 'We are very much at war here,' NJ attorney general says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Texas police chief lashes out after cop is killed: 'I'm sick of police haters'  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Trump tweets angry response to North Korean missile launch  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      A new low for Democrats  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Trump's tweets boost his foes  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      G20 Ambush: Let's stump Trump  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Independence Day: Why being a proud American is easy, even after moving to Australia  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Report: Obama Ramping Up Efforts to Help Dems, Meeting With Lawmakers  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Florida woman shoots intruder barging into neighbor's apartment  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Warrior Games: Blind veteran competes in archery as sporting event kicks off  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Prosecutor from Trump critic's old office joins Mueller probe  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Girl who died after contracting E.  coli was cleaning dirty yard, family says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Chasing profits, pope's hospital put children at risk  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      California Dems decry 'bullying,' death threats from the left after shelving health bill  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Dakota Meyer: Trump Is Following Through on His Promises to Veterans  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Federal judge blocks California gun magazine confiscation scheme  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Baby deer saved by elite firefighters from Arizona wildfire  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      US Navy weighing options for boosting fleet size, as hostile maritime forces grow  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      US pushes foreign airports to install explosives scanners within three weeks  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Major Swedish musical festival cancelled after sex assaults rekindles fears of migrants...  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Independence Day: How the seeds of the American Revolution were planted in the hearts and minds...  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      British soldier drowns ISIS thug in puddle after being ambushed in Iraq, report says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Florida's 'stand your ground' law ruled unconstitutional by judge  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Sanders blames Republicans for FBI probe of wife  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      A media question you don't often see raised in media  (JWR 07/03/2017)
      ISIS preacher executed for suggesting Baghdadi's dead, report says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Doubts arise over Chinese Nobel winner's inability to travel  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Sen.  Rand Paul's 'Read the Bills Act'  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Independence Day: Faith and fireworks  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Death of 13-year-old Texas girl linked to drug theft  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      Boston crash: Car plows into crowd, at least 10 hurt  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      United Express plane catches fire upon landing at Denver airport, no injuries reported  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      US playing political games with latest South China Sea patrol, Chinese media says  (Fox 07/03/2017)
      GOP Senators join in call to nix August recess to work on looming issues  (Fox 07/02/2017)
      The alarming indifference of libs  (JWR 07/02/2017)
      Trump chides states for not complying with voting commission: 'What are they trying to hide?'  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Defending your beliefs in an aggressive culture  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Trump attacks media as 'fake' and 'fraudulent,' pushes back about his use of Twitter  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Arkansas club shooting: 17 shot, others trampled after concert dispute  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      On ObamaCare, Republicans still chant repeal, replace; but question is when, how  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      McConnell rejects Trump's advice to repeal ObamaCare now, replace later  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      University: We screwed up!  We won't toss out Bibles or crosses  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Late German chancellor Helmut Kohl honored by world leaders at memorial  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      China's Xi says there's no tolerance for subversion in Hong Kong  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Confederate street names stir debate in ...  New York City?  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Alaska boy, 11, shoots bear charging fishing party  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Iranian opposition upbeat as Trump Administration talks of regime change  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      'I thought it was empty': Father says he fatally shot daughter, 9, while teaching sons gun safety  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Why the media has broken down in the age of Trump  (NYP 07/01/2017)
      Trump honors veterans at Celebrate Freedom Rally  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Man hailed a hero after lifting vehicle to save Florida trooper's life  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Ukraine: Russian security services were behind cyberattack  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      President Trump is a change agent, the Washington establishment hates change  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      First lady responds to Brzezinski attack: She doesn't 'know me'  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      GOP House renews call to nix August recess, citing 'long list of pressing issues'  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Trump resumes attacks on CNN, MSNBC, says Van Susteren fired for resisting 'Trump hate'  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      US warns of friendly fire as Mosul's battlefield shrinks  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      NJ government shutdown amid budget impasse, residents feeling the impact  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Corey Lewandowski: Hypocritical Media Seeks Trump's Friendship in Private, Attacks in Public  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Doctor killed in NYC hospital shooting was covering colleague's shift  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      North Korea is a threat to the US and so is China  (Fox 07/01/2017)
      Arkansas club shooting: 25 shot as rap concert erupts in gunfire  (Fox 07/01/2017)
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      Sanders investigation: Bernie's wife attempted to evict disabled group home residents, report claims  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Could the Republicans rescue themselves by turning to ...  Democrats?  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Rumors AntiFa could swarm Gettysburg prompt fed reaction  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooting: Doctor killed, multiple people injured, police say  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump at G-20: What to know about the president's upcoming trip to Europe  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Asteroid Day 2017  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Parents sue over autistic son's drowning death at amusement park  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Fox News Poll: Most don't think Founding Fathers would be proud of nation  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Israeli general: Cyber terror  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Time capsule found inside Confederate monument  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump challenges GOP senators to repeal ObamaCare now, replace later if no deal  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Man jailed after hitting Muslim teen with bacon  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Republican state AGs threaten lawsuit if Trump doesn't end DACA  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump voter fraud commission: Here's what to know  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Gruesome pic shows mass slaughter of whales in Faroe Islands hunt  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump: Era of 'strategic patience' with North Korea 'is over'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Man released from jail after 23 years for crime he didn't commit finds freedom surreal  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Senate Democrat blasts 'Obamaphone' over fraudulent findings, complete lack of oversight'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Arizona man who fled 1976 rape trial sent back to New York  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Virginia law will give drug addicts clean needles  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Levin: Republican Party Is 'Progressive,' Democratic Party Is 'Radical Left'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      'Alarming' rat lungworm parasite spreading through Florida, researchers warn  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump administration says 'I do' to adding fiances to travel ban exemptions  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Sessions: Supreme Court 'Rejected Narrative of the Left' With Travel Ban  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Dem state officials refusing to cooperate with Trump voter fraud probe  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: Everything Is About 'Trashing' Trump With Mainstream Media  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Sarin gas used in April attack on Syrian town, watchdog confirms  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Iraqi prime minister declares end to ISIS caliphate, but long fight remains  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Susan Rice and her insinuating Why me?  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      WWII vet recounts how he tricked 15,000 German soldiers: 'I had a flutter inside my body'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      NATO 2.0  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Gingrich: A Deficit Neutral Tax Cut Part 1  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Trump's 'feds' now in Chicago to fight gun violence 'epidemic'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      University to remove cross and Bibles from campus chapel  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Tucker on SF's $190K Payout to Illegal Immigrant: 'You Shouldn't Pay a Criminal...'  (Fox 06/30/2017)
      Judge blocks California's high-capacity magazine ban  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Trump foreign policy: American military increasingly involved in Yemen civil war  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Grenfell tower fire: Fake 'victim' accused of trying to get cash, housing  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      GOP-led Armed Services Committee thwarts Dems' attempt to get Trump travel costs  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      China's Xi in Hong Kong for the first time as president; protests in the streets  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Russia probe pile-on: No fewer than 9 teams investigating collusion, meddling  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      US blacklists China bank, revving up pressure over North Korea  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Military option for North Korea being prepared for Trump, McMaster says  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Ex-CIA: Media leaks put lives of US foreign agents and Americans at risk...  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Italy May Close Ports to Non-EU Citizens as Migrant Crisis Intensifies  (06/29/2017)
      Pregnant woman runs over purse-snatching suspect in Walmart parking lot: See the video  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      insider.foxnews.com  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Maine restaurant workers successfully lobby to lower the minimum wage  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      House passes Kate's Law, as part of illegal immigrant crackdown  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      How US Marines saved South Korean president's parents in epic battle  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Sanders pans FBI probe of wife as 'pathetic,' but the allegations against her are serious  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Sanders defends Trump's Mika tweet at heated briefing, says president 'fights fire with fire'  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Bennett: 'You Cannot Harbor These Illegal Aliens Who Have Committed Crimes'  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      MSNBC fires Greta Van Susteren, replaces her with liberal host  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Trump administration sets new visa rules for travel-ban countries, report says  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Government hostility to religion spiked under Obama, new report finds  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Scaramucci calls Russia story 'nonsense,' warns media 'integrity' at risk after CNN retraction  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Georgia police arrest 3 teens who scalded then raped woman near her kids  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Rove: Obama has some nerve as he attacks Senate Republicans on health care  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      NJ millionaires-on-welfare bust: More arrests to come, prosecutor says  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      German cops accused in wild sex party are taken off duty at G20  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Trump travel ban takes effect to minimal disruption  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      China pledges continued assistance to Philippines  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Trump, Putin to meet at G20 summit in Germany  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Starnes: CNN Has Secured Its Place as 'America's Fake News Leader'  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Usama bin Laden's killer turns Twitter wrath to 'awful' VA  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Travel ban: Who does Trump's executive order block from entering the US?  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Over the moon: For Trump, South Korea is yuge  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Most Americans know that owning a gun is an essential part of our freedom  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      John Bolton: Iran, Russia are not our friends.  It's time for a post-ISIS strategy, America  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Colorado baker: Death threats and hate for refusing to make gay wedding cake  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Thai island horror: 7 tourists killed, body eaten by lizards  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Palin suit against NY Times spotlights a flood of media mistakes  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      UN colluding with terrorist backers at UN forum on Israeli occupation, critics say  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      French Mayor Bans Muslims from Wearing Burkinis and Headscarves at Leisure Park 6/29  (om/0/2017)
      'Get Your Facts Straight': Podesta and Bartiromo Clash Over Russia Ties  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Susan Rice to testify under oath about 'unmasking'  (Fox 06/29/2017)
      Attorney General Sessions: Congress must pass Kate's Law and make America safer  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Health scare: Why Senate Republicans pulled the bill that nobody loves  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Family of David Sneddon, missing US student, says North Korea kidnapped him  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Liz Peek: Why Democrats will not win the White House in 2020  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Trump's travel ban: Don't be fooled, the Supreme Court handed the president a big victory...  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      New Orleans tourists attacked: 4 arrested in French Quarter beating  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Florida man charged with threatening state lawmaker on Facebook  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Top US admiral warns: ISIS-linked militants seek new fronts in Asia  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Supreme Court travel ban: Flood of lawsuits expected from ruling  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Self-determination for post-ISIS areas of Iraq and Syria  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Former Trump campaign chairman registers as foreign agent  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Central Park explosion: New evidence sought in probe nearly 1 year after blast  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Arkansas Ten Commandments memorial rammed 24 hours after installation...  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Dershowitz: Why the Sanders FBI bank loan investigation is dangerous territory  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Susan Rice suggests race, gender bias linked to 'unmasking' backlash  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Trump, NYT reporter duel on Twitter over health care claims  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Barrasso: 'ObamaCare is a Bus Going Over a Cliff  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Colorado Green Beret cleared of negligent homicide in 'Make My Day' case  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Venezuela crisis: Maduro says police helicopter fired on Supreme Court, Interior Ministry  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Hello, is anybody home?  What voters keep trying to tell Senate Democrats  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Terry Branstad's Arrival in Beijing Ends U.S.  Embassy's Months of Limbo  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta on alleged Kremlin-backed investment: It's not true  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Owner of fish market 'personally offended' by TSA photo of lobster  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      John Stossel: Why haven't America's schools improved?  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Iran accuses US of 'brazen plan' to change its government, violating UN charter  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      A struggling bill needs a super salesman  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Sarah Palin sues NY Times over editorial tying her to Giffords shooting  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      CBO score of Senate health care bill: What does it mean?  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      It's time to apologize to Trump over Russia  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Cal Thomas: Health care can be fixed, so can Washington  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Trump administration plans border wall models in summer  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      North Korea threat: China has a lot to lose, Madeleine Albright says  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Animal that flummoxed Darwin finds its genetic home  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump, viewers hold CNN accountable for 'fake news'  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Study: Russia-Obsessed Networks Barely Covered the Economy in Past Month  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      111 terminally ill end lives under new California law  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Ten Commandments monument installed at Arkansas Capitol  (Fox 06/28/2017)
      Montana woman fatally injured by dogs while doing yard work  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Obamas under fire from the left for never ending, sizzling ultra-luxury vacations  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Trump takes aim at media after Russia story retraction  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Can't any Dem find a message that works?  (JWR 06/27/2017)
      VA whistleblower doc faces ax unless Trump steps in  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Huge 'Petya' ransomware attack hits Europe, sparks mass disruption  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Relax, Republicans' Medicaid changes aren't that big of a deal  (JWR 06/27/2017)
      Judge blocks planned deportation of more than 1,400 Iraqis  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Real scandals  (JWR 06/27/2017)
      North Korea: Trump's 'America first' policy akin to 'Nazism'  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Is being Christian a crime in Michigan?  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      New Orleans police arrest 2 suspects in brutal beating of tourists in French Quarter  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Sword found in bog may tell of medieval knight's demise  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Fact Check: Dem claims that Senate bill guts Medicaid ignore billions in new funding  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      China hits back at US on human trafficking downgrade  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Syria could be planning chemical attack, White House says  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Hannity: Russia allegations 'boomeranging back' on Democrats  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      The GOP is About to Stick it to Us Again, America Todd Starnes  (06/27/2017)
      'AK-47 Bandit' robberies: Bombs found in home of man possibly linked to string of heists, cops say  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Inmate details 4 prison killings: 'I did it for nothing'  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Paying workers to protest: The controversial trend of social justice benefits  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Navy sailor whose conviction Trump said was overkill is denied pardon  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      How about the Russia investigation focus on Russia?  There's a thought  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Philippines hostages forced to fight, become sex slaves, army says  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Huge ransomware attack hits Europe, sparks mass disruption  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      The GOP is about to stick it to us again, America  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      McConnell delays vote on Senate's ObamaCare overhaul bill  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Court's travel ban ruling gives Trump a boost, changes media narrative  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Airstrike on ISIS-run jail in eastern Syria kills 42, activists say  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Russia accuses US of provocation over Syria chemical-attack warning  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Obama's team had the chance to kill ISIS leader Al Baghdadi and they blew it  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Trump turns up pressure on China amid N.  Korea concerns  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      New ISIS video shows kids as young as 8 executing prisoners  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Trump's breakthrough for veterans  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Syria needs Iran and Russia's approval to use chemical warfare: Gen.  Keane  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Czech power plant holds bikini contest to pick interns  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Bolling: Why Trump must dare to drain the swamp [and four ways he can do it]  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Accused Florida kidnapper was actually helping lost child, police say  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, stand firm on Syria and avoid military conflict with Russia  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Sarah Huckabee Sanders rips CNN, media at heated briefing  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      Supreme Court tackles gay rights: Why Masterpiece Cakeshop case could rival Hobby Lobby...  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      NYC subway derailment injures at least 34  (Fox 06/27/2017)
      US Supreme Court to decide Colorado gay wedding cake case: A timeline of events  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Fifteen Lawyers in Search of a Crime  (JWR 06/26/2017)
      Seattle's minimum wage hike hurting low-level workers, study says  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Trump travel ban: GOP lawmakers want Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse herself from case  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      New Orleans police hunt suspects in brutal beating of tourists in French Quarter  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Gutfeld: Trump's Travel Ban Is Vindicated  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Subway digging uncovers 'Pompeii-like scene' in Rome  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Former Al-Jazeera anchor says TV network aids terrorists  (JWR 06/26/2017)
      North Korea 'amazed' by Spanish beach resort known for drinking binges, plans knock-off  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      College prof who said Otto Warmbier 'got what he deserved' will not return to school  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Ohio trooper jumps in Amish buggy to corral runaway horse  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      It's Not Your Father's FBI  (JWR 06/26/2017)
      Attacks in Europe signal shift in terrorists' tactics  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Trump is not under an FBI investigation.  Bernie Sanders is  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      With Dems desperate, Obama launches two-front war on Trump  (JWR 06/26/2017)
      Border patrol agents rescue illegal immigrant left in Texas heat  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Sharyl Attkisson: Media Giving the Public 'An Artificial Reality'  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Senate Republicans roll out tweaks to health care bill  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Three journalists quit CNN in fallout from retracted Russia story  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Levin: 'Now We Have Collusion  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      White House criticizes CBO report, cites 'history of inaccuracy'  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      North Korean horror: Newly exposed video reveals brutal tactics of Otto Warmbier's sadistic...  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Justices Thomas, Gorsuch blast court decision to reject gun rights appeal  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Chilling confessions of UK's youngest double killers, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham, revealed  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Salvador Dali­'s body to be exhumed in paternity suit  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Trump travel ban: Supreme Court reinstates key parts of executive order  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Grieving Iraqis call on US to investigate massacre of 1,600 military cadets  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      WATCH: Tucker Battles Radio Host Who Said Constitution Helped Radicalize Scalise Shooter  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      He's Back!  Berlusconi takes center stage in Italy  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Hume on GOP Health Care Fight: Either Way, Republicans Have a 'Problem'  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Conway on Justice Kennedy retirement: 'entirely his decision'  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Supreme Court to decide if gay rights trump everyone else's rights  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Former Arizona sheriff slated to begin trial over immigration actions  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Why Amazon buying Whole Foods does not mean the end of grocery stores  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Washington convenience store owner who killed shoplifter is sentenced  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      The fallacy of 'unhealthy competition'  (JWR 06/26/2017)
      Supreme Court decision shifts momentum in Trump travel ban case  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Supreme Court Trinity Lutheran Church decision  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      Kennedy retirement would trigger huge SCOTUS battle  (Fox 06/26/2017)
      6 injured after car slams into Muslim worshippers, not terror-related: UK police  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Trump upbeat about passing ObamaCare overhaul, amid GOP senators' concerns  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Trump: We Must Continue 'Tough Fight' to Remove 'Dead Carcass of ObamaCare'  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: I Fear Dem Rage Will Result in Assassination Attempt by 'Some Crazy Lefty'  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Pirro: I am afraid some crazy lefty is going to try to assassinate Trump  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      College professor fired following remarks on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      AirAsia pilot calls on passengers to 'pray' amid engine trouble on flight  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      At least 9 dead, 28 missing after tourist boat sinks in Colombia  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Saudi student now US fugitive after skipping on bail posted by government  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      It's Okay to Decorate a Police Car with Rainbow Flags, but Not Bible Verses Todd Starnes  (06/25/2017)
      Price backs Senate health care bill, admits getting votes will be tough  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      German-based company to bring $12M aviation plant to US  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Sanders, wife Jane, hire lawyers amid FBI probe on loan application: report  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Trump supporters hold sit-in at North Carolina Starbucks after woman mocked for shirt  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Pakistan oil tanker explodes, killing 153  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      Dan Bongino: 'Resistance' Movement Led by 'Political Clowns'  (Fox 06/25/2017)
      China's dog meat festival opened this week to protests...and profits  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: America is on its way to divorce court  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Supreme Court: Will Justice Kennedy retire this month?  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Massachusetts store clerk fights off armed robber  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      A Russian as UN counter-terrorism czar?  Bad idea  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Obama's liberalism paved the way for Donald Trump  (NYP 06/24/2017)
      Texas mom left 2 toddlers in hot car to 'teach them a lesson,' police say  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Lara Trump: Johnny Depp isn't doing himself any favors  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      $20,000 in reward money given out for help catching inmates  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      MS-13 gang leader pleads guilty to drug, gun charges  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Chaffetz: Justice watchdog also looking at Lynch's role in FBI's Clinton email probe  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      China landslide: More than 120 people feared buried after massive disaster  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Trump questions why Obama allegedly did 'nothing' about Russia hacking, in Fox interview  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Trump administration reportedly OK's sale of 33 unarmed drones to India  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Trudeau: Trump does listen, NAFTA will remain  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      UK Parliament investigates cyberattack on user accounts  (Fox 06/24/2017)
      Planet 10?  Another Earth-size world may lurk in the outer solar system  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Can Robert Mueller be trusted?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      'No Borders for These People': Eric Trump Blasts Attacks on Wife & Siblings  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Tom Price: ObamaCare replacement 'has to be done'  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Trump signs VA reform bill, following through on campaign promise  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Rick Perry got a tongue lashing from the American Meteorological Society.  Did he deserve it?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Obama administration records on Trump team 'unmasking' withheld from Judicial Watch  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Number of refugees admitted in US drops by 50 percent under Trump  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Russian jet buzzes US recon jet: Pictures released of 'unsafe' incident  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      House Intel panel will interview former Clinton campaign manager  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      MORNING BRIEF: Tom Price: ObamaCare repeal 'has to be done'  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Trump says Comey-Mueller friendship 'bothersome'  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Trump considering Camp David-style summit to unite Arab leaders to fight terrorism  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani accuse Dem senators of ignoring them in hearing  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      'Sanctuary Cities' challenge being explored by Justice Department, report says  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      AP Analysis: Could Trump push a partial Mideast deal?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Is an asteroid about to hit Earth?  Making sense of life in a hostile universe  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Senate panel questions Lynch over 'political interference' in Clinton probe  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Dershowitz: Mueller Made a 'Mistake' Hiring Lawyers Who Supported Clinton  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      North Korea's Kim Jong Un uses terrifyingly creative methods to kill enemies  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      40 people killed in bomb, gun attacks in 3 Pakistani cities  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: Dems Pushing 'Anti-American' Message of Hate  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      The party's over and no place to call home  (JWR 06/23/2017)
      Missing Navy sailor found in ship's engine room reportedly faces court-martial  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Senate health care bill: How is it different from the House's legislation?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Gingrich: Why France's Macron is a president worth watching  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Qatar's neighbors issue long list of demands to end crisis  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      China: Political solution in Syria speeds refugees' return  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Suicide bomber blows himself up as Saudis foil Mecca plot  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      North Korea denies torturing American detainee Otto Warmbier  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Why 'Fearless Girl' represents the sad state of modern love  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      France Forced to Convert Hotels into Accommodation Centers for Asylum Seekers  (06/23/2017)
      Killing Trump: The left's violent assault on an American president  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Rep.  Arrington: Our veterans deserve a VA system that works.  It starts today  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Krauthammer: Dems Getting 'Desperate' With Russia Allegations  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Alabama school bans Reagan, Coulter, Levin summer reading list  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Krauthammer on Dems' Lack of a Message: At Least Bernie Had an Idea  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      ObamaCare repeal push draws Obama into the fight  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Ricocheted bullet meant for dog killed teen boy, authorities say  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Mississippi can enforce LGBT religious objections law: court  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Customer claims metallic IKEA bowl set his grapes on fire  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      London high-rise fire caused by faulty freezer; manslaughter charges being considered  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      North Korea captive Otto Warmbier 'got exactly what he deserved,' college prof says  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      How vulnerable is the US power grid to cyberattacks?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      The great Muslim civil war - and us: We need a national debate before plunging in too deep  (JWR 06/23/2017)
      House panel moves to up funding for US Capitol Police after Scalise shooting  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Cavuto: Do Democrats Have Any Heart at All?  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      California bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states over anti-LGBT laws  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Caught on tape: Dem official says he's 'glad' Scalise got shot  (Fox 06/23/2017)
      Sinking feeling in Puerto Rico  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      Young Voters for Old Socialists  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      What's in the Senate proposal: Key provisions of Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Is the Democrats' brand 'worse than Trump'?  Some party officials admit it is  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Why do they keep losing?  [the Democrats, I mean]  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Illinois man charged with threatening to assassinate Trump  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Watters: 'Are the Democrats Sick of Losing Yet?'  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Pit bull mauls 2 kids strapped in car seats inside minivan  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      House Republicans warn Senate: Keep 'crucial' conservative items in health care bill  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Trump: I didn't tape James Comey conversations  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Trump in Iowa: President calls for barring immigrants from welfare for five years  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Napolitano: Is Trump honestly under criminal investigation by the FBI?  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Yemen Al Qaeda boss killed in US airstrike, military officials say  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Philippines army chasing rebels after release of hostages  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      4 detained in raids linked to Belgian rail station attack  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Virginia man charged with espionage for giving top-secret documents to China  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Trump Attorney Calls for Comey to Be Investigated for 'Illegal' Memo Leak  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Yale archaeologists make amazing ancient Egyptian 'billboard' discovery  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Flint airport attack: Canadian-Tunisian suspect's background under scrutiny  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Gun control is fine except for not working  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      Is President Trump the Subject of a Criminal Investigation?  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      Afghanistan car bombing: At least 29 killed in attack outside bank  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Will Mueller & Comey use a false case of obstruction to trigger impeachment?  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Did Putin show Oliver Stone a fake video?  Director may have been fooled by Russian president  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Federal judge halts deportation of dozens of Iraqi Christians  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Tale of 2 Princes: Trump, Saudi king rely on son, son-in-law  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Huge seal battles octopus in incredible fight to the death  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      US test to shoot down ballistic missile fails  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Toothpick crossbow: New toy strikes fear in parents' hearts  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Tax reform a sensible tax system means economic growth, simple as that  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Health insurance today is a mess health care remains a sacred trust between doctors and patients  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      CIA contractors busted for stealing snacks from vending machine  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Nancy Pelosi not the real problem for Democrats: Carly Fiorina  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Man charged after threatening Ohio Rep.  Steve Stivers  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      James T.  Hodgkinson, Just Another Well-Intentioned Progressive  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      Minimum Wage Laws are Destroying Jobs Just as Predicted  (JWR 06/22/2017)
      Cal Thomas: Puerto Rico's sorry state  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Trump announces hopes for 'solar wall' along US southern border  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Dems in the dumps after Ga.  loss, debunked theories  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Canadian sniper sets world record with 2.2-mile pickoff of ISIS fighter  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      Trump calls Russian collusion claims a 'HOAX!'  (Fox 06/22/2017)
      North Korea's Kim Jong-un will eliminate any potential threats, CIA analyst says  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Georgia race: Trump casts GOP winning streak as rejection of Dem 'obstruction'  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Germany rape case: Immigrant attack suspects identified in court  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Trump links Democratic losses to 'obstruction'  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      California Good Samaritans save officer from highway beating  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Pro-ISIS rebels storm school in Philippines, students held hostage  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Saudi royal shakeup potentially dangerous for U.S.: Bolton  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Reps.  McCaul, Ruppersberger, Sens.  Coons, Rubio: To keep America safe partisanship must...  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Ransomware attack costs South Korean company $1M, largest payment ever  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      We need tax reform, now  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      ISIS urges attacks on Ramadan's Night of Power, Islam's holiest day  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Defectors from North Korea describe concentration camp, daily life  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Saudi Arabia rewrites succession plan months after Trump meeting  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Flint Airport: Officer stabbed in stable condition, being investigated as 'possible' act of terrorism  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      North Korea: Tillerson, Mattis still playing China card with Pyongyang  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Truly Troubling: How the Trump 'scandal' now permeates our culture  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      CNN anchors being treated for microaggressions after GOP victory  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Professor's profane, anti-white messages cause campus controversy  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Trump likely to reveal this week whether secret Comey tapes exist  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      'Corrupt motive' in Trump Russia probe is a slippery slope for turning politics into a felony  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Flint Airport: Michigan officer stabbed at airport in attack eyed as terrorism  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Handel wins in Georgia but Democrats can claim they spent $30 million for a moral victory  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      North Korean nuke test site sees more buildup as tensions rise  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Susan Rice Unmasking Docs Sealed in Obama Presidential Library for Next 5 Years  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson had 200 rounds of ammo in storage unit, FBI investigators say  (Fox 06/21/2017)
      The Double Murder of Otto Warmbier  (JWR 06/21/2017)
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      Black bears kill 2 in Alaska, including teen in extreme race  (Fox 06/20/2017)
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      Car bomb in Somalia capital kills at least 15, police say  (Fox 06/20/2017)
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      Paris attack: Champs-Elysees driver slams into police van  (Fox 06/19/2017)
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      New Zealand and Israel restore diplomatic ties after spat  (Fox 06/14/2017)
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      Turkish nationals arrested after brawl at DC embassy in May  (Fox 06/14/2017)
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      Scalise shooting suspect ID'd as James Hodgkinson  (Fox 06/14/2017)
      Comey reportedly confronted Lynch over Clinton email probe involvement  (Fox 06/14/2017)
      Former Attorney General: I Don't See Evidence of Collusion or Obstruction  (Fox 06/13/2017)
      Egypt Threatens to Jail Parents Who Give Their Kids 'Western' Names  (06/13/2017)
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      Doctor accused of using painkiller to quicken death of 8-year-old boy, police say  (Fox 06/13/2017)
      Rosenstein says Mueller has 'full independence' in Russia probe  (Fox 06/13/2017)
      US ambassador to Qatar quits amid diplomatic spat  (Fox 06/13/2017)
      Otto Warmbier, jailed US student, in coma after being freed by North Korea  (Fox 06/13/2017)
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      Oscar Lopez Rivera gets place of honor at NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade  (Fox 06/11/2017)
      US spy planes help Philippine troops quell siege  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      House, Senate committees want Trump tapes, Comey memos  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      North Korea could reportedly wreak havoc with high-altitude nuclear blast  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Arab states in row with Qatar laud Trump's supportive stance  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Atheists demand town remove church welcome signs  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      3 Army Rangers killed, 1 wounded in Afghan solider attack, official says  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Two US soldiers, 2 others wounded in Afghan solider attack, official says  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      UK election fallout: Top aides to PM resign as May appoints new ministers  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Lavrov: Russia makes efforts to resolve Qatar dispute  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Report: US special forces assist in ending siege in the Philippines  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Trump, in Miami speech, set to roll back Obama's Cuba policy  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Comey testimony: The five most important takeaways  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Lawmakers scramble to privatize air traffic control system, raise debt ceiling  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Puerto Rico  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Trump seeks pivot from Russia probe to job training  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Marches against Islamic law to be held in many US cities  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Texas mom left tots in hot car to die, ignored cries, sheriff says  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Iran arrests 8 suspected of supporting Tehran attacks  (Fox 06/10/2017)
      Comey testimony leaves questions unanswered about anti-Trump dossier  (Fox 06/09/2017)
      Reality Winner: Can the government prevent more intelligence leaks?  (Fox 06/09/2017)
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      Trump confirms commitment to NATO's Article 5  (Fox 06/09/2017)
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      UK election: Theresa May to ask queen permission to form government despite losing majority  (Fox 06/09/2017)
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      Neighbor kills Oklahoma man trying to drown twin children, police say  (Fox 06/05/2017)
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      Trump will not use executive privilege to block Comey testimony, White House says  (Fox 06/05/2017)
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      London terror attack: British officials eye burka ban and stripping citizenship  (Fox 06/04/2017)
      Disability attorney who stole $600M from the government disappears, FBI says  (Fox 06/04/2017)
      Comey testimony will bring probe to conclusion, Republican senator says  (Fox 06/04/2017)
      SpaceX launches 1st recycled supply ship  (Fox 06/04/2017)
      Putin: Claim that Russia has damaging information on Trump 'nonsense'  (Fox 06/04/2017)
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      Trump to push for overhauling roads, bridges, air traffic  (Fox 06/03/2017)
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      Mattis calls North Korea's threats 'clear and present danger,' criticizes ally China  (Fox 06/03/2017)
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      Pence tells 'Hannity' he's 'cautiously optimistic' about ObamaCare repeal  (Fox 06/03/2017)
      Brother of NYC man who dismembered boy found dead stuffed in closet  (Fox 06/03/2017)
      US Paid $1B to Green Climate Fund, Top Polluters Paid $0  (Fox 06/03/2017)
      US adds 138K jobs in May as jobless rate falls  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      Trump administration asks Supreme Court to let revised travel ban take effect  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      US nuclear energy industry struggles as Three Mile Island shutdown looms  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      Louisiana woman, 98, breaks state record for oldest skydiver  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      NYPD sound cannons may be excessive force, judge rules  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      Pence confident Supreme Court will uphold Trump's travel ban  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      If you're hoping humans find evidence of life on Mars, scientists have some very good news  (Fox 06/02/2017)
      Vladimir Putin fights election-tampering accusations with his own shots at US  (Fox 06/02/2017)
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      Manila casino attacker's identity being sought by Philippine police  (Fox 06/02/2017)
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      Paris Agreement on climate change: US withdraws as Trump calls it 'unfair'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Think Tank Fellow: Paris Accord Is About Redistributing Wealth, Not Climate Change  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Trump delays move of US embassy to Jerusalem  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after swimming with new tattoo  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Mark Steyn: Hillary Clinton 'just can't accept' her loss to Trump  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Comey expected to testify that Trump asked him to back off Flynn probe  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Rand Paul: Paris Climate Deal Is a 'Disaster for American Jobs'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      'Jeopardy!' champion Ken Jennings mocks Barron, Donald Trump Jr.  lashes out  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      The best evidence that Trump wasn't pressuring Comey is that he didn't resign  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Resorts World Manila attack: Injuries reported at hotel, casino complex in Philippines  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Trump, Nunes demand answers on Obama-era spying, 'unmasking'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      North Carolina high school principal apologizes for student's 'sexist' yearbook quote  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Case of alleged hit-and-run driver deported 17 times is a ''wakeup call,' senator says  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      For China, buy American means something else  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Why CNN dropped Kathy Griffin: Her Trump 'joke' repulsed the country  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Napolitano: Spying on Trump, you and me  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Michigan congressman who believes in climate change says God will 'take care of it'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Wisconsin plant explosion: 1 dead, at least a dozen injured  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Taliban using rape, blackmail to recruit young terrorists  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Outrage over Trump's climate deal decision is a 'Groundhog Day' rerun  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Convicted former Auschwitz guard dies in Germany at 95  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Here's a List of Everyone & Everything Hillary Has Blamed for Her Loss  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Parents racing to save toddler from 'childhood Alzheimer's'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Trump, Clinton spar on Twitter after she rips Russia for election loss  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      North Korea: Is China trying hard enough to stop Pyongyang threat?  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Tests Show 76% of Suspicious 'Child Refugees' in Sweden Are Actually Over 18  (06/01/2017)
      Clinton says she takes responsibility for loss to Trump but blames plenty  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      United faces $435G fine for allegedly flying potentially unsafe plane 23 times  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Nigel Farage: Hillary Is 'Sad And Pathetic,' Let's Ignore Her  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Nikki Haley says Syrian refugees she met during overseas trip 'want to go home'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      ISIS propaganda agency co-founder killed in Syria airstrike  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Paris Climate Accord was another bad deal by Obama: T.  Boone Pickens  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      New York public college offering course called 'Abolition of Whiteness'  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      ObamaCare boosters are wrong about the American Health Care Act  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      'We Have Evidence Here': Bossie Applauds House for Subpoenas on Unmasking  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Paris Climate Agreement: Trump expected to pull out of pact  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Speaker Ryan appoints controversial doctor to health advisory committee  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Connecticut bill allows veterans to include US flag on driver's licenses for free  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Pulse nightclub massacre: Orlando police release bodycam footage of attack  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Scientists may have found evidence of a parallel universe  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Judicial Watch obtains new classified Clinton emails  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Students Accuse Tiger Mascot of Being 'Symbol of White Oppression', Want it Changed  ()
      Private sector job growth 'rip-roaring' in May: ADP  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Hillary's excuses sound like a broken record playing to a broken party  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Giving the left a taste of their own medicine  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Trump pulls out of Paris climate deal and does something right [and brave]  (Fox 06/01/2017)
      Senate panels dueling for witnesses in Russia Investigation  (Fox 06/01/2017)
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      Government-provided health care doesn't assure better health  (JWR 05/31/2017)
      In an unexplored abyss, faceless fish swim  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      City: You can't sell blueberries unless you affirm gay marriage  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Kathy Griffin Represents the Left's Visceral Hatred of Trump, Deplorables Todd Starnes  (05/31/2017)
      Melania Trump questions Kathy Griffin's 'mental health' after bloodied mask photo shoot  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      House Intelligence Committee sends subpoenas to intel agencies  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Ramadan's here let the killing begin  (JWR 05/31/2017)
      While other controversies rage, work on border wall moves forward  (JWR 05/31/2017)
      Clinton calls out Russia for election loss  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Bounty hunters, fugitive shoot each other dead at car dealership in Texas  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Trump hotel guest arrested on gun charges, averting possible 'disaster'  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Carl Higbie: How Trump can stop the leaks, clean house and right the ship of state  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Oxford University To Force History Students Take Exam On Black History, Activists Demand More  (05/31/2017)
      Overpopulation Hoax  (JWR 05/31/2017)
      Anti-Whaling Activists Vandalize Iconic Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen With 'Blood'  (05/31/2017)
      Limbaugh: Kushner Allegations Explode Dems' Collusion Narrative  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Trump tweets Page not being allowed to testify, Democrats engaging in 'Witch Hunt!'  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Joe Lieberman would have been a great FBI director  (Fox 05/31/2017)
      Inside the mind of Tiger Woods  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump  (JWR 05/30/2017)
      Why does Vox have a problem with masculine Marines?  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      As the media target Jared Kushner, is the Sense of crisis overblown?  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Controversial UK Teaching Booklet Invites Children to Write 'Letter to a Terrorist'  (05/30/2017)
      ISIS-linked terrorists in Philippines take hundreds of hostages, most Christian, priest says  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Priest kidnapped by ISIS in Philippines, issues video pleading for his life and hundreds of others  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Economist: Trump says he wants real growth for America.  Can he deliver?  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Impeach Trump?  Liberal media profiteering from anti-Trump clickbait  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      US conducts successful missile intercept test, Pentagon says  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Evil  (JWR 05/30/2017)
      What Crimes Could Jared Kushner Have Committed?  Judge Nap Weighs In  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Virginia man who joined Islamic State now facing trial in US  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Selective War on Sexists  (JWR 05/30/2017)
      Oliver North: North Korean Missile Could 'Shut Down Hawaii For Decades'  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      As pythons invade Florida, professional snake hunting becomes booming industry  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Kathy Griffin holds bloodied Trump mask in photo shoot with Tyler Shields  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Jared Kushner gets mugged by the media mob  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      North Korea eyed as US conducts missile intercept test  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Hillary Clinton's bitter Wellesley address a missed opportunity  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Trump, Germany's Merkel clash over trade, NATO and 'Western values'  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Maxine Waters: Less lawmaker, more circus act  (JWR 05/30/2017)
      North Korea warns of bigger 'gift package' to US after missile test  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Trump tweets Russia 'laughing' about US probe into election meddling  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Manuel Noriega, former Panama dictator, dead at 83  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Swiss Man Convicted of Defamation for 'Liking' Posts on Facebook  (05/30/2017)
      North Korea wants to rain missiles on the US China does, too.  Let's wake up  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      University of California to end lavish spending on dinners  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Mike Dubke, White House communications director, resigns  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      North Korea eyed as US readies missile defense test  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      BAGHDAD BLAST: ISIS militants detonate bomb outside popular ice cream shop; 31 dead  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Egypt sacks local security chief after attack on Christians  (Fox 05/30/2017)
      Memorial Day: Reflections of an Army widow  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      On Memorial Day, do more than just bow your head  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      North Korea threat: Mattis says war with isolated nation would be 'catastrophic'  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Senate Republicans likely to change custom that allows Dems to block judicial choices  (JWR 05/29/2017)
      President Trump: Kushner is doing a 'great job' for the country  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Japan vows to take action with US after North Korea missile test  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Manchester attack: Police release new photos of bomber with blue suitcase  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Remembering a forgotten man, and his forgotten book  (JWR 05/29/2017)
      This Is Not the Time to Circle the Wagons  (JWR 05/29/2017)
      Jared Kushner didn't suggest Russian communications channel in meeting, source says  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      New York students can apply for free college tuition June 7  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Israeli government meeting near Jerusalem site angers Palestinians  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Trump reportedly mulling major overhaul to White House staff  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      VA drug thefts continue despite new efforts  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Trump's Allies, Convicted of High Crimes Without a Trial  (JWR 05/29/2017)
      President Trump lays wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Mississippi shooting: Relative 'devastated' after rampage leaves 8 dead  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      History professors: How our students are honoring WWI service members  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Why this speech from the first Memorial Day still resonates today  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Philippines violence fuels fears of ISIS foothold in southern part of country  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Manchester terror attack investigation widens, additional arrest made  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Hamerton Zoo Park: Zookeeper killed by tiger in enclosure in UK  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Philippine authorities seize 605 kilos of meth from China  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      President Trump proclaims Memorial Day 2017 as a day of 'Prayer for Permanent Peace'  (Fox 05/29/2017)
      Trump and Arab NATO: Be careful what you wish for  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Homeland Secretary Kelly considers laptop ban on all flights into US  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Georgia classroom brawl between teacher, aide caught on video  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Merkel urges EU to control their own destiny, after Trump visit, climate change decision  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      US national security adviser 'not concerned' with Kushner, Russia back-channel allegations  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      North Korea tests short-range ballistic missile, US military says  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Jessica Tarlov: Trump's no good very bad budget  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Manchester attack: Two more arrested, 13 total held in bombing probe  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      An opportunity for Republicans to get serious about making state-led health care reform work  (Fox 05/28/2017)
      Virginia manhunt ends with arrest of suspect in trooper's fatal shooting  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Coptic Christian attack: ISIS claims its 'soldiers' opened fire on bus killing 29 in Egypt  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Trump declines to join world leaders at G-7 in affirming Paris climate accord  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      McMaster says 'not concerned' after Kushner back-channel reports  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Trumping your life: How to be a better, stronger person by being more like the president  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Kendarrious Chester manhunt: Suspect in police shooting holed up in apartment  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Manchester terror attack: UK police release images of concert suicide bomber  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Nebraska teen faces $10G bill after driving car into newly poured concrete  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Manchester terror attack: UK Prime Minister May reduces threat level to 'severe'  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Trump condemns attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      British Airways cancels all London flights after 'major IT failure'  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Coptic Christian attack: 10 of the 29 dead ID'd as children heading to monastery to pray  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Trump and Leaks: The president must take aggressive steps to stop a grave national security threat  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Massive roughtail stingray caught off Florida pier  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      18 killed in suicide car bomb attack, Afghan official says  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Philippines president jokes about rape in speech to soldiers  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Longer prison sentences: Good for the crime rate, bad for the criminal  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Gianforte's Capitol Hill arrival won't be typical special election formality  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      Trump touts success on NATO, terrorism battle, thanks troops in trip-ending speech  (Fox 05/27/2017)
      How did dinosaurs evolve into birds?  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Lock up the leakers  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Manchester terror attack suspects: What we know so far  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Egypt attack: Why are Coptic Christians being targeted?  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Crowdfunded 'No Safe Spaces' Documentary Raises $40,000 In a Single Day  (05/26/2017)
      Egypt bus attack: Coptic Christians targeted, at least 28 killed  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Steve Bannon to head Trump's Russia war room of legal 'A-Team,' street fighters and surrogates  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Presidents Bush and Obama to blame for harm caused by illegal immigrant deported 17 times  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      North Korea: Rocket stars behind Kim Jong Un's missile program revealed  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      California park rangers search for 'promposal' vandal  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Is North Korea's EMP threat real or 'something out of a James Bond movie'?  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Pros and Cons of Trump's Budget and Cons of Dem Demagoguery  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      Manchester attack: Hunt for possible 2nd bomb under way  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Egypt attack on Coptic Christians: Wake up, President Sisi!  ISIS is murdering...  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Jared Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Russia, new report alleges  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Iran missile program growing, not slowing, according to senior commander  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Why Trump is right about terrorists being 'losers'  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      Mexican forces raid police precinct, find 20 officers had drug trafficking ties  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Donald Rumsfeld: Trump is 'exactly right' on NATO's lack of defense spending  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Cohn: If anything, Trump will get 'tougher' on Russia  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Chaffetz continues to push FBI for Comey memos  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      News from the president in exile  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      Netanyahu's challenge with Trump  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      Clinton takes aim at Trump during commencement address at alma mater  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Ebola outbreak in Central Africa, officials scramble to control virus' spread  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      British military writes 'Love from Manchester' on ISIS-bound missile  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo's life sentence thrown out  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      American Tourist Dollars Are Feeding Castro's Human Zoo  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      NC billboard supporting Trump travel ban ignites controversy with 9/11  (Fox ce/0/2017)
      Why Middle East peace starts in Saudi Arabia  (JWR 05/26/2017)
      Cops put parking lot crack cocaine in 'lost and found'  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Amid North Korea dangers, US to launch first-of-its-kind missile intercept test  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Texas teacher's 'most likely to become a terrorist' award for student draws backlash  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Sponsors, Police Groups Boycott Puerto Rican Day Parade Over Plan to Honor Terrorist  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Big-time backlash: When all polling on Donald Trump is dismissed as fake  (Fox 05/26/2017)
      Las Vegas authorities on alert over new ISIS propaganda video  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      2,000-year-old battle relics provide evidence of the last battle of Jerusalem  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Judge Napolitano: Is Trump in real trouble?  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      China warned Navy destroyer USS Dewey to leave area near man-made island, official says  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Could president's new strategy against Islamist extremism have made a difference?  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Two addiction counselors die of overdose at Pennsylvania facility  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Ex-Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos targeted in Athens bombing  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Georgia veterans upset after HOA limits display of American flags  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Russian editor shot and killed in Siberia, investigators say  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bombing signals new ISIS strategy of targeting children  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester attack: Bomb-making workshop reportedly discovered at bomber's home  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bombing: NY Times defends coverage as Trump calls leaks 'deeply troubling'  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bomber called mom to say 'forgive me' hours before attack, official says  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      The nightmare God turned around in a moment  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      James Comey: heroic or facing indictment?  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Cal Thomas: Is Manchester attack 'the new normal' or will we see this as war?  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Trump and NATO: How the president's honest questions will make the alliance stronger  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      We ARE Losing  (JWR 05/25/2017)
      'Demagoguery at the Highest Level': Mulvaney Slams Dems' 'Lies' About Budget  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bombing: Trump calls US leaks 'deeply troubling'  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Dozens of Eco-Friendly 'Sustainable' Rio Olympics Medals Returned Because of Decay  (05/25/2017)
      Girl dragged into water by sea lion being treated for 'seal finger'  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Boy's graduation speech pulled over Christian content  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Dr.  Siegel: The truth about your health care, ObamaCare and the CBO numbers  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bombing: Theresa May to confront Trump on investigation leaks  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Trump travel ban blocked by Va.-based federal appeals court  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Experts find 2,000 year-old evidence of the last battle of Jerusalem  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Jared Kushner is under FBI scrutiny, new report alleges  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester terror attack: 'Easy to upset' bomber kicked out of mosque  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Obama's NSA rebuked for snooping on Americans; journo says it proves wide pattern  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Stoned woman drives car into river after cops let her go  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Russia probe consumes media, but goes nowhere  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Ben Carson: Poverty is 'a state of mind'  (JWR 05/25/2017)
      Medal of Honor recipient: Why I'm proud to be an American  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Trump and the Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Brazilian doctors use fish skin to treat burn victims, ease the pain  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      'Offensive and wrong:' Grieving mom blasts Palestine's payments to terrorists  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Thiessen: No, Mr.  Trump, the Palestinians are not 'ready to reach for peace'  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Stadium scanner aims to foil mass casualty threats at soft targets  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Mount Everest madness: Recent deaths raise concerns of overcrowding and inexperienced climbers  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bombing changing stakes in UK election  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Trump casts wider net in search for FBI director  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      ISIS rigged explosives to home where 100 civilians died in US-led airstrike, military says  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Has globalism gone off the rails?  (JWR 05/25/2017)
      Trump to NATO: Unpaid dues unfair to U.S.  taxpayers  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Trump plans to boost White House staff with 'war room' to go after critics  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester attack: Ex-CIA officer says publication of leaked pics 'goes too far'  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      AUMF against ISIS, Al Qaeda introduced in the Senate  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Manchester bomber fooled parents about his trip out of Libya, report finds  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Jelly Belly sued by woman claiming she didn't know jelly beans contain sugar  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Could president's new strategy against Islamist extremism have made a difference?  (Fox 05/25/2017)
      Iconoclast in the Promised Land  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      Roger Ailes Ruined Monica Lewinsky?  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      At G-7, Trump's Paris Agreement opposition will face economic arguments from world leaders  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Trump and NATO: the president calling the alliance into question may end up making it stronger  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Border wall funding included in Trump's budget plan, Mulvaney says  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      President Trump meets with Pope Francis at Vatican  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Judge Nap: Special Counsel in Russia Probe May 'Close Up Shop' Without Charges  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Donald Trump's budget, spending cuts are 'moral,' Mulvaney says  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Manchester bomber Salman Abedi's father and brothers arrested, linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Joe Lieberman out of FBI director sweepstakes  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Dog trapped on 400-foot cliff in New York rescued by cop using ropes  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      'This Is Islamic Terrorism': British Columnist Slams PC Response to UK Attack  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      The Forgotten Slaughters of the Innocents  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      Trump and NATO: The odd couple  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Pope predicts pizza on Trump's menu, and is proven correct  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      John Stossel: The New York Times, Pebble Mine and an outrageous smear campaign  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Mount Everest tragedy: 4 bodies found in tent at highest camp  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      'The View' Bashes Trump as Unpresidential for Calling Terrorists 'Evil Losers'  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      GOP Chairwoman on Trump budget: keeping his promises of growing the economy...  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Philippines terror: Americans warned after church hostage-taking, policeman beheaded  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      US terror alert system, explained  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Does it matter?  No evidence of Trump 'collusion' with Russia as media shift focus  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      The fate of the U.S.  rests on Trump's choice of adjectives?  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      World's largest aircraft completes successful test flight  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Manchester terror attack: Police in frantic hunt for bomb maker, mastermind  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Trump and the pope: the 'Art of the Deal' meets the 'Art of Persuasion'  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Trump told the truth in Saudi Arabia.  What happens next could be interesting  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Manchester attack's brutal reminder We must keep terrorists from our shores  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Were MS-13 gang members released into US communities?  Senator demands answers  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      How to Live in Peace  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      Enabling Murder  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      North Korea threat: US official warns 'inevitable' regime develops ICBM  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      'Dangerous Woman' Meets Dangerous Man  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      Trump: Meeting Pope Francis 'the honor of a lifetime'  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Pope predicts potizza on Trump's menu, not pizza  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Carson calls poverty a 'state of mind' in radio interview  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Man in clown makeup with bladed gloves held in Denver stabbing, police say  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      At this rate, it won't matter if Trump colluded with Russia  (JWR 05/24/2017)
      Manchester terror attack: UK officials 'furious' over investigation leaks from US  (Fox 05/24/2017)
      Trump's Boffo Performance on the Road  (JWR 05/23/2017)
      Manchester attack: Nations around the world must stop appeasing the Islamists  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      How did Billy the Kid's killer die?  New doc may put to rest one of Wild West's biggest mysteries  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Ariana Grande concert attack: Terror must never become 'the new normal'  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Russians are laughing at US, not at Trump  (JWR 05/23/2017)
      British PM May says cops know the identity of dead attacker  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Manchester and NATO 2.0: Why terror must to be the focus going forward  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      ISIS-linked gunmen battle Philippine troops in southern city  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Trump: Holocaust was the most savage crime ever  (INN 05/23/2017)
      Two indigenous brothers who defended tribal lands from cartels killed in Mexico  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Illegal immigration grew by 740,000 people in 2016 due to overstayed visas  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Manchester attack: Concert carnage among worst ever because it targeted children, teens  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Trump in Bethlehem: Rewarding terrorism won't bring peace  (INN 05/23/2017)
      Trump is right: Fight against terrorism is battle of 'good vs.  evil'  (NYP 05/23/2017)
      'Trump made no mention of two-state solution'  (INN 05/23/2017)
      Ariana Grande concert attack: Trump calls on allies to 'obliterate this evil ideology'...  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Philippines' Duterte declares martial law in region besieged by ISIS-linked extremists  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Ariana Grande Manchester concert attack: Another sickening terror success  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      An Optimistic U.S.  Foreign Policy  (JWR 05/23/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: What is Robert Mueller investigating [since collusion is not a crime]?  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Brennan says he saw intel linking Russia to Trump campaign associates  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Arrogant Erdogan blames US for his thugs rampage  (JWR 05/23/2017)
      Gates: Manchester Bombing Is a 'Harbinger' of More Terror Attacks in the West  (Fox 05/23/2017)
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      White House defends Trump budget plan against Dem attacks  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Telegram app reportedly involved as ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester attack  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      ISIS claims responsibility for Ariana Grande concert attack in Manchester  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      House Speaker Ryan: Trump's budget is 'right on the target'  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Brazil police arrest presidential aide in World Cup probe  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      ObamaCare vote do-over?  House could be forced to revisit bill  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Middle East reality check: Israel won, and so can the Palestinians if they give up  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      Want to make peace in the Middle East?  First stop terror  (Fox 05/23/2017)
      North Carolina School Recalls Yearbook Featuring Pro-Trump 'Build That Wall' Quote  (05/23/2017)
      Sessions memo defines sanctuary cities and hints that the definition may widen  (JWR 05/23/2017)
      Venezuelan protests propelled mostly by dropout students who can't afford college  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Reports: Mark Fields out as Ford CEO  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      China boasts after news report it executed CIA informants  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Demand soars for concealed carry permits, data shows  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Professor awarded taxpayer-funded grant to research 'microaggressions'  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Sessions says sanctuary cities risk losing DOJ, DHS grants  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump: I never mentioned Israel to Russia  (INN 05/22/2017)
      Florida murder suspect tells police his roommates 'disrespected' Islam  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Turkey summons US ambassador over 'aggressive' acts against bodyguards  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Melania Trump in Saudi Arabia: Hijab-free and proudly American  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump's flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel possibly first direct flight between countries  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump and the pope: Will opposites attract when two disruptors meet?  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Zimbabwe elephant crushes trophy hunter, killing him  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      North Korea insists latest missile launch proves it can hit US bases, Japan  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump tells Israelis: Arab neighbors in 'common cause with you' against Iran  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump budget to cut Medicaid, food stamps put 'taxpayer first,' officials say  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump in Israel: the President should move the U.S.  embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Trump in the Middle East why he's already winning more than Obama did  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Billy Bush: 'Plenty of people' at NBC knew about Trump tape  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Self defense is not only permissible, it is sacred  (INN 05/22/2017)
      DNC battling class-action suit alleging Sanders was robbed in 2016  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Will Germany preserve Western culture from Islam?  (INN 05/22/2017)
      Flynn to invoke Fifth Amendment, rebuff Senate panel subpoena  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      US refuses to add sailors' names to Vietnam Memorial  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      PM and Trump - 'Chance for peace greater than before'  (INN 05/22/2017)
      Trump: 'Rare opportunity' exists for peace in Middle East  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Seattle Police Using Politically Correct Term 'Community Member' for Crime Suspect  (05/22/2017)
      Trump says Iran threat bringing Arab nations closer to Israel  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Republicans seek court delay in ObamaCare payment case  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Krauthammer: Even If UK Explosion Not Terror, ISIS Succeeded In Instilling Fear  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Iran's Rouhani: We will not wait for US's permission to test ballistic missiles  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Dershowitz: Trump Is Saying and Doing All the Right Things in Israel  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Gingrich, Nolan: Opioid addictions won't be cured by tough sentences  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Gorka Lays Out the Objectives of Trump's Foreign Trip  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Bangkok hospital bombing: More than 20 wounded in attack, police say  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Billy Bush laments engaging in 'locker room talk' with Trump  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      It's not your imagination: Study finds Trump coverage overwhelmingly negative  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Hume: Flynn Invoking the 5th Amendment Is a Smart Move  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Turkey tries to shift blame to US over DC brawl, summons ambassador  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Sen.  Rand Paul: Say Au Revoir to Paris Climate Agreement  (Fox 05/22/2017)
      Alabama man dies, Indian missing near summit of Mount Everest  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Video shows sea lion grabbing young girl, pulling her underwater  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      'I was trying to get help,' Times Square driver says in jailhouse interview  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Florida Woman Attacks Lyft Driver After Blowing Nose on Seat Cushion  (05/21/2017)
      Gen.  Keane: Trump Creating 'Framework of an Arab NATO' to Combat Terror  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Tillerson waits on Turkey embassy brawl; McCain says 'look at the clip'  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Tillerson: Focus of Saudi visit is ending terrorism, essential to improving human rights  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Twitter co-founder apologizes for helping elect Trump  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      US trade representative says United States won't return to Trans-Pacific Partnership  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Why Trump's promise to move US embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Trump calls for stamping out financing of terrorist groups to Muslim leaders  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      North Korea launches another mid-range ballistic missile, officials say  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Barack Obama Speaks on Global Warming, Then Takes Private Flight and 13-Car Motorcade  (05/21/2017)
      Ringling Bros.  and Barnum & Bailey Circus drop curtain on 'Greatest Show on Earth'  (Fox 05/21/2017)
      Lefties Are Mad About Canada's Plan to Build 'Victims of Communism' Memorial  (05/21/2017)
      Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      A recruitment war is coming  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Missouri Secretary of State: Yes, voter fraud is a real threat  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Nazi-founded enclave in NY agrees to change policies  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Melania Trump forgoes wearing headscarf in Saudi Arabia trip  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, stand with Israel: The Western Wall is Jewish  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Missouri Secretary of State: Yes, voter fraud is a real threat  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Trump shakes hands with Saudi leader, doesn't bow as Obama appeared to do  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Iran's President Rouhani secures second term in decisive win  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Mueller's special counsel appointment begs the question are our civil liberties now at risk?  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      North Korea vows to strengthen nuclear program as US increases pressure  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      Trump in Saudi Arabia signs $110B arms deal with Persian Gulf ally  (Fox 05/20/2017)
      What Trump has said about Israel over time  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Sheriff ordered to remove Blessed are the Peacemakers decals  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      LA County sheriff: Military equipment should be restored for police use only  (Fox 05/19/2017)
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      Doc who helped get Bin Laden on Trump's radar ahead of meeting with Pakistani PM  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      'Clock Boy' lawsuit thrown out in federal court  (Fox 05/19/2017)
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      Cincinnati mayor apologizes to cops for proclamation honoring cop killer  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Julian Assange after rape charges dropped: Prepare for 'war'  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Flight disturbance: American Airlines passenger detained after trying to enter cockpit...  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Minnesota yearbook: Behead Trump  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      ISIS's real target: Saudi Arabia  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Sweden drops case, but WikiLeaks' Assange not in the clear  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Karl Rove: New York Times story 'troubling,' much bigger than Wash Post  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Navy blames flipped switch for 94,000-gallon fuel spill  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Iranian regime agents operating polling stations across US, sources say  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Why a special counsel will help Trump for now but could still be dangerous  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      FLASHBACK: Trump in 2008: If I Were President, I'd Tell Saudis to Lower Oil Prices  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Russia investigation: Ex-FBI chief James Comey to testify before Senate Intel Committee...  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Venezuela general orders snipers to prepare for clash with protesters  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Deadly Times Square crash: Suspect allegedly said he wanted to 'kill them all'  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Trump must tackle Saudi fanaticism when he's in Riyadh  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Suspected Times Square driver tackled by Planet Hollywood security guard  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Swedish prosecutor drops rape investigation of Wikileaks' Assange  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Karl Rove Names Most Likely Source of White House Leaks  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Wikileaks: Ex-Swedish prosecutor says Sweden should've been more aggressive in Assange case  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Despite US call to isolate North Korea, ferry service to Russia begins  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      What is NATO, and why is it important?  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Russia's Putin pledges to send food to starving Venezuela  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Marie Harf: Trump's tricky [yet vital] first foreign trip  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Venezuela: The incredible legacy of an experiment with socialism  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Rosenstein on Comey memo: 'I wrote it.  I believe it.  I stand by it.'  (Fox 05/19/2017)
      Mueller a fitting foe for Trump  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: The Roger Ailes I knew  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Gingrich: Surrender or fight  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Internet regulation and privacy protections should return to where they belong  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Dog finds Michigan family's missing cat under house fire rubble  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Mueller investigation will prolong, not halt, political controversy over Russia  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      ICE arrests under Trump jump 40 percent as border crossings drop  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Hannity: It's Time to Fight Back Against the Forces Trying to Destroy Trump  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Trump rails against 'witch hunt' amid special counsel appointment  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Dershowitz: Don't glorify special counsel  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      House GOP Leader's 'Putin pays Trump' remark called a 'failed attempt at humor'  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Erick Erickson: Mueller returns and Republicans should rejoice  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Comey known as prolific note-taker could more memos emerge?  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Trump administration announces plans to renegotiate NAFTA  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Mueller, Comey have had long, close relationship  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Trump denies Comey allegations, collusion with Russia  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      US air strikes pound pro-Assad forces in Syria  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Trump's seven days in May  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      A Chibok father reunites with his daughter and shares his story  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Joe Lieberman emerges as Trump's top choice for FBI director  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Can we inspire patriotism?  Being an American is something we need to learn and understand.  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      UN court orders Pakistan not to execute convicted Indian spy  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Islamic State attacks Syrian state-held areas, 52 killed  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Fight breaks out during Memphis high school graduation ceremony  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Mueller and the Russia investigation, another example of it's the cover-up, not the crime?  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Sheriff Clarke says he is taking Homeland Security post  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Dutch king reveals his secret life as an airline pilot  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Roger Ailes  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      White House press shop could see shake-up  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      The Roger Ailes Legacy: From the highs to the lows, why he mattered  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Reps.  Goodlatte, Labrador: Immigration reform starts with US enforcing its own laws  (Fox 05/18/2017)
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      Who is Joe Lieberman, Trump's top pick for FBI director?  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Dr.  Marc Siegel: Treat opioid abusers, don't jail them  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, dead at 77  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      What is a special counsel?  Timeline of appointments  (Fox 05/18/2017)
      State Department voices 'concern' to Turkey on DC brawl outside embassy  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Trump's first foreign trip: Scheduled stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and beyond  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Does Donald Trump still want to be president?  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Flynn reportedly told Trump team he was under investigation before inauguration  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Evidence of Russian military support for Afghan Taliban is growing  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Navy fires 2 ship commanders for not following procedures  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Robert Mueller to oversee Russia election probe as special counsel  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Liberals and media finally getting the violence they wanted  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Who is Robert Mueller?  Ex-FBI chief to oversee Russia probe as special counsel  (Fox 05/17/2017)
      Syria 'categorically' denies US accusations of mass killings  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      White House disputes explosive report that Trump asked Comey to end Flynn probe  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Mr.  President, please stop the insults  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      Trump defends talks with Russians, says he shared terror 'facts'  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Feminism and Intelligence  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      Did the media create the story about President Trump revealing classified material to the Russians?  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      'Rigged' is the bipartisan road to US political ruin  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      Chaffetz to seek copies of Comey's memos, saying 'I have my subpoena pen ready'  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Washington loves McMaster, but Trump doesn't  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      Trump, Turkey's president meet amid tensions over jailed pastor  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Is science too 'politicized?' Trump administration tackles issue  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Sen.  Rand Paul: Senate has chance to fix ObamaCare after the House didn't  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Gulf states warm to Israel, see possibility of Palestinian peace deal  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Congresswoman told her days 'were numbered' for supporting Trump, FBI says  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      American exceptionalism  (JWR 05/16/2017)
      Rep.  Dave Reichert: Thank our police, don't take them for granted  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Girl Scout leader on the lam after stealing $15,000 worth of cookies  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Schlapp: NYT Flynn Memo Is 'Jim Comey Striking Back' At Trump  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Rosenstein speaks out, says defending Constitution is his top concern  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Krauthammer: 'Stunning' That GOP Won't Defend Trump On Comey Memo  (Fox 05/16/2017)
      Past Time to End This Dem Witch Hunt  (JWR 05/15/2017)
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      UN agency helps North Korea with patent application for banned nerve gas chemical  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Judge Nap: Trump Russian Intel Leak 'Most Potentially Catastrophic' Yet  (Fox 05/15/2017)
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      Hillary Clinton launches Onward Together PAC  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Chelsea Manning to remain in Army, receive health care benefits after prison release  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Push for Convention of the States to rein in government gains steam  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: I support Trump but he is annoying us all  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Comey fallout: White House rejects special prosecutor calls  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      North Korea threat: US 'monitoring' claim missile could carry nuclear warhead  (Fox 05/15/2017)
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      Learning to live and love in an era of Trump anxiety  (Fox 05/15/2017)
      Trayvon Martin receives posthumous aeronautical science degree  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      White House: North Korea has been 'flagrant menace for far too long'  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      22-year-old cybersecurity researcher helped thwart unprecedented cyberattack  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      Bin Laden's son poised to become Al Qaeda leader, letters seized in raid reportedly reveal  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      ACLU files FOIA request seeking evidence of Trump's voter fraud allegations  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      Opioid addiction crisis spurs brutal candor in obituaries  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      Pope Francis acknowledges 2,000-case backlog in sex abuse cases  (Fox 05/14/2017)
      President Trump, in search of Mideast peace, take the road less traveled and tackle hate...  (Fox 05/13/2017)
      Russian jet 'buzzes' another US plane in Black Sea, second incident this week  (Fox 05/13/2017)
      Trump talks about obstructions, from the media to Democrats, with Judge Jeanine Pirro  (Fox 05/13/2017)
      Trump administration praises deal expanding trade with China  (Fox 05/12/2017)
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      ICE arrests 1,378 suspected gang members in largest sweep to date  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Ironies and hard truth in the Comey firing  (JWR 05/11/2017)
      Rod Rosenstein at center of storm after Comey firing  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Mark Levin: Comey 'didn't have the temperament to be an FBI Director'  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Georgia couple adopts 7 siblings who spent years in foster care  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump Derangement Syndrome grips Dems in wake of Comey firing  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      A Coup?  Why some of the media's eye-rolling Comey coverage goes too far  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      A back-of-the-bus human rights policy  (JWR 05/11/2017)
      Dad on deported illegal immigrant who injured son: 'He keeps coming back'  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Obama's mystery fee for Italy speech renews debate over lucrative lecturing by ex-presidents  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Undergraduates in US reportedly face nearly 20 percent increase in interest for student loans  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      For Comey, a creature of the swamp, a deserved dunking  (JWR 05/11/2017)
      Amid protests, Jefferson Davis statue comes down in New Orleans  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Judge Napolitano: House didn't repeal ObamaCare, it endorsed it  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Comey firing could spur new review of Clinton case, immunity deals, ex-agent says  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Venezuela says feces bombs launched in protests are 'biochemical weapons'  (Fox 05/11/2017)
      Most men just want a woman who's nice  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Comey tossed 'stick of dynamite' into the DOJ, says White House  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      North Carolina Navy vet finds angry note after parking in veteran-designated space  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Paul Ryan: Speaker says 'people had lost confidence' in Comey  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Erdogan calls on Trump to reverse decision to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Illegal immigrant deported 15 times arrested in hit-run crash that hurt 6-year-old boy  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Senate blocks move to overturn Obama-era rule on drilling  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Good riddance to James Comey, a national embarrassment  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      After Comey is fired ABC sides with Democrats  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Trump needed a really good excuse to fire Comey; Comey gave it to him  (JWR 05/10/2017)
      Rod Rosenstein, man behind Comey's firing, is highly respected on Capitol Hill  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Los Angeles resolution makes public schools sanctuaries from ICE  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      What Do Leftists Celebrate?  (JWR 05/10/2017)
      Georgia teacher caught sleeping as students brawl  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Trump defends Comey firing, says ousted FBI director 'wasn't doing a good job'  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Trump meets Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov amid Comey firestorm  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      James Comey was more Barney Fife than Columbo  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Inside Afghanistan: Are more US troops what Afghans want?  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Comey firing: Several candidates being interviewed for interim FBI director  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Paul: Dems Pushing a 'Huge Myth' About Trump Collusion With Russia  (Fox 05/10/2017)
      Australian Schools Tell Parents: We'll Help Your Kids Swap Gender Without Your Consent  (05/10/2017)
      Steve Bannon's former partner in Hollywood says Trump strategist is no racist  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      North Korea insults: Pyongyang's putdowns target Obama, Clinton, Kerry  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Texas sanctuary city crackdown: AG Paxton sues Austin, others  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Virginia man who beheaded his son set to be released from hospital  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      US Navy warship collides with South Korean fishing vessel off peninsula  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Trump weighs plan to send thousands more US troops to Afghanistan  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Ted Cruz shops one-and-done bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Thailand bomb blasts near mall wound dozens  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      California bill would end ban on communists in government jobs  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Chicago police warns officers about gangs armed with high-powered rifles  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Kansas bail bondsman gets life for killing son fed to pigs  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      5 lions escape from a South African wildlife park  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Hanford Nuclear Reservation tunnel collapse triggers alert  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Macron buses highlight new French president's mixed legacy  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Afghan forces losing to Taliban in fight for Kunduz  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Germany arrests second soldier in alleged far-right plot  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      South Korea presidential election: Liberal Moon Jae-in declares victory  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Trump travel ban: Bill Clinton-appointed judges to decide Hawaii appeal  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Top African warlord Kony eludes justice as manhunt comes to an end  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Condoleezza Rice: 'When you're not credible about Syria, you're not credible about North Korea'  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Could North Korea really sink a US aircraft carrier?  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      NSA chief explains 'discrepancy' over claim that Russia sought to boost Trump  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Condoleezza Rice: The moral and practical case for democracy promotion  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      ISIS video shows beheading of alleged Russian spy  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Trump triumphs again with conservative judge picks  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Steve Forbes: In Arizona, conservative government creates jobs  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Georgia police officer says goodbye to daughter before going to work: See photo  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Senate panel approves Trump's pick for US envoy to China  (Fox 05/09/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Our national security system needs real innovation.  Here's a blueprint  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Greg Gutfeld: The prison of two ideas  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Police: Massachusetts teen injures multiple people in stabbing spree  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      New 'gray death' drug can kill with a single dose, authorities warn  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Afghanistan village's oldest man offers secret to longevity  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Tehran warns Saudi Arabia over prince's bringing 'battle' to Iran remark  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Group reportedly chanting 'MS-13' stabs and robs man in New York City  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: Hillary Clinton will run again in 2020  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      The New York Times vs.  Trump: The use of this one word shows just how screwed up...  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Iran test fires torpedo in the Strait of Hormuz  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      United Airlines flies woman to San Francisco instead of France  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      'Aleppo girl' has message for Macron in new tweet  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Mysterious military spacecraft lands in Florida causing sonic boom  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Satanic Temple cleared to install monument for the first time in Minnesota park  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Trump to nominate at least 5 conservative judges to federal appeals court  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Domestic violence hotline sees sharp rise of calls from undocumented victims  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Le Pen will become France's president in 2022, ex-UKIP leader Farage says  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      It's not only Colbert: Why most late-night comics are skewering Trump  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Sanctuary city bans could spread to other states after Texas law signed  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      2 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Chicago memorial for earlier death  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Venezuela's Maduro talks to cows during official act: Will you support me?  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Trump travel ban: Appeals court takes first look at revised order  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Police reportedly describe horrific scene where Boston doctors were found dead  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Why Trump, his team and Congress should listen to America's business leaders  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Why Stephen Hawking's dire warning is all wrong about humans and Earth  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Prisoner of North Korea: An American safe at home shares his ordeal  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Married Couples Splitting Over Trump, Study Says  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Trump challenges Sally Yates ahead of Senate testimony  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Florida girl, 10, pries open alligator's jaws to free herself  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Trump calls Macron to congratulate him on election win  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Former acting AG Sally Yates testifies on Russia live blog  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      Sally Yates set to testify on contacts between White House and Russia  (Fox 05/08/2017)
      North Korea detains another American over alleged hostile acts  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      France election: Media warned not to publish hacked Macron emails  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      ISIS chief in Afghanistan killed in April raid, US military says  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      50,000 evacuated from German city after 5 WWII bombs uncovered  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Social Security Not Keeping up With Seniors' Rising Costs  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Texas governor signs bill targeting sanctuary cities  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Emmanuel Macron: Trump tweets congratulations to French president-elect  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Nigeria schoolgirls: 82 freed Chibok girls to meet with president  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Pakistan: Army kills 50 Afghan forces in border fight  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Macron to Take Time Reforming Economy in Divided France  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Girl, 10, bitten by alligator while swimming in lake at Florida park  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      'Newsweek' Writer: I Hope GOP Sees Family Members Die After ObamaCare Repeal  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Buffett says AHCA is tax cut for the rich  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Man shot dead at Florida charity car show after going after cop with knife, police say  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Priebus: Trump, GOP Congress 'not going to let you down' on ObamaCare  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      White House, GOP senators differ on whether Senate starts 'from scratch' on health care  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      7,000 bodies from mental institution believed buried on Mississippi campus  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Trump mulling significant cuts to White House drug office, memo warns  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Boston doctors found dead in luxury apartment with throats slashed  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election over rival Marine Le Pen  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      French election: Macron wins [France takes the easy way out]  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      French election: Macron wins  (France takes the easy way out) (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Trudeau considers retribution against US over lumber tariffs  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Islamic State attack leaves 2 dead at Iraqi base where US advisers are stationed  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Border patrol catches woman smuggling 3 pounds of heroin strapped to buttocks  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      French election: Macron defeats LePen France's next leader is no Hillary Clinton  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      Catholic school hit for canceling LGBT play for 5-year-olds  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      ObamaCare cost spike is Trump's fault, ACA architect Gruber says  (Fox 05/07/2017)
      French watchdog: Macron data mixed in with fake news in leak  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      France's election commission probes report of hacking  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Trump mulls additional troops as Afghan stalemate grinds on  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Interior tags 27 designated monuments for review, days after Trump orders audit of 'land grab'  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Venezuela: Trump administration calls for quick, peaceful conclusion to unrest  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      US dismisses Russia's ban on military aircraft over Syria safe zones  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Nuclear football reportedly set to get private apartment in Trump Tower  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Nigerian official says 83 Chibok girls have been released  (Fox 05/06/2017)
      Sanctuary cities bill puts Texas county in tight spot  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      U.S.  Job Growth Rebounds Sharply, Unemployment Rate Hits 4.4%  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Butler University tones down anti-Trump course description  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Trump's pick for Army secretary drops out amid criticism of LGBT, Islam remarks  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Le Pen on French election: Regardless of results, 'gigantic force has been born'  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      More cities offering to pay legal defense for illegal immigrants  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Skipping endless marches, real Americans are going to work [and living their lives]  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      US warplanes among those barred from flying over Syria's 'safe zones' in proposal  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Chinese-made jet takes off in maiden flight, seen as possible future Boeing competitor  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      George Soros battles $10B lawsuit, familiar charges of wielding political influence  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      New York City bans employers from requesting salary history  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      AHCA cuts $1 trillion in ObamaCare taxes  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Library fines too stressful for Harvard students?  What's next for our kids  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Sanders mocks Trump's praise for Australian healthcare  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      American Airlines sued by man 'cramped' by obese passengers  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Trump's triumph: ObamaCare repealed by the House  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Trump finally wins on health care, but still faces a long slog  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      Germany arrests Syrian suspected of IS membership  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      US special operations member killed in Somalia  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      North Korea accuses US, South Korea of Kim Jong Un assassination plot  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      GOP senator: Obamacare replacement has 'zero' chance of passing Senate as is  (Fox 05/05/2017)
      National Day of Prayer: Ten reasons why prayer is the ultimate protest  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Trump calls out Rice for refusal to testify to Congress  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Chicago Architects OK'd to Block Out Trump Tower With Giant Golden Flying Pigs  (05/04/2017)
      US aids ISIS, says Afghanistan's former president  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Can Trump successfully remodel the Republican Party?  (JWR 05/04/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Why Trump's got a point about domestic spying  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Nausea watch: Comey defends Clinton probe, Hillary blames FBI chief  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Woman killed by neighbor after allegedly training pet parrot to insult him  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Jim Comey thinks we're all stupid  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Punishing sanctuary cities: Controversial Texas bill heads to governor's desk  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      List of Republicans who voted against health bill  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      American flag flap forces Virginia high school students to show their patriotism  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Trump marks National Day of Prayer, signs executive order on religious freedom  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      House vote to repeal ObamaCare gives Democrats an incredible opportunity  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Bible Club shut down by Tennessee grade school  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      ObamaCare on Life Support in Iowa, More States to Follow?  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      'We're gonna pass it': House GOP confident it has votes to replace ObamaCare  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Wall Street pushes back on Mnuchin's idea of ultralong debt  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Rumors surround Justice Kennedy exit, but he's not talking  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Midwest floods: House crashes into Arkansas bridge after severe storms  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Putin: Trump backs plan to establish safe zones in Syria  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Stephen Hawking says humans must flee Earth within century  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Battle of the Coral Sea and Corregidor: When America's worst defeat gave way to victory  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Biracial UT pageant winner slammed as 'not black enough' on Twitter  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Trump heading to Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Vatican in 1st foreign trip as president  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      What Trump understands about religious liberty in America  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Republican health care bill: What's in it?  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Daily newspaper columnist who defended NRA quits after suspension  (Fox 05/04/2017)
      Ivanka Trump: You are the only person who can create a life you'll love  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Obama once dreamed of being Trump, manuscript shows  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Trump meets with Abbas, vows to 'get it done' on peace deal  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Kim's human shields: North Korea confirms third American held as tensions rise  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Facebook clamps down on sick videos, brings in 3,000 additional reviewers  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Fears of Trump spur near-record cash transfers from US to Mexico  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Madeleine McCann: 10 years later, FBI profiler says case 'solvable'  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      German court rejects woman's request for hotel to ID lover after 2010 fling  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Former US Attorney to Tucker: 'James Comey Is a Danger to the Country'  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      John Stossel: Break the chains  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Gay couple's suit against Kim Davis can proceed, court rules  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Iran attempted missile launch from submarine, US officials say  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Mulvaney on Health Care: Expect a Breakthrough This Week  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Wasserman Schultz: Public should mind its own business on Obama $400G speaking fee  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Steyn: College PC Culture a 'Totalitarian Moronization of a Generation'  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Conservative Millennial to Students: There Are No 'Safe Spaces' in Real Life  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Australian mom won't stand trial for the murder of her 7 children and niece  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Trump executive order on religious liberty to focus on Johnson Amendment, sources say  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Lawsuit blames Google, Facebook, Twitter for San Bernardino terror attack  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Multiple deaths, injuries reported after SUV plows into crowd at Massachusetts auto auction  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Iran using US cash to fund unprecedented, massive military buildup  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      British PM Theresa May accuses EU officials of trying to meddle in UK elections  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      NATO convoy targeted in Kabul suicide bombing, at least 8 dead  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Baltimore seeking FBI, ATV help to combat skyrocketing murder rate  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Chicago police shooting: 2 officers 'targeted,' officials say  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Tucker Takes on Buzzfeed Editor: How Many Trump Voters Work for You?  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      FireColbert Twitter campaign gains steam after Stephen Colbert's profane Donald Trump takedown  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Mulvaney responds to Jimmy Kimmel's health care plea  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Controversy erupts after Colorado animal sanctuary kills all its animals  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Comey defends handling of email probe after Clinton swipe  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Rare treat: 3 snow leopards frolic and snuggle on camera  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Deadly tick disease makes Lyme disease look like child's play  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump ready for a fight, but GOP caves again  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      6 things not to do if you need to fall back asleep fast  (Fox 05/03/2017)
      North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      'MOAB' aftermath: Fox News tours site where Afghanistan bomb was dropped  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      UN ignores unanimous Senate to pass anti-Israel measure  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Trump must show Palestinian president that US has Israel's back  (NYP 05/02/2017)
      Heritage Foundation statement on DeMint resignation  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Carter Page, former Trump adviser, says he's cooperating with Senate Russian probe  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Putin: US election meddling accusations are 'simply rumors'  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Trump to press Abbas on Palestinian terror payments, official says  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      DeMint officially ousted as Heritage Foundation president  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Cufflink terrorist found with James Bond-style devices will spend 8 years in prison  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      North Carolina students allegedly catfish teacher to get nude photos  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Hamas drops call for Israel's destruction, but old goals remain  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Ranchers applaud President Trump's review of 'massive federal land grab'  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      New threat to ObamaCare repeal: Republicans from Clinton districts  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Krauthammer: 'Reasonable' for GOP to Threaten 'Nuclear Option' on Filibusters  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Supreme Court weighs whether lying to get citizenship can justify revoking it  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Arizona border agents find 67 pounds of marijuana in casket  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      New Mexico drug cartel bust shows law enforcement feels more empowered  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Hawaii preparation for North Korea nuke attack far from complete  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Experts discover 'Christopher Columbus' anchor at Caribbean shipwreck site  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Targeting Sanctuary Cities: Texas bill would punish officials who don't comply with federal law  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Rep.  Mike Gallagher: Time for Congress to tackle terror  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Anti-Semitic incidents spike nearly 90 percent in 2017  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      May Day protests: More than 40 arrests made in nationwide marches  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Hannity: 'The mainstream media utterly despises President Trump'  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump funnier than smug, alt-left DC media  (Fox 05/02/2017)
      Trump's Civil War comment draws fire  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      UC Berkeley Student Leader: Police Protecting Campus Free Speech Brings 'Trauma' To Minorities  (05/01/2017)
      Tennessee woman beats home invasion suspect with baseball bat  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Trump floats Kim Jong Un sit-down: 'Absolutely' would meet with North Korean leader  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Trump's White House invite to Duterte sets off firestorm  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Spending bill language omits border wall funding, sanctuary cities crackdown  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Priebus says Trump administration considered changes to libel laws  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      'This Is How You Do Diplomacy': Kinzinger Praises Trump on North Korea  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Committing Candor: Press pounces on president for saying the job is hard  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      DeMint out as leader of conservative Heritage Foundation  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Tucker Carlson: White House Correspondents' Dinner 'an extended middle finger' to Trump  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Afghanistan forces fighting ISIS take a slow-and-steady approach  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Spicer: 'Make No Mistake,' the Border Wall Will Be Built  (Fox 05/01/2017)
      Maxine Waters to Trump: Do US a 'Favor' and 'Resign'  (Fox 05/01/2017)
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      Trump guarantees new ObamaCare plan covers pre-existing conditions, in bid to pass overhaul plan  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      'Hardly a success': Top Dem Schumer rips Trump over first 100 days  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Famed climber Ueli Steck killed near Mount Everest  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      McMaster says US must be prepared for military operations in North Korea  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      'The Coverage Is Not Fair': Spicer Calls Out Mainstream Media  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Bill in Congress would pressure Palestinian gov't to cut off terror-tied payments  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Capitol Hill lawmakers finding common ground on $1 trillion plan to keep gov't open  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Gutfeld: 'President Trump Kicked the Media's Rump'  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Police union outraged after NWA's 'F - Tha Police' sung to dining officers  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Report: Sebastian Gorka to accept role outside White House  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Trump skips Correspondents Dinner, but media's bias can't be ignored  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      IBM CEO Rometty Says a Lower Tax Rate, Territorial Tax System Will Enable Growth  (Fox 04/30/2017)
      Trump's 100 days vs.  Democrats' 100 days of resistance: A progress report  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Trump's first 100 days: Did he keep his promises?  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Protesters torch buses, block roads during Brazil strike  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Give Trump 130 days: President's tax plan is his biggest test [and biggest opportunity]  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Pope Francis' risky Egypt trip  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Give Trump 130 days: President's tax plan is his biggest test  (and biggest opportunity) (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Delta defends pilot smacking brawling female passenger in video  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      The rule of law in Trump's first 100 days  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Paul Ryan is proving to be all talk and no action  (NYP 04/29/2017)
      Donald Trump, Jr.: My Father's First 100 Days  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Trump says trips to New York City cost the US too much  (Fox 04/29/2017)
      Trump signs executive order aimed at expanding drilling in Arctic, Atlantic oceans  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Lawyer calls to investigate Arkansas execution after inmate convulsed before dying  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump's 100-day cram session  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Female genital mutilation and what we're really talking about...  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      RNC Chairwoman: Trump's historic first 100 days  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump at NRA convention: 'Eight-year assault' on gun rights is over  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      North Korea test-fires a ballistic missile that breaks up in flight, US officials say  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      British police shoot 1, arrest 4 others in counter-terror raids  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Let's penalize people for having 'extra kids' Bill Nye's outrageous idea  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      North Korea, South Korea: Economic Snapshot  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      List of Trump's executive orders  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      North Korea: Inside the mind of Kim Jong Un  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      The Berkeley Effect: Is this the end of civil discourse?  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Tillerson presses for economic sanctions on North Korea in special UN meeting  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      North Korea: Inside the mind of Kim Jong Un  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      South Korea disputes Trump's remarks on trade, missile defense system  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Marie Harf: A Democrat's honest take on Trump's first 100 days  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump's First 100 Days Gets an 'A' from Wall Street, 'B' from Main  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      New 'Cold' War?  Russia touts Arctic military base, as US struggles to catch up  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Congress approves stopgap spending bill to avert shutdown  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Texas proposal looks to nullify federal law in between state lines  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      China threatens North Korea with sanctions if nuclear tests persist, Tillerson says  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      AG Sessions to MS-13 gang: 'We are coming after you'  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump talks to NRA in Atlanta as Georgia debates guns on college campuses  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Coal miners' health care bailout package riddled with waste, fraud, audit finds  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Steel industry making comeback after years of decline  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Police: FBI agent shot, one person dead in southwest Atlanta  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Female genital mutilation and what we're really talking about beneath the weasel words 'genital cutting'  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Let's penalize people for having 'extra kids' Bill Nye's outrageous idea  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Obama reportedly pulls in another $400G for speech  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump's threats to pull out of NAFTA: Crazy like a fox?  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      'The First 100 Days': Trump says he's 'disappointed' with congressional Republicans  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Trump warns of 'major, major conflict' with North Korea  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Congress investigating taxpayer-backed school over alleged ties to Chinese military...  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Humpback whales dying at alarming rate off East Coast  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      'Dragonfly' drone could explore Saturn moon Titan  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      North Korea's army: 1.2M men, obsolete equipment and nukes  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Mike Huckabee: Trump's first 100 days a string of impressive wins amidst left-wing craziness  (Fox 04/28/2017)
      Chicken farmer to Trump: We voted for you, now we need your help  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      2 officers shot on French island of Reunion; bomb materials found at Islamist suspect's home  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Arkansas prepares for its fourth execution in eight days  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Ann Coulter just the latest target of fascist media  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      US adds Saudi ISIS leader to terror list  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      ISIS sees more and more foreign fighters trying to escape  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Insulting Ivanka: Why the media are turning on the first daughter  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Berkeley protests: Hundreds rally after Coulter talk canceled, at least 6 arrested  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Berkeley protests: Hundreds rally after Coulter talk canceled, at least 4 arrested  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      US Marines could deploy robots and 'HyperSubs' to storm future beaches  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Portland rose parade canceled after 'anti-fascist' email threatens local Republican group  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      ISIS weapons being captured by Canadian woman working to disarm terrorists  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Berkeley silences free speech [and Ann Coulter] with a kick in the teeth  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      United Airlines to now offer voluntarily bumped fliers up to $10G after review  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Frozen in time: DNA may ID sailors looking for Northwest Passage in 1845  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Trump has his Cabinet, but lagging behind on other appointments  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Ann Coulter just the latest target of fascist media  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Ohio man arrested at airport for alleged attempt to join ISIS  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Israel reportedly strikes arms depot near Syrian capital  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Phyllis Chesler: FGM is illegal in the United States.  So why is it still happening here?  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Sen.  David Perdue: Donald Trump, 100 days and the art of the turnaround  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Hillary Clinton and the FBI...again  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Has science lost its way?  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Sen.  David Perdue: Donald Trump, 100 days and the art of the turnaround  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      2 US Army soldiers killed fighting ISIS in Afghanistan  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Trump's Best and Worst Moments of His First 100 Days  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      London anti-terror raids: Woman shot, 4 arrested, police say  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Has science lost its way?  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Chicken farmer to Trump: We voted for you, now we need your help  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Hillary Clinton and the FBI...again  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      ICE rips pranksters jamming hotline to report space aliens  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Trump eyes bid to split up 9th Circuit court amid sanctuary city, travel ban disputes  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Phyllis Chesler: FGM is illegal in the United States.  So why is it still happening here?  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Berkeley silences free speech [and Ann Coulter] with a kick in the teeth  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Judge Nap Explains Why Break-Up of 9th Circuit Court Probably Won't Happen  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Trump agrees to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada, Mexico for now  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Trump agrees to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada, Mexico for now  (Fox 04/27/2017)
      Lawmakers suggest former Trump aide Flynn broke US law  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump's Tax Plan: Doubles Standard Deductions, Ends 'Death Tax'  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      US colleges confront a new era of sometimes-violent protest  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      North Korea's soldiers: A closer look the military's 'fake' capabilities  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      White House prepares draft of NAFTA withdrawal notice  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      'Height of Hypocrisy': Obama Called Out for Planned Big-Money Speech to Wall St.  Firm  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump denounces 'dangerous anti-Semitism' in Holocaust Remembrance Day remarks  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Conservative Freedom Caucus backs revised ObamaCare overhaul plan  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Delaware trooper shot outside Wawa dies; suspect surrounded in home  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump slams sanctuary city ruling, says opponents are 'judge shopping!'  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Conway on 'Hannity': Trump has 'great record of accomplishments' in first 100 days  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Kennedy: Berkeley, Ann Coulter and our absurd free speech debate  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Judge who blocked Trump's sanctuary city order should have recused himself  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Hard-line Iranian candidate says US should fear Iran  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Rare pennies in circulation could be worth $85,000  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Dozens of snakes dumped in Arkansas Walmart parking lot  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Sanctuary cities fight: Judge who blocked Trump order a Democrat activist  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Bill in Congress would pressure Palestinian gov't to cut off terror-tied payments  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Sean Hannity: 'Media facism' is coming after you next  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump goes all in on tax cuts  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      US test-fires ICBM traveling 4,000 miles to South Pacific  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Full Senate heads to rare classified meeting at the White House on North Korea  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump's Tax Plan to Include Large Increase in Personal Deductions  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      NASA's Cassini spacecraft prepares to dive between Saturn and its rings  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley event amid protests  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      UN warned Trump that ObamaCare repeal could violate international law  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Miffed over border wall talk, top Mexican official floats American entry fee  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Texas, California take very different approaches to 'sanctuary city' debate  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump urged to resume pursuit of Iranian fugitives let off hook under Obama  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Trump tax plan reportedly would cut small business rate to 15 percent  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      NAFTA: Wisconsin dairy farmers' uncertain fate escalates US-Canada trade war  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Migrants who allegedly raped woman on Facebook Live jailed for two years  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Tally of designated national monuments  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      North Korea threat: Experts paint dark picture of what fallout of pre-emptive strike may look like  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      John Stossel: The next president a look ahead to 2020  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Napolitano's UC hid $175 million while demanding money, audit says  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Deficit be damned: As Trump pushes tax cuts, a majority wants more government  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      French official says gas used in Syria attack bears chemical 'signature' of Assad regime  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      China launches first domestically-made aircraft carrier  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea nearly set  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Domino's Pizza franchisee: Mr.  Trump, Obama-era regulations are killing us.  Here's how you can help  (Fox 04/26/2017)
      Jennifer Nettles: On World Malaria Day, no parent should watch their child die from a bug bite  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Cain: Americans Will Make Sure 'Squishy Republicans' Pass Trump Tax Plan  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Warren grades Trump's first 100 days  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      San Diego schools criticized for effort against Islamophobia  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Trump wants tax plan to cut corporate rate to 15 percent  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      First 100 days: Trump team touts number of Obama rules they killed  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Trump condemns Holocaust deniers  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Ranchers fight Pelosi's charge of 'immoral' border wall  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Yahoo's Marissa Mayer to Make $186 Million From Verizon Deal  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Trump spins sagging approval numbers while attacking the media's polls  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Erick Erickson: Mr.  Trump, shut down the government, please  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      'The Five' on Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley: Riots 'a step toward chaos and anarchy'  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Slow learners: UC Berkeley liberals get schooled on the law  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Fracking isn't contaminating groundwater, study finds  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Nordstrom Charging $425 for Fake-Mud Jeans  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Sean Hannity: I won't be silenced by alt-left's vicious slander  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Trump's first 100 days: A packed agenda, with mixed results  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      The Five: Anti-Coulter Safety Threats Illustrate 'Sharia Law for Snowflakes'  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Canadian PM responds to lumber tariffs imposed by the US  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Rep.  Mia Love: Bring on the CHOICE Act a common sense alternative to Dodd-Frank  (Fox 04/25/2017)
      Are you there God?  It's me, Melissa  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Entire Senate being called to White House for North Korea briefing  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      'Insane and Exclusionary' Left-Wing Students Spark Conservative Renaissance on Campus  (04/24/2017)
      Afghanistan's ambassador on Trump, US troops leaving and Russia's support of the Taliban  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Rabbi Lau's Yom Hashoah lesson: Do not stand idly by while others-even your enemies-bleed  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Trump Plans To Impose Tariff On Imports of Canadian Softwood Lumber  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: Political correctness is killing our terror strategy [not the terrorists]  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      European nations not returning Jewish properties taken during Holocaust era  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Trump prepares executive order spree in dash to 100-day mark  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Trump discusses North Korea tensions with Asian leaders  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Obama talks immigration, Fox News in first post-White House event  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      ObamaCare repeal: GOP leaders are missing their chance  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Obama's $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Trump team turns on Wikileaks, but Julian Assange remains out of reach  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      New Orleans takes down prominent Confederate monument  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      North Korea: The tragic fate of American student Otto Warmbier  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Marine Le Pen steps down as head of France's National Front party  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Macron gains backing of French political establishment fearful of Le Pen  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      'The Five' Kicks Off With a Look at 100 Days of Liberals Losing Their Minds  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Iranians freed in Obama's nuclear deal posed national security threat, says report  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Amid global donor fatigue, UN asks new billions for famine relief  (Fox 04/24/2017)
      Russia upset over being blocked from Syria chemical weapons investigation  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      US airstrike kills Taliban shadow governor in Afghanistan sought since 2011  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      Man attacked by two pit bulls as he tries to save Jack Russell terrier  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      Carter Page: Media, 'corrupt Clinton regime' kept tying me to Trump team  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      North Korea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      North Korea threatens to strike US aircraft carrier to show 'military's force'  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      French presidential election: Voters take to the polls under heightened security  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      'Time to Fight Back': Pirro Slams Left-Wing 'Snowflakes' Trying to Mute Free Speech  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      Anger as footage of Cleveland Facebook killer shooting dead man remains online  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      French election: Can Le Pen finish the job?  (Fox 04/23/2017)
      France election: Marine Le Pen sees Trump-like boost in support, but victory far from assured  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Janice Dean: Always read the fine print the last two months have been a real pain in the neck  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Qatar royals among the 26 hostages freed in bargain  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Trump lawyer told Carter Page to 'cease' calling self adviser, as Russia concerns intensified  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      On Iran, Trump does the right thing and rebukes the State Department 'swamp'  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Tucker Rips MSNBC, Maddow for Blaming 'Disaster' in Venezuela on Trump  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Conservatives, 'Let ObamaCare implode' is a trap we must avoid  (Fox 04/22/2017)
      Tempting Middle East Mattis  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      Hypocrisy in the Anti-O'Reilly Army  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      Netanyahu spokesman: Mideast peace requires 'acceptance' of Israel  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Sen.  Paul, Rep.  Walberg: Civil forfeiture has ruined countless lives.  It's long overdue for reform  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      The high price of Fox hunting  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      A Trump Victory on the Border  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      With North Korea, we do have cards to play  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      Death penalty opponents are being dishonest in their arguments  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      Berkeley flip-flop: Are universities complicit in muzzling free speech?  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      'Could Le Pen win?' A guide to the French presidential election  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      The media's new question on Trump: 'Will he talk us into a war?'  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Canadian PM responds to Trump's criticism of dairy industry  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Hunger strike puts jailed Palestinian in spotlight  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      7 dead when electrical wire falls on Nigerian gathering  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      3 killed in shooting at Russian intelligence agency's office  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Don't cheat this time, Marwan Barghouti  (04/21/2017)
      Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      A physicist's take on the March for Science  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Man arrested over bombing of German soccer bus, prosecutors say  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Health care is personal.  That's why Congress has to get it right  (Fox 04/21/2017)
      Census: Young men are making much less than they did in 1975  (JWR 04/21/2017)
      Bill O'Reilly dumped by Fox News is this good?  (04/20/2017)
      Cal Thomas: What is our goal with North Korea?  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Syrian government moves aircraft to Russian base for protection  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Alt-left becomes increasingly unhinged as Trump follows through  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Trump says no US role in Libya, moments after Italian PM calls it 'critical'  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Apocalyptic progressivism  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      Trump on Paris shooting: 'It just never ends'  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Venezuelan authorities seize General Motors factory amid deepening turmoil  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      What matters to us  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      A new Cold War in the Arctic?  Russia unveils virtual tour of new military base  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      What next with North Korea?  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      Paris attack: The unbelievable stupidity of ISIS  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      A third of American millennials live with their parents, US Census report finds  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Trump orders probe of foreign steel's impact on US security  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      North Korea, Kim Jong Un and the Chicago way  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      What if We Don't Really Govern Ourselves?  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      France concerned over Russian interference in elections amid reports of hacking, fake news  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Republicans float new ObamaCare replacement plan  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      What next with North Korea?  (JWR 04/20/2017)
      Should McDonald's workers get $50G reward in Facebook murder case?  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Senate leader investigating possible FBI deception about Texas terror attack  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      400 Bad Request  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: What if our belief in self-government is just a myth?  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      Oh, shut up: Let's prosecute criminal campus crazies  (Fox 04/20/2017)
      The coming death of the death penalty  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      Team Trump and Iran: Obama and the 'swamp' have just scored a huge win  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Emirates Airlines trims US flights in wake of Trump visa ban  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Chelsea Clinton's Cheerleading Cult  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      Inside the mind of Aaron Hernandez  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      California Republicans push plans to punish Sanctuary Cities  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Aaron Hernandez, former NFL player, found dead in prison cell, officials say  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Georgia election: Is GOP leadership stupid, incompetent or slap-crazy?  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Turkey's Erdogan, once greeted jubilantly, now rejected by nearly half of Turks  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Murder while you watch: I worry about the next hideous act to be 'shared'  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      Abraham Lincoln fights corruption accusation in newfound letter for sale  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Democrats' Georgia blunder: 'Resist Trump' is not a winning strategy  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Supreme Court justices show support for church, in Gorsuch's 1st high-profile case  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      UK lawmakers overwhelmingly vote to support snap election  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Two Weeks of Great Clarity  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      No, Trump is not a neo-con  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      Sens.  Moran and McCain: A great day for veterans and Veterans Choice  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Worse Than Racists  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      How North Korea gets its money  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Iran nuclear deal: Trump administration says Tehran complying with agreement  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Fresno shooting rampage: Suspected gunman wanted to kill as many white people as possible, cops say  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Hollywood vs.  Georgia: Tinseltown takes on Trump and loses again  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      CEO: 'Buy American, Hire American' Order Is 'Music to the Ears' of Manufacturers  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Trump's tax reform stalls: Why it's the toughest sell in Washington  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Earth Day Dopes  (JWR 04/19/2017)
      FBI's Awlaki surveillance footage revealed  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      'The sword stands ready': Pence warns North Korea  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Chaffetz announces he will not seek re-election  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      DACA recipient who claims to be first 'Dreamer' deported under Trump files suit  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Ex-CIA officer says she's being forced to testify in Italy on 'rendition'  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Palm Sunday bombing suspect surrenders to Egyptian authorities  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Malkin: 'Hollywood-Media Complex' Want to 'Make America Obama Again'  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      What if Christians were targeted on a major US airline?  (Fox 04/19/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump lets dictators know they aren't dealing with Clinton or Obama  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Sessions: 'If we stay at it, we can devastate' MS-13 gang  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Gorsuch and religious liberty: New justice could hear most important religious freedom case...  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Where your taxes will go in 2017  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Russian bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force scrambles jets  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Teens allegedly plotted to 'kill everyone' at their middle school, court documents say  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      The ISIS antidote: The women of Afghanistan  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      With the 'Democratic Invasion of the White House,' Cuban Starting to Warm Up to Trump Presidency  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Reform the tax code now!  (JWR 04/18/2017)
      Coachella revelers track down man suspected of stealing dozens of phones, police say  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Rep.  Robert Pittenger: China and the crucial choice America needs to make  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Tax protests arouse presidential ire, but there's no way Trump is releasing his returns  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Arkansas judge barred from execution cases after death penalty protest  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Trump signs order to clamp down on visa program, enforce 'buy American' policy  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Trump to order increased scrutiny of H-1B visa program  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Inside the mind of the Facebook Killer  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Prosecutor: Suspect in Washington mall shooting found dead  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Hillary Clinton apologized to Obama on election night  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Federal judge blocks bid to bring back 'pig painting' on Capitol Hill  (Fox 04/18/2017)
      Arkansas executions: Who's on death row?  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Pundits brand Trump a flip-flopper, but many like the way he's flipping  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      To clean up the UN, we need to put muscle behind whistleblower support  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      North Korea tensions have Hawaii pols revisiting emergency attack plans  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Sean Spicer to address North Korea in press briefing watch live  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Gingrich: Left-Wing Dems 'Live in a Fantasy World' on Foreign Policy  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Man accused of assaulting woman at Trump rally says president to blame  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Facebook's new faces of death  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Trump's Snap-on Visit Will Tout Buy American, Hire American Agenda  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Bride and groom on way to wedding booted off United flight  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      CARE CEO: Famine is stalking the globe and America urgently needs to lead  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Lois Lerner got off easy in the IRS scandal.  It's time to reexamine the targeting of conservatives  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      The American Revolution and us: Why Patrick Henry is still a role model for kids today  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      Pence, speaking near the DMZ, delivers strong message to North Korea  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      North Korean commandos ready to kidnap Americans, says defector  (Fox 04/17/2017)
      DHS' Kelly defends more ICE, border hires; says illegal immigrants must be 'dealt with'  (Fox 04/16/2017)
      Norman Podhoretz has caused a sensation with his memoir of ambition.  He's been vindicated, twice  (JWR 04/16/2017)
      22 killed in Sri Lanka as massive mound of garbage collapses  (Fox 04/16/2017)
      Turkey referendum: Erdogan supporters claim victory, opposition to demand recount  (Fox 04/16/2017)
      That Time Sean Spicer [Really] Dressed as the White House Easter Bunny  (Fox 04/16/2017)
      Military 'Got Its Teeth Back': Fmr UFC Fighter Reenlists After ISIS Gets Bombed  (Fox 04/16/2017)
      Easter: Why the resurrection is the most important truth in the world  (Fox 04/15/2017)
      The long coup: Why there is nothing left of Venezuela's democracy  (Fox 04/15/2017)
      Philippines: Foiled attack staged by IS-linked extremists  (Fox 04/15/2017)
      What's a Democrat to run on these days?  In California: gays, guns, grass and government  (Fox 04/15/2017)
      If we really want to create jobs, THIS is the most incredible, powerful tool we have  (Fox 04/15/2017)
      The one obstacle to an originalism-driven judiciary  (JWR 04/14/2017)
      West Virginia governor displays bull dung, as budget metaphor yes, this really happened  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Bannon bashing: Why the press is targeting the Trump aide as barely hanging on  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      PBS: 'Learning' to Love Suicide Bombers?  (JWR 04/14/2017)
      Gingrich: Dropping 'Mother of all Bombs' in Afghanistan 'sent a clear signal of strength'  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Dennis Kucinich: The 'Mother of All Bombs' is actually the mother of all warmongering  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants Sessions to testify at trial  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Aaron Hernandez verdict: Former football star acquitted in 2012 double-murder by jury  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Under Putin's boot: What the case of Alexei Pichugin teaches about Putin's power  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      The Great Reversal - for now  (JWR 04/14/2017)
      Christian persecution: How many are being killed, where they are being killed  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Christianity's prospects of surviving in its birthplace are grim  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Christians most persecuted group in the world as vicious attacks grow  (Fox 04/14/2017)
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      Why Trump is right on North Korea  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Homeless man burglarized NYC houses of worship 'to get back at God,' DA says  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Christian diaspora fear their religion won't survive in its birthplace  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      North Korean official blames Trump for rising tensions on Korean Peninsula  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Syria crisis: A reporter's perspective from the Turkish border  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      'Mother of all bombs' kills 36 Islamic State militants, Afghanistan officials say  (Fox 04/14/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Trump's attack on Syria was both emotional and illegal  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      Rachel Dolezal Is Now Trying to Fix South Africa's Racial Divide  (04/13/2017)
      Iraqi detained in German soccer team bus blasts suspected ISIS member  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      These new kinds of bullets are lethal underwater  (Fox 04/13/2017)
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      Warrior Trump  (JWR 04/13/2017)
      Black, Muslim judge, a NY court trailblazer, found dead  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      Tucker Battles Economist Who Says Immigration Is Good for the US Economy  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      'Misdirected' airstrike killed 18 allied Syrian forces, US military confirms  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      White House reportedly has plans in place to buildup deportation force  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Trump's attack on Syria was both emotional and illegal  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      Wife of Texas church bus driver killed in crash found dead in home  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      'Last of the Cocaine Cowboys' arrested in Florida, US Marshals say  (Fox 04/13/2017)
      An about face in a world of fright and fear  (JWR 04/13/2017)
      Next job for US Air Force: Space cop?  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      California newlyweds contract rat lungworm disease on Hawaii honeymoon  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Northwestern student drowns in canal during rowing team practice  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      German authorities investigating Dortmund blasts 'in all directions'  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      China's Xi tells Trump he wants peaceful solution to North Korea  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Alleged Mexican drug lord wins appeal to delay extradition  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      'Trump must hang': Fresno State vows to 'review' professor's violent comments  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Iran's Ahmadinejad to run for president  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Homeland Security fields 1,000 sex abuse complaints, group says  (Fox 04/12/2017)
        (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, you must lead on tax cuts or Congress is useless  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      White House suspends sanctuary city reports over accuracy concerns  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Forget the campaign: After Syria, Trump's relations with Russia are rocky  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      UN draft resolution on Syria attack: Vote fails with Russia veto, China abstains  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Fast and Furious scandal: Suspected triggerman in border agent's murder arrested  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      WATCH: Mayor Reconsiders Sanctuary Policy After 'Tucker' Appearance  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      United Airlines will reimburse passengers from flight when man dragged off  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Records match some Ukraine ledger payments to Manafort, report says  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Spicer: Trump values Bannon's 'commitment to the team'  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      France's Trump stirs the pot just like Donald  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Many government jobs to remain unfilled despite Trump's lift on hiring freeze  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Sessions: 'The border is not open.  Please don't come'  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Tucker Carlson to immigration lawyer: You're never going to win anyone over until you can look the facts in the face  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Toyota introduces robotic leg brace to help paralyzed people walk  (Fox 04/12/2017)
      Judith Miller: Trump, Egypt and the future  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Judith Miller: Trump, Egypt and the future  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Gary Cohn & fellow Democrats threaten to squash Trump agenda  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Democrats turn on Gabbard amid Syria stance  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      US Navy carrier strike group sets its sights on North Korea  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      UPDATE on Ginsburg comments about Lindsey Graham  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      The 100-day watch: Why every White House meeting seems to leak  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Trump Would Have 'Psychological Success' If House Passes Health Care Soon  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      The Middle East's siren call  (JWR 04/11/2017)
      Driver wearing 'Hold my beer' shirt arrested for DUI  (Fox 04/11/2017)
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      Train Your Brain to Work Like Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, & Top Navy SEALs  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Tillerson faces biggest challenge yet in upcoming meeting with Russian counterpart  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      North Korea decries US carrier dispatch as parliament meets  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      AG Sessions vows to confront cartels, gangs on visit to US-Mexico border  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Three critical things everyone needs to know about Trump's Syria airstrikes  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      North Korea vows 'catastrophic consequences' for US aircraft carrier dispatch  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      It's time to rethink how our federal agencies seize cash and property  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Trump Exclusive: We're Not Going Into Syria  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Hopkins on Ousting Assad: We 'Need to Choose Our Monsters'  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      The Civic Cost Of Illegal Immigration  (JWR 04/11/2017)
      Health Care Reform First Will Pave Way for Tax Reform: Trump Exclusive  (Fox 04/11/2017)
      Five important takeaways from the Gorsuch nomination fight  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      'Celebrity Apprentice' vs.  'The Biggest Loser[s]': Washington edition  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Tillerson, G7 ministers look to pressure Russia to reconsider Assad support  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Gorsuch to be sworn in ahead of key Supreme Court cases  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Deaf patrons complain after Rhode Island movie theater refuses to turn on captions  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Assad is Worse Than Hitler: Syrian Chemical Weapon Survivor  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Egypt attacks: Survivors detail harrowing accounts of twin bombings  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Russia knew of Syrian chemical attack in advance, US official says  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Watchdog calls out HUD for $500B-plus in accounting 'errors'  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      North Korea, Syria and decades of chemical weapons  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      An incredible moment for tax reform: Why National Taxpayers Union and FreedomWorks are united  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Trump wins praise on Syria, but coverage starting to turn more skeptical  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Chicago father, son shoot each other after arguing about walking the dog, police say  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Trump administration back to square one on tax reform  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Why Justice Gorsuch will have an immediate [and big] impact on the Supreme Court  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Joseph Jakubowski manhunt: Schools on alert as police step up search  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      An incredible moment for tax reform: Why National Taxpayers Union and FreedomWorks are united  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Top Syrian Army defector not surprised by chemical attacks, says toxins still hidden despite Russia agreement  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Spain arrests Russian hacker sought by US  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Philippine court affirms conviction of US Marine  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Ex-Obama officials show true colors on Syria after strikes  (Fox 04/10/2017)
      Stockholm attack suspect was failed asylum-seeker; 2nd man arrested  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Tanks a bullion!  Man finds gold bars buried in military vehicle  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Senators differ on Trump's use of military force, want Congress part of future action  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Judge Jeanine Challenges GOP: 'Put Your Big Boy Pants On,' Get Behind Trump  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Tillerson, Trump team try to clarify foreign policy after airstrikes  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Stephen Baldwin: Hollywood Trump-Bashing Shows Their 'Disconnect' From Reality  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Florida mall shooting: Second victim dies after being shot by fired trainer  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      US special forces soldier killed in Afghanistan operation against ISIS  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      North Korea vows to bolster its defenses, says Syria airstrikes prove its nukes justified  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Syria, Russia Would Be 'Insane' to Retaliate Over US Airstrikes, Former US Ambassador Says  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Teen asylum-seeker ID'd as suspect in Norway explosive case  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Graham very hawkish on ISIS and Assad, more troops, more Trump action  (Fox 04/09/2017)
      Press agency: Trump spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman  (Fox 04/08/2017)
      Donald Trump, exceptionalist  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Trump should fire IRS commissioner, lawmakers demand  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      About 20 Syrian jets destroyed in airstrike, defense officials say  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Bataan Death March survivor will be missed by his Japanese friends  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Russia says Syria airstrike an 'aggression' by US  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Sweden truck attack follows string of similar vehicle assaults  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      POW story of Angels of Bataan army nurses is one of the greatest WWII stories never told.  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Hillary Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks and 'misogyny' for 2016 loss  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria strikes: The story behind Trump's '72-hour evolution'  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Exclusive: House Republicans call on Trump to keep religious liberty pledge  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria airstrikes: Russia to suspend airspace deal with US  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      McCain Calls for Renewed Support for Free Syrian Army, Establishment of No-Fly Zones  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Post-nuclear: Top news outlets won't credit Trump with Gorsuch victory  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Police in Norway to carry weapons after Stockholm attack  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Man killed in shootout with Florida deputies after skipping court appearance  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Nunes steps aside, Trump rips Rice as probe keeps hitting potholes  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Florida Walmart shopper who killed diaper thief faces manslaughter charge  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria: 5 things you need to know  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Baltimore police overhaul is approved over Trump objections  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Arizona Gov.  Doug Ducey signs school voucher expansion bill  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Twitter yanks lawsuit against US government over anti-Trump account  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Stockholm Terror Attack: Ahlens Department Store Fast Facts  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      DOJ expresses 'grave concerns' over Baltimore police deal with Obama administration  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Shaffer: Syria Airstrikes Show the World That 'The Game Has Changed'  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Trump Pushing Hard on Tax Cuts, Deregulation: Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria airstrikes: International community reacts to US bombing of airfield  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      ISIS sympathizers question motives behind Syria air strike  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria airstrikes: Mr.  Trump, don't forget, those American cruise missiles rely on parts from China  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Detailed paper trail for Rice unmasking requests likely exists, according to controversial intel sharing document  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      San Diego woman dies after turmeric infusion  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Intel, not just heart-wrenching pictures, convinced US to act on Syria  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      After US airstrikes on Syria, Trump needs to tell America how this is going to end  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Hamas triple-execution in Gaza condemned  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Nunes goes squishy, reinvigorating the left and deflating the GOP, but Freedom Watch steps in  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Scientists discover atmosphere around distant Earth-like planet  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Mississippi congressman seeks to stop deportation of outspoken 'Dreamer'  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Media backing Trump on bombing Syria, but difficult questions remain  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Dog rescued three days after horrific boating crash in California  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Haley forces Bolivia to defend Assad 'atrocities' in 'public view' at UN session  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Gorsuch all but certain to win confirmation after Senate goes nuclear  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: President Trump's military strike against Syria is perfectly legal  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Russia-US communication channel to remain open following Syria strikes  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Stockholm terror attack: Man arrested after truck plows into store killing 4  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Judge Jeanine on Syria: The So-Called Trump-Putin 'Bromance' Is Over  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      US officials probing Russia's role in Syria chemical attacks  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Retail Socks March Job Gains, Jobless Rate Drops to '07 Low  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      A letter to the lonely  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Faith is waning in America?  I dissent  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria strikes: International community reacts to US bombing of airfield  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Tillerson says Russia either complicit or incompetent in Syria chemical weapons deal  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Message to N.  Korea?  Syria strike adds new element to Trump, Xi talks  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Susan Rice, Obama colleagues take heat for past claims on Syria chemical weapons purge  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Butcher puts nude woman in his display case for 'social experiment'  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Romanian tourist injured during London attack has died  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria missile attack sparks tremors on Trump train  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Syria strike sends powerful message to North Korea  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      Three Democrats break ranks to support Gorsuch  (Fox 04/07/2017)
      ISIS slaughters 33 young men in Syria with 'sharp tools'  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Gorka: Unmasking of Trump associates 'what you expect in a banana republic'  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Russia unveils Kazan nuclear sub, a powerful new weapon in its naval arsenal  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Kremlin: Support for Assad not unconditional  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Mass spying without suspicion and the hole in our Constitution  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      St.  Petersburg attack aftermath: Explosive device defused, 3 arrested  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Andrew Tisch: An aging and Alzheimer's tsunami is about to hit us.  Here's what needs to happen right now  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Tillerson says coalition forming to target Assad, Trump hearing military options  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      A Hole in the Constitution  (JWR 04/06/2017)
      Ryan on ObamaCare overhaul: 'Real progress' being made  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Ancient laws, modern wars  (JWR 04/06/2017)
      Trump, the alert environmentalist  (JWR 04/06/2017)
      Senators agree damage over Gorsuch fight could be 'irreparable'  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Trump airstrikes tell Syria's Assad the game is up on chemical weapons  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      The Pence-Graham Rule  (JWR 04/06/2017)
      Nunes steps down from Russia-Trump investigation  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Illegal man from pro-Trump household deported to Mexico despite pleas  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      2 teens killed after falling from SC beachfront hotel balcony  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Initial reports indicate Syrian airbase 'almost completely destroyed' after US strike  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Media's blindness to Obama spy scandal shameful  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Bannon reportedly threatened to leave White House after NSC shakeup  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Faith is waning in America?  I dissent.  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Man's hand cut off by machete in fight, gets re-attached  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Time to say goodbye to the Senate filibuster forever and for everything  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Reviving earmarks would be a colossal mistake  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Man indicted in rape and murder of NYC jogger Karina Vetrano  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Good Samaritan injured helping victims in Michigan crash has died  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      As Trump meets with China's president, South Korea watches nervously  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      Republicans go 'nuclear,' bust through Democratic filibuster on Gorsuch  (Fox 04/06/2017)
      The anti-sanctuary city: Arizona county bucks national trend  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Steve Bannon removed from National Security Council  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      'Special Report' Exclusive: Egyptian president says Trump has 'true understanding' of terrorism  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Military strike on North Korea may be only option, Gen.  Keane says  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      We should be cheering the likely end of the Senate filibuster, not mourning it  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      'He IS a Mutt': De Niro Says Trump 'Sullied and Debased the Presidency'  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Haley slams Russia over Syrian chemical attack, warns US may take 'our own action'  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Kelly says full-scale border wall 'unlikely,' clarifies position on family detentions  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Woman falls off Northern California bridge while taking selfie  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: For Team Trump the rule must be no immunity, no testimony  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      In the Queen's English: Farage fires a barrage  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Connecting the dots in Obama spy scandal  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Military F-16 jet crashes after taking off from Joint Base Andrews, pilot ejected  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      The North Korean nuclear threat keeps growing.  Here's how to really deal with it  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Trump administration revokes Obama-era directive blocking controversial water project  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      In the Queen's English: Farage fires a barrage  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Nivea apologizes for 'White Is Purity' ad  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      O'Reilly: 'Huge Scandal' If Susan Rice Helped Dem Party During Election  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      What is the National Security Council?  Bannon off key panel  (Fox 04/05/2017)
      Beyond the media bubble: Even Trump Country has mixed feelings about budget cuts  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Susan Rice claimed ignorance on Trump team surveillance, before role in unmasking revealed  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      ISIS got material support from two Florida men who pleaded guilty in the case  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Paul calls on Rice to testify after reports of unmasking, asks if she was ordered by Obama  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Python hunters capture 15-foot snake in Florida Everglades  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      ICE raids in courthouses pits immigration agency against federal judges  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Border wall 'critical' for reducing crime, former agents testify  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      NJ teen admits ISIS-inspired plot to kill Pope Francis  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Senate showing no sign of averting filibuster, 'nuclear option' on Gorsuch  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Trump Vows $1T+ Infrastructure Plan, Massive Red Tape Rollback  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Supreme Court: 5 cases Gorsuch will hear in his first month on the bench  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      DOJ warning to US companies: Don't put American workers at disadvantage  (Fox 04/04/2017)
      Trump, Egypt's leader meet at White House, expected to discuss defeating terrorism  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Xi-it: How Trump can win the summit with China this week  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Dems must denounce Perez's anti-Trump rhetoric  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Russia plagued by Islamic terror attacks  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Somali Asylum Seeker, 18, 'Raped Two Disabled Men and Murdered One of Their Wives' in Germany  (04/03/2017)
      Christians hospitalized after resisting state surveillance in China's 'Jerusalem'  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      'Jihadi cool': How ISIS switched its recruitment and social media master plan  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Trump will allow immigrants to obtain citizenship through military service  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Hannity: Susan Rice 'Has a Lot of Explaining to Do' About Intel 'Unmasking'  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Photos of the aftermath of Russia's train bombing  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Sen.  Chuck Grassley: The truth about Schumer, Democrats and Gorsuch  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Kansas dad admits he killed son fed to pigs  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      Claims of Russian swing-state meddling a 'red herring,' say election experts  (Fox 04/03/2017)
      The Watergate-sized scandals rocking the Trump and Obama administrations  (NYP 04/02/2017)
      Hannity: Media distracting Americans by going after Nunes  (Fox 04/01/2017)
      Protesters set fire inside Paraguay congress building after presidential re-election confirmed  (Fox 04/01/2017)
      Iraq: Airstrikes kill over 100 ISIS militants near Syria border  (Fox 04/01/2017)
      3 arrested in Atlanta fire underneath interstate bridge  (Fox 04/01/2017)
      Japanese fleet returns from Antarctic hunt with 333 whales  (Fox 04/01/2017)
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      Police: Trucker drove nonstop from Seattle to Massachusetts fueled by drugs  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Oklahoma home invasion shooting: 3 victims broke into property earlier that day  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Man duct-taped to street sign after losing bet  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Anti-Israel 'apartheid' report was no secret, despite UN chief's disavowal  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Chelsea Clinton political future sparks media excitement, despite denials  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      WikiLeaks Assange's fate hinging on close Ecuador election this Sunday  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Israel's silenced majority  (JWR 03/31/2017)
      Chaffetz on Flynn's 'Story to Tell': Congress Should Not Give Immunity Amid FBI Probe  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Drones at the border: Agents ask Silicon Valley for help securing nation  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      South Carolina man accused of trying to join ISIS is caught before boarding flight  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Fort Hood shooter says he's going on 'hunger strike'  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Tax reform: A must win for Trump and the Republican Party  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Sen.  Mitch McConnell: Why Trump's energy executive order will restore sanity...  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Brexit fallout: EU draft guidelines soften public stance on future UK relationship  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      How an incredible and surreal vision of Jesus turned my life upside down  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Girding Republican loins for war  (JWR 03/31/2017)
      As Islamic extremism grows in Latin America, some want Trump to take action  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Trump signs executive orders to crack down on trade abuses, increase enforcement  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Texas church bus crash: Driver admitted texting while driving, witness says  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      North Korea's 'reckless' actions must be stopped, Mattis says  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Six ways Congress can make room for tax cuts that will create more jobs  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      The road to single-payer health care?  We still got time to revisit a more ambitious...  (JWR 03/31/2017)
      Pennsylvania high school gives nearly 500 students suspension notices  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      North Korea leader Kim Jong-un: Images of a dictator-in-chief  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Brexit: Europe fears protecting itself from terrorism without UK's expertise  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Trump to target trade abuses in latest executive orders  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Top Dem pushes back on Flynn immunity, as Trump urges testimony  (Fox 03/31/2017)
      Trump on Freedom Caucus: 'We must fight them'  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      FBI releases photos from 9/11 attack at  (Fox on/0/2017)
      Biden's message to Trump: Grow up, stop tweeting  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Video shows ISIS trying to bait US into killing civilians, military says  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Putin: 'Read my lips,' election interference claims are lies  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Drexel professor wanted to 'vomit' after service member given courtesy on plane  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Fox News Exclusive: The making of Steve Bannon, from young Navy man to White House power player  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Sanctuary cities: Seattle sues Trump administration over executive order  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      The Gorsuch Tally: Where senators stand on court nominee  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Mexican state attorney general arrested in San Diego on drug charges  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Sessions: Border crossings down 60 percent due to 'Trump's strong leadership'  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Hillary Clinton aides had access to State Dept.  after she left, says key lawmaker  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      North Korea's Kim Jong Un: International man of mystery, menace  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      'Angel of Death' serial killer Donald Harvey dies after prison attack  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      'Stop funding Palestinian terrorism'  (INN 03/30/2017)
      Is health care a right or a good?  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Bad excuses for republican fratricide  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      With ObamaCare overhaul sidelined, can Tom Price go it alone?  (Fox 03/30/2017)
      Critics to Ivy Leagues: 'Taxpayer gravy train needs to end'  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Facebook post warning illegal immigrants of ICE raid deleted but defended  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      DACA recipient with alleged gang ties to be released from detention center  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Timeline of events leading up to Brexit  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Driver rams into Capitol Police cruisers as car chase ends in Hill scare  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Trump is wrong on climate change  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Arab leaders: Two-state solution best option in Israeli-Palestinian conflict  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Planned Parenthood videos: Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies for secret tapes  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Fox News Poll: Voters say taxes are too high, want reform this year  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Indonesia man swallowed whole by python, reports say  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      LA college sued by student for allegedly curbing his free speech rights  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      ObamaCare Rx is a recipe for financial explosion  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Man mauled to death by dog during BBC interview  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      'Stick gun' gets 5-year-old suspended from North Carolina school  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      For Bidders, Trump's Wall is Pro-Business, Not Anti-Immigration  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      How House intel probe turned Devin Nunes into a piñata  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      ObamaCare fail signals death of GOP, Dem bipartisanship  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      The Gorsuch Tally: Where senators stand on court nominee  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Senators expand Russia investigation, amid scrutiny of House probe  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      'Affluenza' ruling inflames Mexico as alleged rapist walks free  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Samsung just unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphone  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      EPA chief: Trump's energy order sends 'pro-growth, pro-environment message'  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Bush reportedly used colorful language to describe Trump's inauguration  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Gowdy: Trump-Russia probe 'of national interest,' but Flynn leak 'happens to be a felony'  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      'Stick gun' gets 5-year-old suspended from North Carolina school  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Deadly Oklahoma home invasion: Getaway driver planned break-in, prosecutors say  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Sorry, Not Sorry: New York Times tells Trump it did not apologize for coverage  (Fox 03/29/2017)
      Trump's border wall funding will likely have to wait  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Fight between Florida governor, prosecutor in cop-killer case back in court  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      China, Japan island fight reignites with population push  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Health reform: The road ahead  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Road map to the Senate's nuclear option for confirming Gorsuch  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Health reform: The road ahead  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      World's largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Key Democrat comes out against Gorsuch, may be indicator of things to come  (Fox 03/28/2017)
      Investor burned by Madoff leaps to death off posh NYC hotel  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      Trump administration to revive Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plan  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      Tucker Battles Dem Who Claims He's Seen 'Damning' Trump-Russia Evidence  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      US reliance on China for critical metals is being ignored  (Fox 03/27/2017)
        (Fox om/ml/2017)
      Gowdy Dings Schumer For Requesting Intel Chairman Nunes Be Removed  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      Identity politics: the biological fraud  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      US reliance on China for critical metals is being ignored  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      ObamaCare  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      ObamaCare now what?  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      Ferrari abandoned on London street for two years finally gets the boot  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      Automation of port terminals threatens thousands of lucrative dock worker jobs  (Fox 03/27/2017)
      EMTs, firefighters need guns, Texas lawmakers say  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Saudi general: My country supports America's tough stance against ISIS, terror and Iran  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Gutfeld on Trump: 'Even When He's Losing, He Ends Up Winning'  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Priebus on ObamaCare overhaul: It's time for GOP to 'start governing'  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      US airstrike kills high-profile terrorist leader  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Illegal immigrant charged in kidnapping of Texas woman  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, please give a major address defining the threat of 'radical Islamic terrorism'  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Huckabee: Failed ObamaCare Replacement Focused on Process, Not People  (Fox 03/26/2017)
      Harry Reid airport?  In Las Vegas?  No way, Jose  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Here comes the judge  (JWR 03/24/2017)
      Liz Peek: Time for the Freedom Caucus to climb aboard the Trump train  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      2 more 'significant' arrests made in investigation into London attack  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      'Saturday Night Live' Supports 9/11  (JWR rs/0/2017)
      'Saturday Night Live' Supports 9/11  (JWR rs/0/2017)
      Trump's Health Care Melee a Major Problem for Speaker Paul Ryan  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Say what?!  UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world's No.  1 human rights violator  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Man burning books caused 700-acre Florida brush fire, officials say  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Planned Parenthood's Useful Idiots Avoid the Truth  (JWR 03/24/2017)
      Intelligence Committee Democrats hell bent on destroying Trump presidency  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      A special needs fairy tale  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Muddy waters: Trump surveillance story polluted by partisanship, media overreach  (Fox 03/24/2017)
      Trump's greatest deal  (JWR 03/23/2017)
      Mayors of sanctuary cities should be thrown in jail  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Sen.  Thom Tillis: Democrats tried [but spectacularly failed] to bring down Judge Gorsuch  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Supreme Court nomination committee gear up for the fourth day of hearings  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      North Korea will launch another nuclear test in next few days, officials say  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Burger King Owner: Small Biz Rooting for Trump, Ryan on Obamacare Replacement  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      London terror attack: Britain's Parliament is rich in history, difficult to defend  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      First sex reassignment inmate calls women's prison 'torture'  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch meets Dem resistance as hearing enters Day 4  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Tom Price: GOP health care bill will give Americans 'the kind of coverage that they want'  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Russia may be aiding Taliban in Afghanistan, top US general says  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Supreme Court limits presidential appointment power  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Networks censor rape story involving illegal immigrant, but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rape  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Hannity: The Legislative Branch Has Failed the President  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Conservative students at Lutheran college say they fear for personal safety  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Man arrested in Belgium after car chase is French national, weapons found in car: prosecutors  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      One more good reason to repeal ObamaCare.  Now  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Stirewalt's Advice to Trump on Health Care Vote: 'If You're Going to Fail, Fail Fast'  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Sen.  Thom Tillis: Democrats tried [but spectacularly failed] to bring down Judge Gorsuch  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Smugness watch: Some liberals say it's okay to hate Trump voters  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Sword death of black man is assault on diversity, New York officials say  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Israeli-American arrested in US Jewish community center bomb threats  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Krauthammer: 'Pretty Big Violation' If Trump Team Was Improperly Surveilled  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Russian ex-lawmaker killed in Ukraine; Poroshenko calls it 'state terrorism'  (Fox 03/23/2017)
      Bill O'Reilly: America, this is the most important political story of the year  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Bill O'Reilly: Media's treatment of Maryland high school rape 'beyond anything I have ever seen'  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Bill O'Reilly: America, this is the most important political story of the year  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      John Stossel: Is Trump's budget 'draconian, careless and counterproductive'?  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Facebook Live gang-rape: Teen afraid to come home after attack, mom says  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      School orders boy to tolerate undressing with girl and make it natural  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Gorsuch appears to survive barrage from Democrats, readies for third day of confirmation hearings  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Trump to attend NATO meeting in Brussels in May  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      8 killed as suicide bombers target Nigerian city  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Immigration: As LA rebuffs Trump's order, others embrace it  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      To improve education, we need to let teachers administer discipline regardless of race  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      'Loss is not acceptable': House to move on health bill, as Trump rolls dice  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      May's experience prepared her to handle London attack, aftermath, expert says  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      SF lawmaker proposes bill to penalize companies that seek to build Trump border wall  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Suspected White House jumper lingered around grounds, stopped to tie shoes, Chaffetz says  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Time to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda  (JWR 03/22/2017)
      Hannity: Gorsuch confirmation will be a 'knock-down, drag-out fight'  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Hannity on Maryland high school rape: 'We're not protecting the American people'  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      North Korea missile tests fail seconds after launch, US officials say  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Republicans prepare to go nuclear with Gorsuch vote as Dems seek new delay  (Fox 03/22/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Sorry Dems, Judge Gorsuch is un-Borkable  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Comey's FBI can only comment if it hurts President Trump  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Comey's FBI can only comment if it hurts President Trump  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Hume: Russia Collusion Evidence Adds Up to Little Against Trump  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Israel and Trump travel ban offers pundit a chance to show own bigotry  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Trump compared to Hitler, Mussolini in New York school lesson  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      White House blames Md.  school rape on lax border, sanctuary policies  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Trump plows under protests on TrumpCare  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Israel and Trump travel ban offers pundit a chance to show own bigotry  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      O'Reilly: Getting a Traditional Judge Like Gorsuch on SCOTUS Is 'Vital'  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Sheriff Clarke: 'Subhuman Creeps' in MD Rape Case Sign of 'Failed Policies'  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      Parent of Maryland high school student 'absolutely shocked' over alleged rape by immigrants  (Fox 03/21/2017)
      What Democrats don't want FBI Director James Comey to talk about  (Fox 03/20/2017)
      Milk: The new symbol of racism in Donald Trump's America  (JWR 03/20/2017)
      Democrats blind to real reason America elected Trump  (Fox 03/20/2017)
      Democrats blind to real reason America elected Trump  (Fox 03/20/2017)
      What Democrats don't want FBI Director James Comey to talk about  (Fox 03/20/2017)
      Secretary Devos' most important task  (Fox 03/19/2017)
        (NYP 03/19/2017)
      Here are 23 ways Trump should follow up his wiretap claims  (NYP 03/19/2017)
      Judge Neil Gorsuch heads to the Hill: What can  (and should) we really expect? (Fox 03/19/2017)
      Bumps on the road to scoring the 'ultimate deal'  (JWR 03/17/2017)
      Clinton private email probe hindered by State Department, Chaffetz says  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Fact to fiction: Boris Johnson's father pens Brexit thriller  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      California pastor stabbed to death by parishioner, police say  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Seizing a historic opportunity  (JWR 03/16/2017)
      Paris IMF letter bomb: President Hollande condemns 'attack' that injured 1  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      France high school shooting: Armed teen arrested, 3 wounded  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Rep.  Phil Roe: The VA must be held accountable.  Here's what Congress needs to do  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Ireland's leader pushes Trump on illegal Irish immigrants  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Tillerson: Asia allies 'critical' for addressing North Korean threat  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Bow Wow tweets he wants to 'pimp' out Melania Trump over Snoop-Trump feud  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Letter bomb explodes at IMF office in France, 1 injured  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      It's time for the US to quit enabling Iran in Syria  (Fox 03/16/2017)
      Liberty Is Not for Wimps  (JWR 03/15/2017)
      Grover Norquist: What Trump's tax returns really tell us [sorry Rachel Maddow]  (Fox 03/15/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: The critical task of staying true to Trump in the president's first budget  (Fox 03/15/2017)
      Sean Hannity: NBC's Trump tax fail shows desperation to take out president  (Fox 03/15/2017)
      Lost In Translation: Macedonia's ethnic tensions near the boiling point [and Soros is stirring the pot]  (Fox 03/15/2017)
      The Dirty Dem Dogs of Disruption  (JWR 03/15/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Alt-left media pushes Russia fantasy despite no evidence  (Fox 03/14/2017)
      The Saudis are coming: Seven things Team Trump needs to know  (Fox 03/14/2017)
      US State Dept.  warns college students against spring break travel to Mexico  (Fox 03/14/2017)
      'Legal Cinderellas': Immigration judges drowning in sea of cases  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      In 2017 women and minorities are buying guns.  Here's why  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      Rod Dreher: A wake up call for Christians [before the coming Dark Age]  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      Trump meeting with Chinese President Xi expected next month, official says  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      Todd Starnes: Hey, Sean Spicer, I was attacked by a raging feminist, too  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      Todd Starnes: Hey, Sean Spicer, I was attacked by a raging feminist, too  (Fox 03/13/2017)
      Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump: Is it time for our dealmaker in chief to talk with North Korea?  (Fox 03/12/2017)
      Gingrich on Bharara Firing: Trump 'Replacing the Other Team Who Opposed Him'  (Fox 03/12/2017)
      Here's President Trump's report card after 50 days in office  (NYP 03/12/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: An important, first step towards a next generation health care system  (Fox 03/10/2017)
      Rex's Road Show: New secretary of state has some Asian 'splainin' to do  (Fox 03/10/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump must purge deep-state bureaucrats now  (Fox 03/10/2017)
      Tuning out Trump's tweets?  Time for journalists to come out of denial  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: American greatness starts with tax reform  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      WikiLeaks CIA disclosure fallout is worldwide as agency does damage control  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      US military budget cuts stretching 'Screaming Eagles' to the limit  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      Amazon best-seller 'Reasons to Vote for Democrats' book is just empty pages  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Spies among us Congress has created a monster that is coming for us  (Fox 03/09/2017)
      Turkey shuts down US aid group Mercy Corps as relations with Washington deteriorate  (Fox 03/08/2017)
      John Stossel: It's time for Trump to kill government funding for the arts  (Fox 03/08/2017)
      US mulls deploying up to 1,000 'reserve' troops for ISIS fight, report says  (Fox 03/08/2017)
      Dennis Kucinich: New WikiLeaks reveal proof we are sliding down the slippery slope toward totalitarianism  (Fox 03/08/2017)
      ISIS gunmen dressed as doctors kill at least 30 at Afghan hospital  (Fox 03/08/2017)
      Penny Nance: Women make America work  (Fox 03/07/2017)
        (NYP om/y//2017)
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      UN human rights chief takes swipe at Trump, speaks of 'political profiteers'  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: Buckle up, America, Trump's State of the Union-style speech is going to be wild  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Dems already cranking up Trump impeachment talk  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Wilbur Ross confirmed as Commerce secretary  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Bush breaks silence on Trump, urges 'welcoming' immigration policy  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Miller, Schoen: Why Democrats and Republicans are both wrong about Putin and Russia  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Gov.  Bevin: Forget liberal media spin, Trump can tout lots of accomplishments on Tuesday night  (Fox 02/27/2017)
      Trump blasts FBI 'leakers' after reports on Priebus conversation  (Fox 02/24/2017)
      Farage: 'Trump Will Become More Popular by the Day Just Like Brexit'  (Fox 02/24/2017)
      German Prosectutor: Afghan Asylum Seeker Charged with Rape, Murder of Student Pretended to be a Child  (02/24/2017)
      President Trump's full CPAC speech  (Fox 02/24/2017)
      Repairing our ObamaCare wounds  (Fox 02/22/2017)
      SEAN HANNITY: Trump's bold border plan will save lives, money  (Fox 02/22/2017)
      Trump talks tolerance, decries anti-Semitism, but media remain skeptical  (Fox 02/22/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: Swede and sour times  (Fox 02/22/2017)
      Bathroom Humor: For mainstream media, the transcending issue is transgender people  (Fox 02/22/2017)
      California police chief rips sentencing overhaul after officer's killing  (Fox 02/21/2017)
      Veiled surprise: Lebanon, meet Le Pen  (Fox 02/21/2017)
      Fmr.  McDonald's USA CEO on Anti-Trump Rallies: You Don't Go to Work, You Get Fired  (Fox 02/20/2017)
      As casualties mount in eastern Ukraine, some wonder whether Putin is testing Trump  (Fox 02/20/2017)
      Marijuana found inside firewood seized at U.S.-Mexico border  (Fox 02/18/2017)
      Some walls work  (JWR 02/14/2017)
      Postmodernism By Another Name  (JWR 02/13/2017)
      Let's Get Real About the Trump Travel Ban  (JWR 02/06/2017)
      Education at a Crossroads  (JWR 02/04/2017)
      Why is Europe so troubled by Israel?  (INN 02/04/2017)
      California Democratic lawmakers move to become 'sanctuary state'  (Fox 02/01/2017)
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      Here is a simple rule of thumb  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Cemetery with graves of vets and a president's grandfather sees new vandalism  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Trump taps Gorsuch: Why the 'Scalia' seat on the Supreme Court matters  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Trump delivers somber SCOTUS nomination and even liberal media offer reluctant praise  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      What Trump's Supreme Court nominee can learn from Justice Scalia  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Trump nominates Judge Gorsuch to Supreme Court  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      4 soldiers injured in Fort Campbell helicopter crash  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Dems force vote delay on key Trump Cabinet picks  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      DHS Secretary Kelly says executive order 'wasn't a surprise'  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      US-led coalition delivers armored vehicles to Syrians fighting ISIS  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Professor kills himself 2 days before child porn term begins  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      With Neil Gorsuch Trump has chosen an original for the Supreme Court  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      Your life may indeed flash before your eyes at death  (Fox 01/31/2017)
      As Trump doubles down in immigration policy, 'Sanctuary Restaurant' movement grows nationwide  (Fox 01/30/2017)
      The Ongoing Gosnell Blackout  (JWR 01/25/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Trump mounts shock and awe campaign on DC  (Fox 01/24/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: The first [and frivolous] lawsuit against President Trump  (Fox 01/24/2017)
      Senate confirms Haley as U.S.  ambassador to the UN  (Fox 01/24/2017)
      Trump orders hiring freeze for much of Federal government  (Fox 01/24/2017)
      'Military clash' looms over Tillerson's tough talk, China warns  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Media's moment of truth: Who are the gatekeepers in the Trump era?  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Trump's pick for Education Secretary wants everyone to get a great education.  Dems hate her for it  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Trump, New York's Wollman Rink and the Congressional Budget Office  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Lockheed Martin CEO: Close to Deal to Lower F-35 Costs, Add 1,800 Jobs  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Trump sticks knife into dossier story, won't let intel community off hook  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Why Rafsanjani's death offers the US a unique opportunity to reshape its Iran policy  (Fox 01/13/2017)
      Andrew Napolitano: Why the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton is back to front and center  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Thousands of US troops on Russia's doorstep in Poland deployment  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Carson defends record, tangles with Warren at confirmation hearing  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      CIA nominee agrees Russia tried to interfere in election  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Inspector general to review DOJ, FBI handling of Clinton case  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Defense secretary nominee Mattis warns world order under historic threat  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Cartels, smugglers exploit border wall fears ahead of Trump presidency  (Fox 01/12/2017)
      Mexico reiterates there's 'no way' it will pay for proposed border wall  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      John Stossel: What the clueless, deceitful New York Times tells me about Trump  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Laura Ingraham: Obama 'squandered a lot of opportunities' as president  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Selling Sessions: How the Trump team worked the press for its AG nominee  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Sailor who mishandled info cites Clinton misdeeds in seeking Trump pardon  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Russia, Trump deny report Moscow has compromising info on president-elect  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Your money is being used to help bankroll the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Why?  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Trump blasts Russia reports, unveils plan for business empire at feisty news conference  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Obama farewell can't hide a disastrous legacy  (Fox 01/11/2017)
      JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: The Middle-Class Needs a Boost  (Fox 01/10/2017)
      The hidden message in Obama's 'farewell' speech  (Fox 01/10/2017)
      Cops: Utah boy locked in pitch-black bathroom for at least a year, maybe 2; mom charged  (Fox 01/10/2017)
      US hits Russia with new sanctions amid hacking feud  (Fox 01/09/2017)
      Ralph Peters: What our nation would get with Gen.  Mattis as Defense Secretary  (Fox 12/01/2016)
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      Awards show?  The AMAs were a political hit job on President-elect Trump  (Fox 11/21/2016)
      China bans 'fatty' nickname mocking Kim Jong Un on the Internet  (Fox 11/16/2016)
      Clock's ticking: Local Greek governments given up to 2,129 years to repay debt  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Passerby shoots, kills motorist assaulting deputy after traffic stop  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Two Detroit police officers shot more than 100 dogs combined, report finds  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Radio station dumps atheists for Christmas music  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Kinder and gentler?  Trump, on CBS, signals a more conciliatory approach  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Russia bombards Syria hours after Putin speaks with Trump  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      The American people are kids caught in a custody battle.  You're moving in with daddy now  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Russian minister accused of taking $2 million bribe  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Is Planned Parenthood affiliate fueling anti-Trump protests?  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Obama: Trump committed to NATO alliance; Dems should reflect on election loss  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Tapped out: science shuts down an anti-fracking myth about drinking water  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Ryan nominated for 2nd term as speaker, as Pelosi rule faces potential challenge  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Secret software in some Android phones sent data to China, experts warn  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Dr.  Manny: Why Carson's voice is vital in Trump's health care plan  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Five students hurt in stabbing at Utah high school  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Minnesota woman blames drunken driving crash on the election  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      North Korea begs China to stop calling Kim Jong Un fat  (Fox 11/15/2016)
      Russians Want to Rename a Street after Donald Trump  (11/15/2017)
      Trump's victory is about change.  And our biased mainstream media must change, too  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      Anti-Trump message takes darker turn with calls for assassination  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      President of university founded by Jefferson asked to not quote Jefferson  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      What does Donald Trump's presidency mean for his loyal celeb supporters?  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      'Safety pin movement' takes hold amid Trump presidency fears  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      NYU brings back professor who blasted PC culture, gives him a raise  (Fox 11/14/2016)
      Four takeaways from Trump's decision to make Reince Priebus his chief of staff  (Fox 11/13/2016)
      Woman accused in NYC subway push insists she's not guilty  (Fox 11/09/2016)
      At least 7 killed after tram derails in London, police say  (Fox 11/09/2016)
      Protests erupt in California after Trump wins election  (Fox 11/09/2016)
      Doug Schoen: What Trump's incredible victory means for Democrats [it may surprise you]  (Fox 11/09/2016)
      Gunman found dead after shooting that locked down Southern Calif.  polling places  (Fox 11/08/2016)
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      Hillary as fashion leader.  Who knew?  (JWR 10/21/2016)
      The Left and the Masses: Part III  (JWR 10/21/2016)
      Undermining Our System  (JWR 10/21/2016)
      Actually, she IS a nasty woman  (JWR 10/20/2016)
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      The next president unbound  (JWR 09/29/2016)
      A hard rain is going to fall  (JWR 09/22/2016)
      More terror, more denials  (JWR 09/22/2016)
      Trump's economic plan is a good start  (JWR 09/19/2016)
      This new plastic fabric could make clothes that keep you cool  (JWR 09/19/2016)
      Obama's moral compromises  (JWR 09/19/2016)
      We should elect Supreme Court justices  (JWR 09/19/2016)
      Trump up, Hillary down, Obama out  (JWR 09/08/2016)
      Is 'President Hillary' Wishful Thinking?  (JWR 09/08/2016)
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      Trump and the American Dream  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      The Clinton Bribery Standard  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      The endless war against the Jews  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      How Hil victory may drive America to revolt  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      'Living wage' for whom?  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      Never Trump seeds would bear socialist fruit  (JWR 08/26/2016)
      Diversity: History's pathway to chaos  (JWR 08/25/2016)
      Trump Speaks, Media Translates  (JWR 08/25/2016)
      Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Progressive  (JWR 08/25/2016)
      College Campus Lunacy  (JWR 08/24/2016)
      Hypocrisy on presidential golf is out of bounds  (JWR 08/24/2016)
      Soros's campaign of global chaos  (JWR 08/24/2016)
      Warning: The downsides of travel reward cards  (JWR 08/24/2016)
      The humiliation of a president  (JWR 08/19/2016)
      Bring Back Shame  (JWR 08/19/2016)
      Let us now praise famous nonpoliticians  (JWR 08/18/2016)
      Sheriff David Clarke does John Wayne proud  (JWR 08/18/2016)
      Life is fairer to some than to others  (JWR 08/16/2016)
      Why Do People Still Donate to Universities?  (JWR 08/16/2016)
      The Immigrant's Dilemma  (JWR 08/15/2016)
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      Resisting the revisionists: Finally, a first step  (JWR 07/15/2016)
      Obama tramples on high ideals of America, fuels Black Lives Matter racism  (JWR 07/13/2016)
      Montesquieu saw it coming  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      Comey: A theory - Why did the FBI director let Hillary Clinton off the hook?  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      Orgy of Guilt  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      No charges but plenty of blame for Hillary  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      The lawbreaker 'too big to jail'  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      Prosecutors reveal efforts by Islamic State recruiter in Syria to encourage attacks in US  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      Mourning With a Message for Eli Wiesel  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      No Western Culture Without the Rule of Law  (JWR 07/08/2016)
      Will Donald Trump Graciously Accept the FBI's Gift?  (JWR 07/07/2016)
      Moral equivalence has become a moral atrocity  (JWR 07/06/2016)
      Why Hollywood is dying  (JWR 07/06/2016)
      GOP blue-collar heroes laud Trump  (JWR 07/06/2016)
      Iovi Et Bovi: The Teflon Hillary Standard  (JWR 07/06/2016)
      Elie Wiesel's love of America  (JWR 07/05/2016)
      What Are We Celebrating?  (JWR 07/05/2016)
      A Fourth of July coincidence that teaches a lot  (JWR 07/05/2016)
      Islamic Terror and the Death of Outrage  (JWR 07/05/2016)
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      America In Free Fall: This election year so far has emblemized the perfect storm...  (JWR 06/20/2016)
      Trump is running as Trump.  Surprise!  (JWR 06/17/2016)
      All hands on deck for the Pity Party  (JWR 06/17/2016)
      The New York Times Links GOP to Orlando Massacre  (JWR 06/17/2016)
      Words that presidents won't say  (INN 06/16/2017)
      Obama: Whose Side Is He On?  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      Obama, are you Shiite-ing me???  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      Florida: America's Jihad Playground  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      Obama's ongoing, willful dishonesty about the threats we face  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      The Orlando Massacre and the Presidential Election  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      Money Going to Washington  (JWR 06/15/2016)
      Yale may cave on English poets course after students called it 'too white'  (Fox 06/15/2016)
      What If the Orlando Murderer Were a Christian?  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      He hasn't kept us safe  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      Needed: A declaration of war  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      After Orlando, the Spin begins  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      No, President Obama, Americans Don't Need to Examine Themselves  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      Same Old, Same Old Horror: The Orlando massacre brings up familiar lessons...  (JWR 06/14/2016)
      Paul Ryan's Better Way to Fight Poverty  (JWR 06/10/2016)
      One can be appalled by Donald Trump but understand why the House speaker would support him  (JWR 06/10/2016)
      Prevent another Orlando by fixing our education system  (JWR 06/09/2016)
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      The real reason America controls its nukes with ancient floppy disks  (JWR 05/27/2016)
      Paul Kalanithi: Why I gave up on atheism  (Fox 05/27/2016)
      At This Point, It Should Make All the Difference  (JWR 05/27/2016)
      Why Don't Republicans Name the Enemy?  (JWR 05/17/2016)
      Grim Choices  (JWR 05/17/2016)
      Losses without gains  (JWR 05/17/2016)
      Co-Opting Compassion in the Culture Wars  (JWR 05/12/2016)
      Elites can afford to support looser immigration policies  (JWR 05/12/2016)
      Building a Republican Party for the future  (JWR 05/11/2016)
      North Carolina fights back  (JWR 05/11/2016)
      North Carolina's cojones  (JWR 05/11/2016)
      A Dark Time in America  (JWR 05/03/2016)
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      Attacking Our Nation's Founders  (JWR 04/13/2016)
      American Workers Matter: A Chicago Wake and Wake-Up Call  (JWR 04/13/2016)
      Stopping the Hype on the 2016 Race  (JWR 04/13/2016)
      Bill Clinton was right  (JWR 04/12/2016)
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      Computer wins at go; humans are disappointed  (JWR 03/16/2016)
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