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About Davar web site  12/30/1997

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Computer Science 04/07/1998
      Computer Science Extracts 04/07/1998
            Lofty Ideas "Unless we rediscover the value of the experienced,.."
      Computer Science Links 04/07/1998

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Programming 01/01/1998
      Programming Extracts 01/01/1998
            The Joys of the Craft "Why is programming fun?  What delights..."
            The Woes of the Craft "Not all is delight, however, and knowing..."
            Much-Maligned GOTO "Many neophyte programmers believe there is..."
      Programming Bibliography 01/03/1998
      Programming Links 03/30/1998

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Mainframe 01/07/1998
      About MF Selection 09/22/1998
      Mainframe Extracts 06/05/1998
            Death of Mainframes "Reports of the death of Mainframes are greatly..."
      MF References 04/06/1998
            Mainframe FAQ Mainframe Frequently Asked Questions
            MF Code Patterns Mainframe programming code patterns
            Gregorian-Julian Gregorian to Julian date conversion table
      COBOL 01/07/1998
            COBOL Code Patterns COBOL programming code patterns
            DATEOUT Output current date & time as DB2 timestamp to a file
            EDITINT Edit input unsigned integer number (subroutine)
      JCL 01/07/1998
            JCL FAQ JCL Frequently Asked Questions
            JCL Code Patterns JCL programming code patterns
            CRETLIB Create PGMR (programmer) and USER (client) libraries
            JOB Job models for cataloged proc usage (PGMR and USER)
            DELTDS Delete [and uncatalog] disk data set
            CRETDS Create and catalog empty disk data set (replace existing)
      CList 01/07/1998
            TEMPNAME Setup TSO/ISPF session environment
            SS Start multiple ISPF logical sessions
            DL Invoke Data List utility (option 3.4)
      Mainframe Links 06/02/1998

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Client/Server 09/27/2001
      About CS Selection 09/27/2001
      Client/Server References 09/29/2001
            Client/Server FAQ Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
            C/S Code Patterns Client/Server programming code patterns
            Date Formatting Date and time formatting characters (complete list)
      MQSeries 02/10/2002
            MQSeries FAQ MQSeries Frequently Asked Questions
            MQSC Code Patterns MQSeries Commands code patterns
            SETMQAUT Set/Display MQSeries object authorizations
      Client/Server Bibliography 09/29/2001
      Client/Server Links 09/29/2001

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Personal Computer 01/07/1998
      About PC Selection 09/21/1998
      Personal Computer Extracts 05/25/1998
            BASICA Zen "Apparently I bought a peasant computer language..."
      4DOS 01/07/1998
            About 4DOS Selection Notes about selection of sample 4DOS batch commands
            SETCOLOR Set standard ANSI color escape codes (batch)
            TR Switch batch command tracing ON/OFF (batch)
            INSERT Insert specified disk into floppy drive (batch)
            DELAGED Delete files older than specified age (batch)
            PBE PowerBASIC Interactive Development Env interface
            PBC Compile and add to library PowerBASIC subprogram
            PBCL Compile & link into the EXE file PowerBASIC procedure
            PBER Determine prog error line numb by run-time error address
            PBL PowerBASIC object/unit Librarian interface
      PowerBASIC 03/07/2002
            COMPRES$ Compress character string (function)
            DIGITAL% Check character string for digital value (predicate)
            LEAP% Check year for leap value (predicate)
            PARSE$ Parse char string into substring array (function)
            REVERSE$ Reverse character string (function)
            TAILSTR$ Get character string tail (function)
            TRANS$ Translate character string symbols (function)
            VALDGRE% Check date for valid Gregorian value (predicate)
            WEEKDAY$ Form day of a week abbreviated name (function)
            PROGRES Display file processing progress indicator (routine)
            PROGRTM Display file proc progr ind with elapsed/left time (routine)
            CONVLNK Convert plain text link list into HTML form (procedure)
            RENPHOT Rename digital photo image JPG files (procedure)
      Personal Computer Links 05/10/1998

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Internet 01/07/1998
      About Internet Selection 09/21/1998
      Internet References 08/30/2000
            Internet FAQ Internet Frequently Asked Questions
            Internet Code Patterns Internet programming code patterns
      HTML 06/20/1998
            HTML FAQ HTML Frequently Asked Questions
            HTML Code Patterns HTML programming code patterns
            CRAFTJOY Simple text extract
      HTMLScript 06/20/1998
            About HTMLScript Notes about selection of sample HTMLScripts
            RANDOM Random tagline sample (complex random selection)
            TAGLINES Tagline dated list (modification date color selection)
            MIRZAY-E Mirzayan song list (simple random selection)
      JavaScript 08/29/2000
            About JavaScript Notes about selection of sample JavaScripts
            JavaScript FAQ JavaScript Frequently Asked Questions
            JScript Code Patterns JavaScript programming code patterns
            NAVIGATE Extract navigation bar generation (function)
            TAGLINES Local control of modification date colors
            RANDSONG Random song (random selection from 3-part list)
            RANDPROB Random problem (random select from "n"-part list)
            RANDOM Random tagline (random selection with history)
            ALPHABET Alphabet hyperlinks generation (function)
            POSITION Go board position generation (function)
            DOCWRITE Productivity issues of the document.write
      Internet Links 05/10/1998

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Mathematics 01/28/1998
      Problems 01/28/1998
            Red-Haired Older Son "Product of ages is 36 and sum is equal to..."
            Einstein's Problem "In each house lives a person of a different..."
      Mathematical Links 01/28/1998

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Go 07/08/1998
      About Go Selection 07/08/1998
      Basic Go Rules 07/08/1998     19x19, 13x13, 9x9  Go boards
      Additional Go Rules 07/08/1998     19x19, 13x13, 9x9  handicaps
      Territory in Go 08/02/2001
      Ko-Fight 08/02/2001
      Go Problems 08/12/2000
      Go Glossary 08/12/2000
      Go Coordinates 12/02/2001
      Go Sequences 12/02/2001
      Presentation Elements 12/31/2001     Small, medium and large
      Position Presentation 02/03/2002
      Go Links 07/08/1998

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Zen 12/29/1997
      Zen Quotations "Ye suffer from yourselves.  None else compels..."
      Zen Extracts "Close your eyes and you will see clearly..."
      Zen Paintings 06/23/2002   8 paintings
      Zen Bibliography 12/30/1997
      Zen Links 12/20/1997

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Quotations 12/29/1997
      Wisdom   (random) "If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it?"
      Freedom   (random) "He is the freeman whom the truth makes free,.."
      Liberty   (random) "When the government fears the people, there is liberty,.."
      Government   (random) "Government governed least is government governed best."
      USA   (random) "America will never be destroyed from the outside..."
      Quotation Links 12/29/1997

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Extracts 03/10/1998
      Fiction Extracts 03/10/1998
            The Spire "Then, if men have faith, a new thing comes..."
            Fahrenheit 451 "Ask yourself, what do we want in this country,.."
            The Fall of Edward Barnard "Do you think it is so little to have enjoyed contentment?.."
            Salvatore "Quality which is the rarest, the most precious..."
            On Marriage "One marriage in a hundred is happy, my friend..."
            The Father Confessor "He sends it to us to awaken new life in us..."
            The Indian Life "There is no more to be told about Dasa's life,.."
            The Grand Inquisitor "We are not working with Thee, but with him..."
            A Dreary Story "Her steps have died away.  Farewell, my treasure!" 
            Judas Iscariot "Traitors, traitors, what have ye done with this earth?"
            When King Loses His Head "Do you believe that freedom really came today?"
            Never Talk to Strangers "If there is no God, then who, one wonders, rules the life..."
            Pontius Pilate "The accused comes from Galilee, does he?"
            The Seventh Proof "For the last time the moon flashed before his eyes..."
            The Haunted Apartment "'Woland, professor of black magic,' said the visitor..."
            Koroviev's Tricks "Who is official and who is unofficial these days?"
            Black Magic Revealed "Do you find the people of Moscow much changed?"
            Execution "Have your eyes been blinded by the smoke of sacrifices?.."
            The Master is Released "He is a master, messire, I warn you!"
            Procurator Saving Judas "Take all possible steps to protect Judas of Karioth."
            The Burial "I could not save Judas of Karioth from being murdered."
            Final Adventures "He's hungry...  where could he get any foreign currency?"
            Absolution and Refuge "Here is the peace that you never knew in your lifetime."
            One Day of in the Life... "Just one of the 3,653 days of his sentence,.."
            The Idler "I wonder, what do I look like to him from there?" 
      Miscellaneous Extracts 04/17/1998
            The Ten Cannots "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them..."
            Seven National Crimes "I have no time to read and find out."
            Government and Society "We, collectively, have a choice: what kind of..."
            Israel's Peculiar Position "As it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us."
            The Totalitarian Urge "Does there lurk in us a wish for totalitarian rule?"
            Solzhenitsyn Nobel Lecture Nobel Lecture in Lit. of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1972
            Brodsky Nobel Lecture Nobel Lecture in Literature of Joseph Brodsky, 1987
      Extract Bibliography 03/10/1998
      Extract Links 03/10/1998

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Humor 12/20/1997
      Stories 12/20/1997
            A Fable for Modern Times "Long ago, in the days when all disks flopped..."
            Windows for Toasters "Once upon a time, in a kingdom not far from..."
            Alice in Unix Land "Alice was reading the message on her monitor..."
            Alice in DIGITALand "'You're in DIGITALand,' replied the security guard,.."
            Diary of an AOL User "I really believe that AOL should be wiped off..." 
            Smart House "Moved in at last.  Finally, we live in the smartest..." 
            Year 2000 "There was once a COBOL programmer..."
            Microsoft Cuisine "Start-up software developer Cuisine International..."
            How Specs Live Forever "The United State standard railroad gauge of..."
            Twelve Bugs of Christmas "For the first bug of Christmas, my manager said..."
            Attention Deficit Disorder "Don't laugh if this isn't you yet, your day is coming!"
      Jokes 12/20/1997
            Outsourcing Yet Another Job "US Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency..."
            Bush Lays off Congress "Hey, outsourcing is the way to go these days,.."
            Decision Making Cycle "We can't do this proposed project.  CAN  NOT..."
            How Shit Happens "This new plan will actively promote the growth..."
            Management Tale "Once upon a time, two aerospace companies,.."
            Resignation Letter "Your shiny new iMac has personality that you ever will."
            Before 1945 "No wonder we are so confused and there is such..."
            New Speak "After tventi yers zer vud be no mor trubls,.."
            The Day Off "So, you want the day off!  Let's take a moment..."
            Six Phases of a Project "Praise and honors for the non-participants." 
      Cartoons 05/27/2004
            Computer Computer cartoons
            Corporate Corporate cartoons
            Economy Economy cartoons
            Politics Political cartoons
            Media Media cartoons
            Terror Terror cartoons
            USA USA cartoons
            World World cartoons
            Adult Adult cartoons
            General General cartoons
      Humor Links 12/20/1997

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Miscellaneous 12/20/1997
      Search Engines 06/12/1998
      Taglines 12/30/1997
            Random Random tagline samples
            Wisdom "Doing it the hard way is always easier." 
            Humor "Just a possum on the information superhighway..."
            Computer "Become a programmer and never see the world!" 
            Corporate "The scenery only changes for the lead dog." 
            Politics "An honest politician: One who stays bought." 
            Adult "A man without a woman is like a neck without pain." 
            General "Evolution stops when stupidity is no longer fatal." 
      Downloads 06/03/2002
            RENPHOT Rename digital photo image JPG files (by date and time)
      Miscellaneous Links 11/19/2000

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Russian 02/14/1998
      Russian Support 07/08/1998
      Phonetic Keyboard 07/08/1998
      Russian Fiction 08/07/1998
            The Grand Inquisitor Feodor Dostoyevsky   The Grand Inquisitor, 1880
            A Dreary Story Anton Chekhov   A Dreary Story, 1889
            Judas Iscariot Leonid Andreev   Judas Iscariot, 1907
            So It Was Leonid Andreev   So It Was, 1905
            At the Station Leonid Andreev   At the Station, 1903
            Never Talk to Strangers Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 1, 1940
            Pontius Pilate Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 2, 1940
            The Seventh Proof Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 3, 1940
            Haunted Apartment Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 7, 1940
            Koroviev's Tricks Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 9, 1940
            Black Magic Exposed Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 12, 1940
            Execution Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 16, 1940
            Extraction of Master Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 24, 1940
            Procurator Saving Judas Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 25, 1940
            The Burial Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 26, 1940
            Final Adventures Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 28, 1940
            Absolution and Refuge Mikhail Bulgakov   Master and Margarita, Ch. 32, 1940
            The Heart of a Dog Mikhail Bulgakov   The Heart of a Dog, 1925
            Five Spoons of Elixir A&B Strugatsky   Five Spoons of Elixir
            The Second Invasion A&B Strugatsky   The Second Invasion of Martians, 1966
            Picnic A&B Strugatsky   Picnic on the Road Side
            The Idler (recording) Andrei Bitov   The Idler, 1962
            The Mime Actor Anatoly Kuznetsov   The Mime Actor
            One Day of Ivan... Alex. Solzhenitsyn   One Day of Ivan Denisovich, 1959
            Faithful Ruslan Georgy Vladimov   Faithful Ruslan, 1965
            Quarantine Vladimir Maksimov   Quarantine, 1973
            Persona Untouchable Vladimir Voinovich   Adventures of Ivan Chonkin (1), 1970
            Pretender to the Throne Vladimir Voinovich   Adventures of Ivan Chonkin (2), 1979
            Ivan Ivanych Boulat Okudzhava   How Ivan Ivanych Made Country Happy
            Babel Stories Isaac Babel   4 stories, 19161928
            The Father Confessor Herman Hesse   The Glass Bead Game, 1943
            The Indian Life Herman Hesse   The Glass Bead Game, 1943
            Siddhartha Herman Hesse   Siddhartha, 1924
            The Spire William Golding   The Spire, 1964
            Fall of Edward Barnard Somerset Maugham   The Fall of Edward Barnard, 1921
            Creative Impulse Somerset Maugham   Creative Impulse, 1936
            Salvatore Somerset Maugham   Salvatore, 1936
      Russian Drama 09/22/1999
            Marbles Joseph Brodsky   Marbles, 1982
            Stalker A&B Strugatsky   Stalker (literary movie transcript)
            Jews of Peter City A&B Strugatsky   Jews of the Peter City, 1990
            Concert for Four Voices Heinrich Boll   Concert for Four Voices, 1964
      Russian Poetry 08/07/1998
            Osip Mandelshtam 09/29/2002     91 poems     Random quote
            Joseph Brodsky 08/07/1998   116 poems     Random quote
            Alexander Kushner 08/07/1998       7 poems
            Alexander Volodin 08/07/1998     40 poems     Random quote
            Oleg Chuhontsev 09/08/2002     10 poems     Random quote
            Sasha Cherny 08/05/1999       4 poems
            Sergei Esenin 09/08/2002     11 poems     Random quote
            Miscellaneous 09/08/2002     31 poems     Random quote
      Russian Songs 02/14/1998
            About Russian Songs 02/14/1998
            Alexander Galich 05/15/1998   1:25:30   20 songs
            Vladimir Visotsky 02/14/1998   1:00:51   20 songs
            Boulat Okudzhava 10/10/1999      43:28   20 songs
            Evgeny Bachurin 05/15/1998      33:53   13 songs
            Alexander Mirzayan 02/27/1998      37:59   12 songs
      Russian Humor 10/01/1999
            Mikhail Zhvanetsky 06/16/2002   65 stories
            Popov's Dream Aleksey K. Tolstoy   Popov's Dream, 1873
            Settlement Project Project of the North-Atlantic Conflict Settlement
            Israel Warns America "USA returns 95% of the occupied Mexican territories."
            Winwars 2002 "After three weeks and one day Iraq had..."
            Most Rich "All agreed that Russian is the best and most rich..."
      Miscellaneous Russian 08/31/1999
            Solzhenitsyn Nobel Lecture Alexander Solzhenitsyn   Nobel Lecture, 1972
            Brodsky Nobel Lecture Joseph Brodsky   Nobel Lecture, 1987
            Leniniana Benedict Erofeev   My Little Leniniana, 1988
            Prophets Maximilian Voloshin   Prophets and Avengers, 1906
            Despotism Semion Frank   Premises of Despotism, 1907
            Socialism Igor Shafarevich   Socialism, 1974
            Slavery Etien de la Boeti   Voluntary Slavery, 1546
      Children's Corner 03/27/2005
            Diary of Fox Mikki Sasha Cherny   The Diary of Fox Mikki, 1927
            Horton Hatches the Egg Doctor Seuss   Tales about Horton the Elephant
            Horton Hears a Who! Doctor Seuss   Tales about Horton the Elephant
      Russian Links 03/30/1998

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Download Entire Site 06/12/1998
Search Engines 06/12/1998
Bibliography 05/15/1998
Links 05/15/1998

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