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 Download  Entire  Davar  Web  Site

Davar web site consists of a large number of small to average size HTML texts which are hyper-linked together.  Such organization results in a quick access to each individual text and in a relatively easy site maintenance.  This approach, however, will cause a problem for those who might prefer to download the entire site and then browse it offline.

In order to provide the opportunity of the offline browsing without sacrificing speed of access and ease of maintenance, the entire site is ZIPped on a regular basis and a self-extracting ZIP file is made available on the server for downloading.

All information of the Davar web site is divided into 3 distinct non-overlapping groups of files:

Main body of the Davar web site.  Download DAVAR.EXE to the root of disk C: (or any other, it doesn't matter), run it (from Windows or DOS session) and then delete it.  As a result a directory tree starting with DAVAR will be created (if DAVAR directory tree already exists, its files will be refreshed, or alternatively delete this tree before running DAVAR.EXE).  Now just enter "C:/DAVAR/index.htm" in the "Location" entry field of your browser and proceed with local browsing.
Russian supplement (might comprise interest only for those who understand Russian).  Download RUSSIAN.EXE to the root of disk C: and proceed as described above.  For local song playback enter "C:/DAVAR/RUSSIAN/SONGS/SONG$.HTM" in the "Location" entry field of your browser.  Russian supplement consists of:
  • Navigation through Russian section of web site and local audio playback.
  • RAM control files for local audio playback (play lists).
  • Texts in Russian.
Real Audio records in Russian (might comprise interest only for those who understand Russian).  Each audio record has a size of several hundred Kbs and is already Real Audio compressed.  That is why audio records are available for individual downloading only (see text About Russian Songs).

A shortcut in a Personal Toolbar can be created as an alternative to entering a long path to necessary file:

  • Hit [Ctrl]+[B] key combination to get to Bookmarks.
  • Click right mouse button on Personal Toolbar Folder to pull down a menu.
  • Select New Bookmark from the menu.
  • Enter  Name:      Songs
              Location:  C:/DAVAR/RUSSIAN/SONGS/SONG$.HTM

All hyper-links of the Davar web site are relative to DAVAR home directory which means that it can be renamed without any effect on overall site integrity.  As well the entire Davar site contents tree can be placed on any level of existing directory hierarchy.  All files have a standard DOS uppercase 8.3 names for easy handling with any file manager and editor.

Files available for downloading from this site are self-extracting ZIPs (converted to EXEcs using ZIP2EXE utility).  Their only executable part is ZIP self-extractor program (bundled with compressed data in one file).  You might, however, have a concern (and for a good reason) against running a downloaded executable on your computer.  If it is more preferable, you can extract data from those EXE files using PKUNZIP, WinZIP or WinRAR.

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